moonlight in modern times. chapter 3

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



Chapter 3

Now we go back to Edward!

Edward was late as he ran into the hall not paying any attention to where he was going. Then he banged into someone and they both went sliding on the floor! Edward sat up and looked to see who he had bumped into. It was a girl and a pretty one at that. Edward felt something jump in his heart and he knew he could not let it out or things could go in a bad direction. The girl was pale with brown hair to her middle, brown almond eyes  a sweet smile, and a heart shaped face and was very small and slim. She was looking at him with shock on her face! He stood up a trying to hide his emotions that were swelling like a balloon inside of him  he said with a frown on his face ” let me help you up”. She took his hand. It was smooth over his rough one. They both stood and she said in a sweet voice that made his heart beat faster “I am sorry I was not watching were I was going”!All he could do was nod. Then before he said anything that would revile his feelings for her he turned and fled !All day he prayed that he would not be in the same class as her his prayers were answered and he went through the whole of the morning without seeing her. When lunch rolled around he went to his usual spot in the corner of the cafeteria. Because of his extra good hearing he heard the girl come in he heard Tom flirting with her ,felt the pain of jealousy run through him but he knew he could not get mad or excited when she stated asking about him because that could trigger the change as well and he could not allow it. So he sat in the corner reciting a poem that Willow had taught him to keep calm which worked most of the time but he was concise of her staring at him and he could not help but stare at her though the corner of his eye which he stopped quickly as his heart began to beat faster. And continued reciting the poem until they were all gone. Then he got up and left the cafeteria to Jim class which he hated. He used to be good at sports but now that he had to control his heartbeat the only sport he did was when he went into the forest with Willow where there where horses and achy practice that kept him fit and healthy but he still missed the other more vigorous sports that he loved to do !
So he went to the Jim teacher gave the excuse about a week heart and a sick grandfather and went home to Willow who was waiting for him at the door and together they went to the woods in the back to the Elvin city where they practiced horse ridding and archery. While they practiced Edward told Willow about the day then he said , “Willow I need you to come to school with me you’re the only one who can calm me and now it seems I will need help more than ever”!

Willow was silent a moment then said “yes I will come with you”. “It will be safer for all of us and the students as well”, “We can’t have you changing there out of pure anger Jealousy or excitement this has never happened to you before so it was not necessary for me to come but now it is necessary so I shall come starting from tomorrow I can pose as your cousin who lost both parents and I will put a hologram of me as an old man in the house while we are gone”!

“Thank you Willow” he said “your such a wonderful friend”!

Willow smiled “you are welcome my dear friend”!

They finished up and started toward home. Willow began his disguise. He wore an enchanted wig of black wavy hair that looked and felt very real, his blond hair diapered and so did his pointy ears. They were replaced by round ears. Then he dressed in jeans and white tee-shirt with a black and white checkered jacket with white sneakers! Edward wore the same style except his was light and dark blue with black sneakers! They looked like we could be related. So they smiled at Willows cleverness and laughed at each other in the mirror until they had to stop because of strong and fast heartbeats. Willow calmed Edward down and they both sat on the bed, then Willow said “I am going to have to get used to my new name so start calling me it so I will be used to it by tomorrow morning!”

“OK” said Edward “Tim how do you think you will like school”?

“Oh I think I will like it” said Willow I” love learning and we are both the same age so we will study together and I can keep a close eye on you while we study and since I will probably already the answers I can finish quicker and therefore concentrate on you my charge as I should and keep the distractions away as much as possible”!

Edward smiled “always the smart one.” “Well thank you for helping me like this I really do appreciate it”!

“Don’t mention it” said Willow “it is something I am good at and I must put my talents to good use for your and the whole schools protection”!

“Yes” said Edward “the school needs protection from me and who better to protect the school then Willow the elf”!

Willow smiled bitterly “you flatter me” he said smiling “I don’t deserve your praise I couldn’t even protect you from being bitten by the wolf now look at you”!

Edward smiled sympathetically and said “we have talked about this before Willow you told me yourself after I found out what I had become that there was nothing you could do against a werewolf attack and that even though elves are immune to the bite they can do nothing to stop someone from being bitten so there was nothing you could do even if you tried it was not your fault so please don’t blame yourself over something you had no control over!

Willow smiled and said I may be the wise one but you are the one who helps me get through my trails. We could not survive without each other no matter what we always help each other get through and whenever we need encouragement we always have each other to help us get through!

“Yes that is true” said Edward as they hugged each other and went to bed!

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