moonlight in modern times. chapter8

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



Chapter 8

The next morning they prepared to go to school! They got out of the apartment and walked down the street to the school house they got there just as the students started crowding into the school they went with the crowed eager to avoid Aleasha and Anne! They did miss them and went to their class the morning went by as usually and at lunch they sat in there usually spots then they saw Aleasha and Anne staring at them Edwards heart started beating again Willow turned red and turned away as did Edward! They both were terribly embarrassed both girls were both staring and smiling and people were looking.
 It was never their intention to become the center of attention but it seemed they were and not on purpose it was because they went out with the two most unpopular girls in school so it was just hard for anyone to believe they had done it so they were looking to see if it was true! Of course it was true everyone could see it some shook their head some stared in awe while others laughed. The girls seeing what there staring was doing turned red also and turned away. Edward sighed in relief and Willow sighed and frowned at all the staring eyes and everyone turned away from his piercing gaze. After that no one looked at him for fear of seeing those angry eyes! Once brake was over Willow took Edward and said “last class is Jim lets go home”. Edward nodded and they both left still red in the face. They were just outside the building Edward was calming and cooling down when Aleasha came running out with Anne at her heals shouting wait ! With that Edwards heart rate went up and he began to sweat. Willow was so upset and worried also agitated so that he actually yelled “what?” at the two girls. Edward was too shaky to talk for fear of bursting right then and there. The two girls froze. The voice that came out of willow was terrifying it sounded like thunder. They looked at him frightened then he said in a calmer but still agitated voice “Edward is not feeling well he is very sick in fact so if you don’t mind I must take him home to old uncle eddy who is a doctor”. And with that he took Edward by the arms and pulled him into the bend that led to their house. Edward was just about to burst but Willow put all his strength on him gave him as much calming potion as he could then took him to the back of the house and lay him down on the grass and waited for Edwards heartbeat to calm. It did in a few minutes then Edward propped himself up on the elbow and said “that was close”, “I felt ready”, “All those voices”, “those staring faces”, “and most of all Aleasha staring at me”. “I couldn’t hold it.” “Without you there I would have changed right then and there.”” I hope your voice and anger is enough to keep them both at a safe distance”!

Willow nodded “maybe it would be better if we moved to a different part of town where no one like Aleasha is there to bother you or make you excited”!

“Maybe”.. he said yes let us go he said at last we can go now”!

“Very well” said Willow and they walked out and to a small car that they owned they really didn’t need it they could run faster than a car but for the sake of not drawing attention to themselves they used a car. They had not gone fare when they heard with are keen ears some yelling and shouting in a dark alleyway it was always deserted but the screaming sounded like someone needed help so they followed the noise and saw four hoodlums around and cornering Anne and Aleasha! They did not stop to think about what very well might happen as they ran toward them so fast it looked like wind. They knocked two down hard .It broke their jaw but they had no injury not even a sprain as they knocked the others out cold.With their bare hands. Still they received no injury. By this time Edwards heartbeat was way up and Willow watched in horror as he made my change in front of those frightened terrified girls and to make matters worse while they were fighting the wig slipped of willows head reveling his blond hair and pointed ears. The two girls screamed then they both fled!

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