Snow Princess

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Prologue what a magnificent creature I thought to myself as I stared at the Animal in the cage..

Submitted: October 15, 2012

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Submitted: October 15, 2012



Chapter 1,

I sat in my room wondering what is taking so long why hasn’t it happened yet why is it taking so long for them to pass on it hard enough for them to breath they were both so old it was cruel for the doctors to keep them alive they should be able to die in peace I thought to myself!” MR. Alex Flanders”, I heard a nurse call “please come now it has happened” she said soberly. “Finally!” I said under my breathe as I made my way to the room now I was lord over the whole Flanders estate!

Maybe now would be a good time to introduce myself I am Alex Flanders I have black hair up to my shoulders Brown almond eyes almost black, tanned and tall with a straight noise and strong face and body! My Parents were extremely wealthy one off the lords related to the king himself I was only child of Mr. And Mrs. Flanders I had lived a pretty good life then when I was 18 both parents died of old age and I inherited all the land and property!

This is where my story begins! After the funeral they were both berried in the estate I tended to some legal papers signing my name as the lawyer read my father’s will the whole estate plus the one in the country had been left to me to care for and I could do with it as I pleased so after reading the will I was so overwhelmed that I decided to go for a walk to clear my Mind! So I left the estate and started walking down the street toward the city zoo! At the entrance I saw a poster displaying a white tiger and it said it was the first ever at the zoo! I personally loved white tigers so I decided to have a look at it. They said it was very beautiful almost a feminine beauty! And it was a female so I went in and started toward the cat cages! As I got closer I saw it it was lying in front of the cage window and looked like it was asleep! What a magnificent Animal I thought to myself as I stared at the Animal in the cage, it opened its eyes and looked at me its eyes were blue and it’s stared at me with those large blue cat eyes as if to say please get me out of here! It seemed clear as a voice in my head clear voice sayings please get me out of here! I made up my mind I went to the front desk and asked the Lady if I could speak to the man in charge of the zoo! She called on the phone then said “he’s in that office and who is asking may I ask”? “Alex Flanders” I said! ”Oh my “she said “not the Alex Flanders the millionaires son”! “The very same .“I said. “Well Mr. Flanders go right in”! She said blushing “thank you”. I said and walked into the office! In the office there was a desk and sitting behind the desk was a man who looked like he could be in his 40s I went up to him and said “sir I would like to make a proposal”!He looked up and said “anything for you Mr. Flanders”!”Sir” I said “I would like to by your white tiger”!”Oh “he said” but you see Mr. Flanders I payed a lot of money for her and unless you can pay more I will have to decline your request” ! I could give you enough to by two tigers”! I said truthfully” you could said the man “then why don’t you get one yourself instead of buying from me”? “Well” I said “there is something about that tiger that makes me want to get her I don’t know what it is but she is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen”! “She sure is something agreed the man and you say you could pay for two white tigers”? “ That I could I said “well then let’s see what we can do” said the man” wait until the zoo empties though”!”Thank you Mr.”? ”Oh just call me Ben”! He said “it is always a pleasure to work with You Mr. Flanders”. “Thank you sir”! I said and left the office the secretary was still a bit flushed! But I seemed to have that effect on all young women! I smiled to myself and went back to the tiger cage to watch her! She looked straight at me when I came close her blue eyes staring into my brown ones she never dropped her gaze on me! And I began to wonder if she understood what was going on and was trying to find a way to thank me I brushed that thought aside saying” I must be going crazy”! I sat there until darkness approached then Ben came with a few other workers and a wooden crate I wrote him a large check and told him to get it out any time then they put a sleeping dart in the tiger waited for a bite then loaded her into the crate I had called one of my large pickup trucks to come we loaded her on that and drove off toward home! Once home I put the tiger I my large garage where I had made a large cage out of thick metal poles cemented to the ground and put her in it she was just starting to regain conciseness when we finished putting her in the cage we then put a large turkey and a tub of water in the cage and left! That night I heard her prowling about in the cage growling every so often I knew they were active at night but it still bothered me !But I soon didn’t hear it anymore and went to bed

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