Snow Princess Chapter7

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Submitted: October 15, 2012



Chapter 7

The next morning we were far enough that we could slow down and rest by a small stream! while we rested I told Alexis of our plains to go to the Griffins .He gladly agreed and soon we started off together again. We still practiced sword play together even with silent warrior for that was the name I gave my sword because it fought in silence I was still beaten by Alexis one day I asked him

” since your mother was a witch shouldn’t you have magic in your blood and there for be able to practice magic? “He shook his head and said “you forget that I am only half wizard and therefore do not have that much magic in me. Only when a wizard like myself finds the right panther or tiger whichever ones choices to come to me then will my magic be increased and I will have full power and control over the magic I have in me“!
“I see” I said “well let us hope you find the panther soon for it is prophesied that you will”!He nodded and said “yes let us hope it is soon”!We went onward coming to a large mountain we had to climb we began to climb up suddenly out of now where a arrow flew passed us just missing Alexis shoulder more arrows flew we began shooting back at the attackers orks!I took out the bow that had been my gift and began shooting with deadly accuracy I was distracted for a moment then turned and saw that Alexis was gone! I looked around frantic then Snow roared toward the air I looked up and saw a large dragon with red scales and clutched in his talons was the struggling figure of Alexis. I was about to shoot the dragon down but then decided against it as it would probably do no good I sat on a flat rock and said “he is gone.”” The witch must have sent the army to try to get her son back and to get him on her side” !Snow came and sat beside me as the tears started down my face. I had lost a friend I didn’t have very many real friends in my other life and so losing a good friend like Alexis was like a piece of my heart had been torn out. Snow was in the same state as I was and roared loudly to show her grief that she was sad because I had lost a friend. I put my arms around her furry neck and sobbed into her fur! We sat like that for some time suddenly I saw a shadow come toward us I drew my bow then saw that it was a large Griffin who was coming our way I recognized him as the Griffin who I had seen when we gathered at Papas cave! He came and landed on the rock ledge and said “so we meet again Alex has your training with the forest creatures finished already” ? “No I said we had another reason for coming here” and I told him about Alexis and what had just happened! The Griffin was thoughtful then he said “I think the war will begin soon if the witch has taken her son back. That means she is about to begin and dose not want to be out numbered with wizards so she is taking her son back and will probably brainwash him or use magic on him so he will do as she tells him”! He shook his large head and said “this must be approached by a meeting of all the elders of all magical creatures and we must prepare for war”!”Both of you get on my back we must get back to the Griffin cave and approach the leaders about this”! So we both got on and with a loud screech he flew up into the sky toward the rock ledges where the cliff caves were! When we got there we both jumped off and stood next to the huge Griffin “what is your name”? I asked suddenly !

”oh yes my name.” “where are my manners”. “My name is Artherix and the others like me you may address as elder or sir”!”Follow me please” and we went down the long tunnel until we came to a dead end! Artherix said something and the stone slid to the side reviling a room with stone lanterns on either side. We went in and there sitting around a stone table sat 10 Griffins there was one empty space and Artherix went to the spot now all 11 places were filled! After a while they looked at me and Artherix said “please tell us your story one more time please”  !so I did all the 11 Elders seemed to all agree to what Artherix had said about the war being soon and a meeting of Elders must start Artherix as the chief elder would go back to the elf city with me on the way talk to the Centurs and Papa for the Animals so once that was settled we started back to the elfish city on Artherixs back! As we passed over the mountains Artherixs said “it will take a bite of persuasion from the Animals because they think you helped a spy to escape but they have made an oath to help whenever there is danger I don’t think the creatures especially the Centure will go back on their word! I nodded “good I am glad my action did not make permanent enemies of us.” Snow said to my thoughts “they are probably hoping that you kill him in battle because he is now under a spell and working for the witch”! “Perhaps”. “But that is something I could never do” I said “if there was a way I would take the spell of him but I know not how” !”There might be someone who could help” said Snow “who”? I said “the whit witch in the snowy mountains she will come to the meeting of elders and I am sure she will help you”!

T”hat is wonderful” I said thanks so much “your welcome” she said softly! We soon came over the forest we did not stop but Artherixs sent a message with his mind to all the elders and animals of the forest then the Centures and soon we arrived back at the elf city when we got there the center had been cleared and the Queen Arumus and all the silver haired Elders were there plus Papa two old Centures and one Griffin and a woman with snow white Hair up to her feet blue eyes and an elfish body and ears. She did not look over 30 and was wearing a snow white dress! “The witch from the snowy mountains” I said I didn’t know she was an elf! Snow nodded  Yes I thought this explained her goddess ness! Then all the elders turned to us and called us over. We went to the group and stood in the circle! The witch looked at Snow and said “I am glad to see that you have come back safely everyone all agreed then there was a silence. Then the Queen said “as you all know the witch has taken Alexis back and you all know by now that he is her son whom you be eave is a spy”. She looked grave and continued “the witch taking him can mean only one thing war”! “And very soon!”“So we must gather forces together train harder than before and work to make a strong army” !”Are we agreed” ?

“We are agreed” said everyone. “Good now everyone go back and recruit your Army Arumus is training the elves and witch Ellya will take over lessons with Alex and Snow will go with Lighting Bolt the meeting is dismissed!
As soon as everyone left Ellya the witch came up to me and said “it is a pleasure to finally meet you young Alex” her voice was like sweet music “As I am honored to be trained by you” he said !She smiled and said “well let us not wast anymore time shall we?” “Please follow me”!

I did and she led me to an empty part of the forest!
“Tell me what has Arumus taught you already” she said “mostly how to defend myself when attacked by something or some spell”! She nodded and said “I will teach you more how to do death spell, how to communicate from a distance, and how to draw energy from plants, and your surroundings when you run out of strength when fighting . She taught me all those things and much more so by the end of the month I had master quite a few spells. Then one day I told her about Alexis and what the witch might do to him and asked her if there was any way to break the enchantment! “There is one she said but it is very difficult and if not done right it can damage the persons brain forever.” “So it takes great skill and confidence that you know you have the spell right to do it”! I frowned “so it not a good idea for me to try it”? “Not if you run the risk of injuring the mind of that person! Magic should be treated with care and respect it not something to take lightly”! “But you could break the spell could you not”? I asked desperate now .”I could” she said “but how to get to him is another question,” “because he could kill you before I could reach him”!

A feeling of hopelessness came over me I would never get my friend back and I could get killed by him!
The witch saw my unease and said “don’t give up hope.” “He might get strong enough to resist the magic if he finds his Animal”!

“Let us hope he dose” I said!

“See” she said “there is still hope”!

I told Snow about it and she said “she is right we must have hop”.

“I know” I said “it just hard to have hope when everything around you is going downward”!

“That is why you must have faith as well as hope in order to win this battle”.

I hugged her and said “where would I be without you”? “Not in Torine that is for sure” she said “That defiantly true” I laughed we smiled and drifted off to sleep!

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