snow princess chapter8

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Submitted: October 15, 2012



Chapter 8

All to soon the day of battle had arrived. We were fighting in a large field in the center of the kingdom. Witch Ellya and I along with Snow Princess were in front leading the Army of elves. Next to me was Centure General Toriny leading a heard of Centure solders, then Papas son Simba was leading the Animals who were to fight. There was quite a large heard of Animals then in the sky Griffin general Lorin was leading his army from the sky!
We all held are position waiting for my signal! Soon from the other side off the plains we saw a large crowd of dust as it got closer we saw figures finally it stopped a mile from us in the front I saw a woman in black with a pointed hat and long black hair black almond shaped eyes and a long body. Next to her was a black panther with midnight blue eyes. That must be the witch I said to myself .It seems like Alexis had inherited his mothers looks but where was he. I looked around and behind I saw a large army of orks some more panthers all looking evil there were also dragons in the sky and two large trolls in the very back but he was nowhere in sight “what do you think she did to him”?
I  asked Snow Princess,?
“I don’t know” she said “she might have killed him when he refused to join her and did it before he could meet his panther”!

“I certainly hope not” I said with a lump in my throat! Snow princess nodded and said “so do I but know is not the time to dwell on such matter “we have a war to fight and we must concentrate on that”!
“Yes” I said then I nodded at Ellya raised  my sword Silent warrior and said “charge”!
The witch raised a shiny black sword and charged and the battle began.

The sky darkening by shadows of the Griffins and Dragons fighting against each other the ground nosy with the clash of swords !

Ellya was fighting the evil witch blue sparks and balls of fire shooting back and forth between both of them! I had just finished killing another ork when Ellya fell to the ground the witch cackled an evil laugh then turned to me I looked at Snow Princess and we joined minds together giving me a new burst of energy.

The witch charged her panther by her side looking just as evil as her Cat. The panther sprigged and Snow and him both went rolling in the ground. The witch said something a spell I blocked it. She cast more spells. I blocked them every time but she was much stronger than me and had more endurance I soon began to tire and be less Conscious.

Finally she got me on the arm with a fire ball I clutched my arm. She sent another spell. I froze it was the death spell I could not move she had tied me to the ground. She was halfway through her spell when from behind a man in dark armor wielding a black shinny sword which he put through her back all the way through to her heart. She froze sputtered then fell to the floor dead !As soon as she fell Snow bloody on one leg came limping toward me and said “he is dead”.

I patted her then looked up to thank the man when I did I noticed a black panther with black eyes standing next to him ! My heart skipped a beat then said “Alexis”! “Is that you”?
The man took off his helmet and sure enough it was Alexis smiling down at me and said “how did you guess”? “The black panther, black eyes, you saving me”. I said!
“Very good answers” he said. Then he held out his hand and said “it is good to see you again I thought I was going to lose you when the witch started the spell “!
“But I saved you just like you saved me from being killed in jail”.

We hugged for a moment then I looked around. Destruction was everywhere both sides had payed a terrible price but the enemy had fled after the witches death. So the battle was over and we were victorious. I smiled and said “the prophecy has been fulfilled” !

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