Sometimes love is tragic

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this is a love story written about a young woman and here journey to find true love .

Submitted: October 11, 2012

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Submitted: October 11, 2012




I was preparing for my 20th birthday it was going to be my best birthday ever the only thing that would spoil it for me was my foster brother William ,

He was coming from university for the holidays he was 26.

He was a handsome young man even in his young age with dark brown hair which was wavy and green eyes.

My Aunt had Adopted William from a good friend of hers no relations but the boys family had died in a Fire and William had survived.


He was 8 when he came to live with My Aunt and I was 3


I had lost my family when I was only a baby!

  My Father died of a heart attack before I was born and mother died in childbirth. So I had to live with my Aunt and her two daughters Emma and Rachel. They were twins and three years older then I was.


 My name is Jolie I was shy and didn’t talk much, I was a wallflower at most parties.

 I loved to read, write, and take long walks in the garden as well as ride horses.


But I had disability .When I was only a young girl I was dropped by my Nanny on the head. The doctor was able to save my life but then I got very sick with fever and almost died! They called me the miracle child because the doctors called it a miracle that I had survived.


I was the ugly duckling of the family Emma and Rachel were blond blue eyed girls with thin bone structure and they grew up into lovely young woman with faces men would die for .


I on the other hand had a mass of dark brown hair all tangles and curls my eyes were brown with thick eyebrows and lashes and I was chubby .


I was teased about my weight my disability and looks all through childhood even by William, no mostly by William he would call me names and laugh at me behind my back

I never thought of William as my brother he was just to mean for me to even think of it .

Emma and Rachel grew out of it but not William he continued to tease and play mean jokes on me

I could never close my eyes in the daytime because then I would get dizzy and faint William loved to tease me about this and humiliated me at my first party .


On my first ball I was 14 and William was 19 he had grown into a handsome young man and in two more years he would be off to university. I would be ride of him at last .


I was one of the very few chubby girls there and William and his handsome friends made sure no one danced with us telling all the younger guys we were to big to dance with .


So we were left in the corner while all the pretty girls danced.


Then toward the middle of the party he came up to me with his bully friends on ether side of him he had not yet learned the importance of being a gentleman and he was still a boy inside he had refused to listen when he was spoken to about it and only came back from boarding school for parties like these.


Any way I don’t remember what happened because I woke up on the floor not knowing what happened I found out latter from Emma that he had covered my eyes with a blindfold and it fainted right away I was known after that as a delicate flower and teased to death about by any boy I saw.


I never forgot that nor had I forgiven him for it.


I never told my Aunt and Uncle and I told my Stepsisters not to tell ether I didn’t want this to become a deal for them they already thought William was a good little Angel and they were old and frail I didn’t want to take that away from them and it seemed they never did for he continued to be the perfect son in there eyes.


Now he was coming back here for the holidays and my birthday it would be ruined .

But I decided I had to grin and bear it . for there sake .


I looked at myself in the mirror I was no longer fat or chubby just mildly plump

Emma and Rachel were the same bouncy happy blonds who were now my official best friends they came in and said William has sent a letter he says he is bringing a friend with him who is around the same age as him his name is David Shaw.


“Nice” I said

 ”Oh come on said Emma its been five years who knows he might have changed for the better”.

“Lets hope so” I said smiling at them and giving them a hug.

_end of prologe.


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