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a little something i wrote after i learned what sex is

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Submitted: July 11, 2012



His lips touch mine. His cheek brushes mine. His teeth graze my neck. His tounge rubs my skin. My stomache is in one big knot. My heart screams for more. My soul is burning with so much passion, I can't contain it much longer. He is so gentle, but his eyes hold so much urgency, I know he want's it.

I warn myself to be careful, but I know i can't keep holding on much longer. He knows all of my buttons and how hard to push. He knows what i feel, even though he says he doesn't. Sure i know his his too, but if i push thats giving him permision. 

If this is it, really the moment, am sure I am ready for it. Am i ready for the the extacy and the consequences that follow? I'm sure I will be just fine. Let the passion come to form a new kind of love. Let us explode and become one.


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