Payge Naydene Long

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A letter to my unborn baby.

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Hey baby girl, 

You are still in my little tummy. Yes I said little, I can still hide the baby bump and I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant with you. Sometimes I think it's because you take after me and you are tiny. So tiny in fact that I can barely feel your little feet and fists pummeling the crap out of my tummy. It's funny. I play games with you. I try to make you kick me. I lay there for about 20 minutes and when I give up that's when I feel a little bit of movement. You take after me. No doubt about it.

Me and daddy have a bet going on whose eyes you will have. I want you to have my deep brown eyes. Daddy wants you to have his amazing hazel eyes. I wouldn't mind if you have his though. They are beautiful and make me feel safe. They even change with his mood sometimes. I can't wait for you to see them. I just know they will make you feel the same way. You are going to be beautiful. I just know it. 

I have never felt this strong about anybody. You are my daughter and nothing will change that. I will do anything for you. Walk the world, swim the ocean, hike the mountains, or fly the sky. I will never let anybody hurt you. This is my promise to you.

I will protect you, but let you know what pain is- without knowing pain you will not know how to love.

I will let you find your own way, but I will be there when you are lost- without your own path you will never learn who you are.

I will watch you, but you will have your privacy- without a sacred place all your own you will never learn to trust.

I will let you make mistakes, but when you ask me to I will bail you out- without being able to fall flat on your face you will never be able to pick yourself up.

I will give you the world, but I will teach you how to work for what you want- without ethic you will never be able to make it in the real world.

I will let you express yourself, please don't lose yourself in other images- without the right to express yourself you will think you are something you are not.

You are my pride and joy and you always will be. 


I love you,


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