The differences

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic

I asked anonymous people several questions about the things that many people get judged upon without even having the chance to show who they really are

We were never the same. We always want to be different and unique yet we reject anyone who's different. They say we shouldn't judge a book by its cover yet we judge people because they're something that we're not. We're incapable of understanding that we just need to accept every person, we don't have to be the same we just need to accept our differences. I asked anonymous people on the Whisper app about four different cases people disagree on and these were their answers.


What would you like to say to the world as a Muslim?
“ I find it really annoying when people ask questions like do muslims do that? Like seriously people we’re just humans who happen to follow a certain religion, now this religion gives us certain instructions or rules whatever you call it some of us follow and some of us don't so it really has nothing to do with the fact that we're muslims. Islam is perfect but I’m not”  

“I think we're just fine, and it’s disgusting if people have this islamophobia shit because not all muslims are terrorists. Blaming Muslims and Islam for terrorism is like blaming christianity and christians for colonialism. every religion has its extremists”
“That I mean no harm to anyone,nor does my religion, and we too try to make this world a better place,everyday.”

“I would like to tell the world to see me for who I am, and for what I do. Not for what a couple of people who claim to believe in the same things as me. I am my own person do not put me in a box with a label.”

“Apart from extremist groups like ISIS,taliban etc which I wouldn't call muslims at all because they kill innocent people. We’re not actually bad people. We’re just normal people doing 9 to 5”

“I would tell the world that everyone should at least have knowledge about Islam before talking about it. Also, muslim lives are not less nor more than any other lives.”

“I am not a terrorist nor believe in those radical ideologies!
ISIS do not represent my religion!
I wear the hijab out of my own free will!
Also can someone hurry and make Goonies 2!”
What do you think of Muslims? And what would you like to tell them?
“Well I don't mind them. Just like everyone else, if you're tolerant and accepting of everyone else while living how you want I'm fine with that.
I'd like to tell them that it's our western world government  that is atrocious, not us normal citizens.”

“I shouldn't characterize Muslims in one group, but since the questions asks, I find them as tolerable as any other group. All Muslims need to keep on keepin on, except for terrorists. Same goes with Christian, Jewish, or Buddhist that use the their book to cause harm on other people.”

“I think that Muslims are a peaceful people who are often mislabeled. Saying all Muslims are terrorist is like saying all Christians are in a polyamorous cult. It's. Not a true representation”

“I don't really think anything in particular. It's just another religion to me. I know they have a hard time because of the extremists so I'd say to them don't listen to the haters, keep on believing and don't let anyone make you think it's wrong.”

“I don't care as long as they're nice and not crazy”

“I'd say I'm disappointed in the majority of my community lacking the content of what a Muslim really is about than selling lies on the surface like an empty vessel.I feel like we should get a grip on our desires and be at least honest in our mistakes and treat others how we want to be treated since our faith is a prime advocate of love, respect and charity.”


What would you like to say to the world as an atheist?
“Being one it’s kinda hard. Part of me wants to believe, but who knows and who is anyone else to say their isn't some sort of "God" so to speak. I'm just the kind of person and I think I can speak for most atheists, we need definite proof. Whether that's from historical means or in our direct personal lives.”

“ I’m kind of sick of people telling me that I’m wrong, or that I need to believe in something.”

“ I'm just a normal person that doesn't go to church on Sunday!”

“ People need to first know why don't believe before they judge us.”

“ I have no problem with your religion, if you have no problem with the lack of mine. I’m just a normal person who happen to believe in science.”

What do you think of atheists? And what would you like to tell them?

“They are cool. I am personally starting to lean that way myself.”

“Same thing really. I don't really care about religion or lack of thereof. People should just believe in whatever they want.Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Jewish... all equal. All have the good and the bad. They all have the right to their own ideas and beliefs.”

“I treat all these issues as.. You have your way of thought, and I have mine. Let's not force it on each other.”

“It's their life they can choose what's right and good for them”

“Well, not believing in God is still kind of believing in the myth. I hope that they will think deeper and find God someday. not that any of my argument will change their mind,they will find answers within.”

“That the godless need god too. And that I admire them for using their mind and not blindly following the religion their parents are.”

“Same thing. Your beliefs have nothing to do with me. As long as you respect me I respect you. I'm looking more at what kind of person you are,how you treat other people and what's your taste in music," you don't believe in god? Cool. I do. Cool. Now that that's over with wanna go get a bite to eat I'm craving sushi. "
“Atheist I don't know really because they don't believe in any god or religion and I don't have a problem with this.It only becomes a problem when they try and spread hate like I’ve met a few atheists telling me everything's  a lie and that everything evovled, the Big bang theory and religious people are wasting their time and energy, but I believe in islam and islam means peace so I’m not spreading anything but peace while I’m still alive no matter what religions you believe in.”

Gays and Lesbians:

What would you like to say to the world?
“First, I didn't choose to be gay. If I had the option, even though I enjoy being gay, I would not choose oppression. Second, just because I am gay, doesn't mean I am attracted to you. Third; no I did not go to that gay pride parade. Fourth, you will never know how much joy filled my heart when I heard gay marriage was legal in all fifty states. Fifth, fuck Kim Davis. Sixth, do you really think that homosexual parents raise home sexual children? Last time I checked, but of my parents were straight.”

“ I just want to be a lesbian if you have a problem with that I really don't give a shit.”

“ I can date whatever gender I wanna date, just because your bible says I shouldn't doesn't necessarily mean that you should offend me”

“I have no problem with straight people I think they should not have a problem with me. As long as people respect me and respect who I am, I’m cool with the jokes JK.”

What do you think of gays and lesbians? And what would you like to tell them?

“No problem with them. I'd tell them live your life how you see fit. Love who you want to.”

““I mean I think they are equal people in this society I don't have anything to tell them haha. Nothing different then I would tell any human”

“They're all good. I'm queer myself so LGBT doesn't bother me lol”

““My... Closest friend is gay”
“I think they're  just fine. they're  all humans just like us and I’m so happy LGBT exists so they can be themselves and marry the one they love”

“I think they have freedom”

“I personally may approve of lesbians.but that's completely my double standards. but always on a second thought,I would disapprove homosexuality. so with a half heart and a bias for lesbians,I would say I do approve of it. I would tell them to explore it further,it's not natural so there gotta be something else. Maybe,I am straight so I may not understand, but clearly it's not natural. that's the answer to what would I tell homosexuals”

“I would tell them to understand for one just because I don't accept its practise that it doesn't mean I hate them or dislike them and have no business in what happens behind closed doors more so that's between them and God and I am only a Warner. I do not have that kind of authority I'd treat them as I would treat my Muslim or any other neighbour with respect and kindness.”

“I fully support them actually. Who someone chooses to love should not be an issue for anybody else. Gays and lesbians are people, the same as you and I there is no difference between us other than what gender they attracted to and that doesn't bother me at all. Love who you love. It's nobody's business but your own”

“Obviously  I have gay friends so what I would say to them is you live your life the way you want to. I 100% believe they were born that way and god made them like this so nothing can change it. They should enjoy their lives.  if you're talking about from a religious point of view, well religion has been here for and so has homos but the difference is it's more open and people needs to accept this fact, plus they make amazing friends”

“I think it's not right to do such thing and before you reply with the hate, look at what you do from the other side. Not just that what you want because in that case, we all want money and everything, so we can steal and do lots of crazy things, BUT is stealing and doing crazy things is good? That is the question. We know you want to be gay and that is your choice, but is it good or not? As a muslim, I would say it is not good and you can change yourselves from being gay as I did.”

Syrian Refugees:

What do you think of the Syrian refugees? And what would you like to tell them?

“Syrian refugees are in need of help and they should be helped, but I would tell them to return the warmth with compassion and gratefulness and kill any efforts to malign their intent and efforts to integrate. Especially those that originated from their own group.”

“Put your trust in Allah everything happens for a reason and this too  shall pass.”

“I would like to tell them that I'm sorry that this happened to you. I would like to tell the world that it could have been any one of us living in the war country, and it could have been us having to move from Syria to a whole new country where you don't know the language and you don't know how anything works , it could have been any of us, but it wasn't, it wasn't any of us it was them, it's scary enough as it is when you have to go through all that happened in Syria AND THEN move to another country with four kids and have to adapt to a place where the people look at you differently and and look down on you. It could have been us and if it were how would you like to be”

“That's really one hard question I'm ashamed of this question because I have done nothing for them expect praying.Just make sure Allah is watching and you don't need the world”

“If they got better life than what they had please keep in your hand and respect the people who open their houses for you”

I'm sorry for any inappropriate language but I just wanted to deliver the message. I couldn't find Syrian refugees but I decided to ask people anyway. I hope that we understand that despite our differences, we’re still the same, we’re all humans.

Submitted: January 29, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Nancy1724. All rights reserved.

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Tyrannos Senpai

Hmm. Interesting. Pointing out peoples differences and showing them in a way to make it understandable. Very interesting.

Fri, January 29th, 2016 8:55pm


Thank you m. Glad you liked it :)

Fri, January 29th, 2016 12:58pm


I would probably have the same answers to some of these questions. I just think everyone is different and if you don't want anyone judging you, you shouldn't judge anyone. Everyone is just anyone in my perspective. I'm the kind of person that really doesn't care what the person looks like or acts like. Whenever I hear someone talking about another person's religion and saying that theirs is wrong and they don't know it. I'm like 'Well we have our own religion. Do you want someone to be talking to you about how you're in the wrong one?' The answer is always no. We should just respect each others differences and that's it. This was a very good article. :)

Fri, January 29th, 2016 11:12pm


Thank you so much for reading :) yes all we need is respect

Fri, January 29th, 2016 5:43pm


I'm an atheist, although baptised and brought up to follow God. I found my own way, I believe that you SHOULD have your own choice.

Sat, January 30th, 2016 4:39pm


Also, I'm not lesbian, but gays and lesbians are awesome

Sat, January 30th, 2016 4:40pm

Jeff Bezaire

Can't we get along?

I must say, I'm surprised by the responses to what others think of Muslims. I would have expected at least one ignorant or afraid comment on there. I do agree with the first response - it's the western world governments that are atrocious. The USA and Canadian governments are in bed with terrible people for an advantageous benefit, and the American government is perpetuating the fear and ignorance towards Muslims. Such bs. It is a one-way street due to peoples' lack of knowledge on the Muslim religion. It's not often that a Christian terrorist is labeled as a Christian in the media - they're just nuts or crazy, or simply an unstable man or woman.
Being an apostate, I can relate with a lot of atheists' views. I am sick of religious people saying they're right and I'm wrong. They don't have the answers any more than we do and some book a group of corrupt men wrote in order to control the masses is not proof that there is a god, nor is the evolution of the human eye.
Whether a person believes in a divine being or doesn't does not determine if they're a good or bad person and it does not dictate if they'll become a terrorist or a bitter person.
I like the person who wrote the "sushi" comment. That's a smart, understanding person! :)
I agree with the first commenter on gays and lesbians: Fuck Kim Davis!
The whole being born gay or choosing to be gay is something that will forever be mystery, in my opinion. Of course, everyone has their own view on it, much like anything else, so it will always be a contested subject.
I've known gay men since I was seven or eight-years-old. Never had a problem with them, love them as people. Same with lesbians and trans-genders. I don't see anything wrong with them - some people build a box in order to define "normal" and only normal things are put in that box. But "normal" is not the only thing that should be accepted. And just because something is uncommon does not mean that it's not normal.
"Love who you love." - beautiful sentiment.

Interesting responses. Too bad there couldn't have been responses from Syrian refugees. However, I think they're a bit too busy putting their lives back together and focusing on getting jobs and homes to worry about hopping on social media at the moment.
These are some of the most hotly contested topics in our "modern" age. I'm surprised by the lack of ignorant and hateful comments - I would think there would have been a few ugly remarks. But reading many of these responses gives me hope that our future can be a good one. We have to keep loving and learn to see each other as equals, regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual preference.

Sat, January 30th, 2016 8:58pm


I couldn't agree more! You perfectly described every single detail in my article. I asked around 25 people only two of them had some hateful answers and I didn't add that because that was not the point of my article besides they didn't mention a good reason or even a polite statement so why spread the hate? I mean it's definitely okay to disapprove of something but you still have to accept the other person because he/she probably disapproves of something you do or believe in as well. It's how we share our ideas I like to call it the art of presentation, you can say everything you wanna say in a non-hateful manner I believe.

Sat, January 30th, 2016 1:33pm


Your article was very inspiring; giving real voices to those that are unfairly discriminated against. Unfortunately, the world is not as accepting, I think it would have been a bit more interesting to hear the viewpoints of those who have issues with the subject matters you pointed out. Whether we like it or not, everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs. At the end of the day, it's about respecting each other and learning to get along with those whose belief and practices do not coincide with ours. Great piece of work nancy 1724

Sun, January 31st, 2016 12:42am


The problem I faced with the very few number of people who dissaprove that they don't point out a reason. I strongly agree with you we all need is respect. Thank you for reading :)

Sun, January 31st, 2016 11:59am

Jc Bell

This is all very interesting. All I would like to say about this is thank God, Allah, Jehova, Krishna, Buhda, Odin, Zeus, Ra, and the Sacred Turtle of Infinity upon whose back creation sits, that people are different. Any attempt by any group to conform humanity's beliefs into singularity is akin to Nazism.

Wed, February 3rd, 2016 5:58pm

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