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Absolutely, we have two minds for the same object at different situations.Black leather has certain social respects and it never go out of fashion. The story involves a girl and her new black leather jacket.

Submitted: February 04, 2014

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Submitted: February 04, 2014




My Perfect Day:

I am Neha , 22 years, pharmacy graduate working in a healthcare firm, wheatish color, short hair,5.2 inches height and I am proud that I maintain my weight, god fearing, pet loving girl with hobbies of tailoring and gardening. I am blessed with a happy family. Both my parents are working as teachers. My younger sister Maya is in class nine. My family is residing in a village which is one hour far from the town where I live. I visit my family during weekends. My Friend Freny, she studied with me right from kinder garden. We are working in same office and share room in the hostel.Rohan is my man. We are in love for the past 3 years. That was Thursday..... My dad was in town for a meeting on developmental activities of his school. I and Freny planned to meet my dad that evening. But Freny was busy with some other work and she dropped out from the plan. I joined my dad in a cafe, enjoyed tea. He bought snacks for us to have it in the room. It was time to take the bus and we started to walk towards the bus stand. On sight seeing, my lens in the eyes captured a doll wearing a black leather jacket. Noticing my eyes, my dad asked me,\" Want that Jacket Neha? With glee, I replied, “No Dad, I have a sweater, but I need to try it once\". We received a warm welcome and the shop keeper unzipped the jacket from display and handed it over to me. I know black leather has certain social respects and it never go out of fashion. \"The leather jacket is water repellant, wind resistant, weighing less than 200 grams. The sleeves can be switched long to short, full front zip with two zipped security pockets\". I wore it, felt honored; it was the moment of pride in my life. That was a perfect day. Looking at the mirror, I said dad,\" attractive, adjustable, comfortable, good fit, light weight, versatile Jacket\". Within minutes, it was mine. My Dad paid the bill and I collected the black leather jacket. Freny got excited and expressed,\" Impressive Black leather! Cosmic Cool Look!\". We wore it, took photos and uploaded in the social Profile (FACEBOOK) pictures.

My New Black Hero:

Rohan is a tall, good looking, caring, intelligent guy with clean habits. He loves to ride bike. We are from same pharmacy college. He is doing his master degree in the same town. The only person to know about our love in our family is my sister Maya. I bribe her with chocolates so that she will not reveal our love to my parents. I called up Rohan to share the shopping experience which I had with my dad. He didn't show interest to my words. He told me that he is busy with his practicals and hanged the call. I was 100% depressed with Rohan's attitude & Freny tried to consol me. That night, I didn't want to disturb Rohan again but I waited for his call.

Next day, Friday Morning.... While I was getting ready to office, Rohan called me and apologized for not contacting me the day before and started to tell about his practical lab difficulties. I know that was an over reaction from Rohan , but I felt happy to hear those words. After he apologized, I said him, “Your apology has been accepted, but you need to be punished\". “Come On Honey! Ride me to office!” I looked at Freny, she smiled and said,\" Carry On! Oh, cab horn! Bye Neha! She left the room. Not even 10 minutes time, Rohan was standing in front of our hostel. We had a personal talk and he praised me “Rockxy! Spectacular wear!\". Wearing new jacket, I enjoyed my ride in the morning fresh breeze. I hugged Rohan tightly and shouted in the air, \"Hurray! It’s My New Jacket!\" In office, repeatedly my ears heard the words awesome, incredible, impressive, amazing, elegant & extraordinary. My jacket was a hero in the office. All girls tried my black hero in our rest room. Really, it was a mini fashion show. After completion of my task, I packed my travel bag and texted Rohan to drop me at the bus stand. Rohan was in the middle of lab practicals. Somehow, he managed to reach my place within few minutes. He looked me in a strange manner and said, \"Hey, It is a sunny day, why do you want to wear this jacket now?\" Then, I realized that I was still wearing the jacket. I removed it and there was an inadequate space in my travel bag to pack the jacket. I made Rohan to wait for a minute, in search of a jute bag which I collected from the shop yesterday; I went back to my room. I couldn't find that jute bag and I tried recollecting things that happened yesterday. But, I remembered Freny's photo session and Rohan's call expecting scenes. It was getting late.Luckily,I found an old jute bag lying under Freny's cart. I placed my jacket in that and flew in Rohan's bike. Rohan dropped me at the bus stand and said, \" I miss you for the next two days”. He raised his accelerator and left the spot. His action was right at this point. He is a student and he need to get back to the lab quickly to continue his practicals. I was about to board the bus, a hand blocked my way, he was a handicapped man. I gave him a coin, he greeted me. At that moment, my thoughts went beyond Rohan. He often used to refer me \"My kind hearted princess\"

Time for fireworks:

I boarded the bus. I didn’t find a seat but managed to stand in a safe place near the front gate. The women sitting beside me was holding a bag in her hands. I dropped down my travel bag near my feet and handed the jute bag over to the seated women. With no regrets, she helped me. Journey started and I myself said,\" I am safe, my bags are safe\". After an hour, I stepped down the bus, reached home, met parents and as usual I bribed Maya with chocolates. I wanted to excite Maya by showing up my new jacket. I opened the jute bag. Oh! My breath stopped for a second. Instead of Jacket, there were some clothes in the bag. My eyes went blackened. I felt a pain in all my veins and arteries. Yes, I had lost my black hero! I had missed my new jacket. My muscles didn't move for a minute after the unexpected shock. My total family was stunned for few minutes. That was the time for fire works... Dad blasted me, \"It is shame to miss stuffs at this age. You just wished to try the jacket, but I bought it for you. No matter the cost, you don’t know the worth of it. To be genuine, you are an irresponsible kid\". My dad's genuine words pricked my heart. Mom offended me, \"Neha, It is your mistake. You should have checked the bag before stepping down the bus. Lost is lost and it happened because of your carelessness. I am worried about your future. How are you going to manage things of your own in the upcoming days?” Mom was right. It was my fault. I rewinded,the lady was holding two bags and I was the one who pulled out the bag from her and stepped down without even checking the stuffs in that bag. Not fair to blame her. With no words to counteract. My eyes started raining. Few minutes later, my parents advised me to be more cautious in each and every second of the life. I texted Freny and Rohan about my missed Jacket. Freny consoled me, “Don’t worry, we will get our salary credited in next 4 days, let us buy a new one with more looks\". Rohan comforted me, “Don’t feel sad. I have some savings, I will buy you a fashioned Jacket better than the missed one\".

Change of my Heart:

Saturday Morning........ I was sitting in the sofa with Maya. I noticed the jute bag near the door. I opened it, there were few clothes. The clothes were clean and folded in a neat manner. Adding to that, I found a cylindrical shaped object. I had a close look; it was a MDI, Metered Dose Inhaler. It is a handheld device. MDI is used for reliving cold, wheezing and chest tightness in the chronic respiratory disorder patients. The medication in the MDI directly reaches lung by person's self inhalation. I concluded that the bag which I brought home belongs to a patient. There was a change in my heart. Absolutely, we have two minds for the same object at different situations. Within 30 seconds, with radiant smile, I thanked God in a loud voice. Maya was noticing my actions and there was an expectation in her face about my excitement, I started, \"Maya! To me, black leather means pride, honour, star look, new flanged wear. But for a diseased person, leather means a lot. My Jacket is water repellent and wind resistant in nature. The water repellent jacket is a great choice for rainy session. Wind resistant nature helps them to provide a warmth environment and never catches cold in winter. It helps them to survive in favorable weather conditions. Jacket will be more useful for a chronic diseased person better than me\". I took those clothes and Inhalar, packed them in my suitcase and continued, \"If I meet the same women in future, I will return her stuffs. But, I never get the jacket back. Let her use my black hero\". After seconds of silence, Maya opened her mouth,\" You are really kind hearted\". On hearing the word \"kindhearted\", my thoughts went beyond Rohan, Immediately I texted him,\" Hurray, I Missed My New Black Leather Jacket\".

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