My Stalker....

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I'm sofia and well come take a look at my life with me, its a thrill but there are gonna be some bumps on the road. All you gotta do is hold on!

Hi im Sofia, Im 13 years old im tall and i have blond hair. I like hard rock and punk music.I love to draw people always told me they love my drawings.When i draw, i draw my feelings out.... My life is pretty mych perfect.... At school me and my best freind are cheerleaders, were really popular not to brag or anything and i live with both my loving parents. you dont understand i love them so much! I cant bare anything and by anything i mean if ANYTHING happens to them. so thats kind of my background.

Today is the first day of 8th grade im really exited to see all my freinds cause i havent seen nobody over the summer. My family and i went on a cruise all the was to Austrillia. Crazy, right yes. we went from Virginia(where im from) all the way across the world stopping almost everywhere.


School was good today like usual we didnt do nothing on the first day of school. For cheer we got our outfits and guess what???? My best freind Beccy shes the captin of the team.... thats been her dream what, like.... ever since she was born! 

since our school is by the beach Beccy and I would go to the beach and just relax and do our homework tak about our day and just relax. But the best thing about this beach is that its rather like the private beaches and its really quite and super clean!

S0 Beccy was telling me about this new basket ball player  scott that just joined the team today and how he was cute.

''guess what i surprised scott with today in 4th period '' she said 

knowing her i was scared what she was about to say '' what'' i said trying not to sound scared for her.

''so he asked to go to the bathroom during 4th period today and right after he left i said i had to go really badly like i couldnt hold it anymore and mr.Brown said to go, so i followed him to the boys bathroom and luckily there was nobody in there so he was like what r you doing i just ignored him and took off my shirt i could tell he was uncomfortable but i ignored him and continued to undress i took my bra off and told him to suck my boobs he looked at me and i said hello we dont have all day he was confused i said come on and pushed hes face against my boobs and he started sucking them. then after 10sec i pushed him off and said your gonna have to work harder if you wanna get this and i got dressed quickly and left'' she said with a smile

i knew she was about to say something bad but i didnt think this bad.... man, i was shocked and said '' Beccy you what? what the fuck is wrong with you! Its the first day if school and already?'' 

''ayeee 10sec only tho.....'' she said cracking up

i couldnt help but crack up with her..... but now its gonna be akward for her and scott....

she made me promise her that i would try that on someone from the basket ball team before this week was over.... man im fucked i dont think im good with guys!

Submitted: May 29, 2014

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Nice adventurous! Have fun :)

Thu, May 29th, 2014 10:01am

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