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Alex rush is an orphan who lives alone in her home .. and she is pretty much a normal 15 year old girl , she goes to school , and has friends like any other person..but her whole life she has been trained to exterminate monsters and demons that find their way into the human plane (or world)...and with the help of her friend jack , she exterminates the evil from this world saving the world every day , without being noticed ...

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013







It was around 11:30 pm , it was a relatively  dark , extremely cold and wet night, as i ran down the sidewalk of the city street . the rain pelted me as i sprinted. my hoodie and my skirt were fluttering in the wind… i was tracking a trail of blood , that spotted the sidewalk , my sneakers slapping the pavement sending water droplets flying..i had been running for a while and suddenly..i slid  to a halt at a particularly dreary alley. trash cans were scattered along the walls . shadows were cast upon the ground from a distant street lamp. carefully , I stepped into the damp alley and surveyed  my surroundings, slowly i reached into my bag and pulled out mu dagger. the thunder rumbled in the distance as I stepped forward. I heard a raspy hiss, and  quickly my glance shot to the brick wall of one of the buildings….”it” was clinging to the wall…and by “it” I mean the monster I had been tracking . It had long black hair, with bright red eyes, long deadly fangs and equally deadly claws. I think it used to be a female bartender from th east side…..untill she was possessed. she glared at me ‘you cut me” she spat holding her torso, as blood dripped down the wall.”really? wow! I couldn’t tell!” I replied sarcastically, receiving another hiss from her . “whats your name child?” she uttered crawling lower on the wall “I should ask you the same thing” I replied coldly , her eyes narrowed ” I am Wendy Spurlton” she  sneered . I grinded my teeth “No! your true name, not the body you stole” I muttered . She jumped down from the wall and landed on the ground about 5 feet from me , holding her wound tenderly. ” I am Arathma demon from the under world” she said with a bow. ” im ALex Rush , monster exterminator ” I said with a curtsy . she laughed ‘ you!? a monster exterminator.. think you can kill me?!” I raised my eyebrow “well I already hit you once, only one more and your down for the count ” I said with a grin. she winced and held her wound tighter “Enough talking!” she screamed as she lunged for me. she caught me off guard and pinned me to the wall behind me, making me drop my weapon . she hissed  as her claws dug into my neck, making blood trickle down my arm. she leaned closer and whispered in my ear ” are you all talk and no game?..and what a shame it is to kill such a pretty warrior ” she licked the blood from my neck , making me wince. ‘but its worth it for such a delectable soul”  she chuckled .I tried to knee her in the stomach but she blocked it…..i tryed to push against her.but what can i say..demon strength… ” my p-partner will be here any m-moment!” I gasped as it started to get harder to breathe .. she giggled as her other hand rose up above me , claws ready to pierce my skin ….”think alex think!!!” I shouted inside my head………………but nothing came.no life saving idea popped up……..was I going to die?…..I could see the headlines now ”girl killed  in alley.. strange slash marks on body”..would I become one of those chain mail themes?……

just as the she-demon was about to slash me open..a dark figure appeared behind her…with red glowing eyes…a fliker of hope ….in a flash the dark figure slashed the she-demons back,  making her fall to the ground. the creature stepped closer…into the light ….it had wolf like features…it was an all black wolf ..with big brown eyes….”j-jack?’ I muttered  ..the wolf waged its tail …a sigh of relief flooded over me…i fell to my knees and hugged  him tightly..”h-how did you find me?” i asked ..he morphed back into human form ” easy.. i followed the scent of your blood” he said with a grin . yes my partner in exterminating monsters is half weirwolf..deal with it. ”you have to be careful alex!….you cant underestimate your opponent’s like that!….that was too close for comfort!’ jacks aid scoldingly  ” i  know, i know”  i muttered ….I looked at the demon on the ground and took some blood from my wound and wrote ” shi ra tram ma’ on the she-demons forehead and instantly the creature burst into flames that,  were put out by the rain….I sighed..but then instantly winced and felt dizzy…’alex!? whats wrong?” jack asked frantically  shaking my sholders…”t-that witch h-had poison on her claws” i said through clenched teeth holding my blood soaked neck…”is there anything i can do?” he asked as i took of my back-pack “y-yeah, look in my bag for the vile that is l-labled holy water.. i w-want you to be careful not to spill it on yourself . and then d-douse it on my wound, then tell me what color poison comes out..o-ok?’..he nodded as he fumbled through my bag ” why is color important?’ he asked i took a deep breath ” yellow poison : i-is the least deadly, it m-makes you hallucinate. green poison  :paralyzes its victims , purple p-poison : kills its victims within a few days. and black poison kills with the hour” i explained as he pulled the vial out of the bag “got it!’ he said the he quickly doused my wound “aaa-ahhh!!’ i screamed as the holy water seared my wound “alex!?” jack said worriedly …i clenched my teeth ” WHAT C-COLOR?’  i muttered jack took a closer look…”umm…purple?” jack said “WHAT?!’ I SCREAMED..” no ..umm..green’ he said…i sighed  and breathed heavily….”are you gonna be ok?’ jack asked “i-im ok” i muttered  …….” holy water is good to have..it extracts the poison and helps heal the wound faster” i said as jack started to cut open my hoodie so he could wrap up my wound …….after a minute or two my wound was bandaged and secure……’uhh…man! that was my favorite hoodie!’ I said examining the bloodied/ripped hoodie. i packed my things , and gingerly placed my dagger into my bag..” you need a ride home?..my bike is just a few blocks away” jack said pointing to the street ” yeah thanks “i said with a grin ..his face lit up with a smile “ill run and get it!” he said exhilarately running out of the alley…i leaned my head against the wall and sighed “uuhhh, that was to close” i whispered to myself..

I felt the presence of something ..I quickly jumped up and looked around “w-who’s there?’ I called …but there was no answer i pulled out my dagger and instantly winced at the pain….I looked to the roof and saw a dark figure ..”who are you?’  I called again ..but no answer….. and in the blink of an eye it vanished ..I was about to chase after it when i heard the distant ‘Vrooooooom!!” of a motor bike..then a black bike swerved into the alleythe rider had on a black helmet..and was holding a spare helmet in their lap …they pulled up the visor “alex climb on!’ jack said handing me a helmet ….”woah!…when you said bike I thought you ment  a bicycle!’ I said shocked….he laughed “come on let’s go ” he said and made the bike vroom once again “ok, ok” i replayed putting on the helmet and hopping on the bike. “hold on tight! ” he shouted as we shot out of the alley and sped down the street “ahhhhhhhh!!!’ i screamed ‘hold on to me!’ jack called..i obeyed grabbing hold of him before i fell off and wrapping my arms around his chest…..we swerved through cars . and i held on tighter when we went around corners…..’slow down!!!” i screamed but it failed to reach him…the lights of the city flashed past us and the sound of car horns echoed as we swerved…….it was terifying…but i liked it….hell with like..i loved going fast!….my heart beat faster as he sped up….the feeling of the cold night air rushing past me was almost nostalgic ….i felt a smile erupt on my face “wooohoooo!’ i shouted as we rode down the street ….i held tighter and closed my eyes…….

I didn’t notice when we had stoped…”alex” jack called’hmm?’ I muttered….”where here ‘ he said ….I opened my eyes to see my little brown two-story house……….I climed off the bike and took of the helmet, shaking my head freeing the tangles ” thanks for the ride” I said with a smile…’you enjoy it?” he laughed …”heck yeah it was awesome!’ I said fist pumping the air..jack laughed ..”hey..jack?’ I said catching him off gaurd….”yeah whats up?”  he asked tilting his head to the side “thanks for..back then..it really means a lot.”……..” no problem’”he said shrugging with a smile.. ” and ..if it’s not too much trouble..could I get a ride to school?.tomorrow?” I asked ……he grinned ..” yeah sure ‘ he shrugged  ’ thanks bro! ‘ I called running towards my house waving” he waved and then drove off down the street ..i walked towards the door,..unlocked it and walked inside “im home!’ i called to no one as i closed the door behind me….i yaughned as i walked up stairs….my house has three bedrooms an attic  and bathroom upstairs ,and a kitchen , dining room, bathroom, and living room down stairs…..i walked to the bathroom and took of my hoodie…(tryed to brush my hair,..but failed) .i changed into pajamas…  and walked to my computer and opened my emails…”new mail!…” my inbox said repeatedly..i opened the mew message and read aloud ” good work Alex Rush on completing your mission , as promised your reward it linked into this message….from .-Happy client..” i looked down and clicked the link ..it opened a file to my bank account wich said .. transfer funds : 250,000,000…”holy {insert your  choice of curse word here}….thats alot of green” i whispered to myslef….as i logged out. i stood up and streched…i walked over to my alarm clock and set the alarm for 6:30.i yaghned again as  i plopped on my bed and  pulled the blankets over my head then instantly fell asleep…


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