Visiting Death Part 4

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Kendra and Jackson explore a bit further.

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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Submitted: February 28, 2012




I had so many questions, I didn’t even know where to begin. 

“How? How do you blend in? When I saw Melsone in my dream she was just… indescribable. When she touched the water she BECAME the water, and when she stepped on land she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Please, tell me.”

He just stared at me, head cocked to one side. 

“All in due time,” was all he said.

“All in due time!,” I shouted. “I killed someone, my fingerprints are at his apartment! I’m going to get arrested, I really don’t want to go to prison, being locked up for soliciting myself is bad enough in a jail cell full of women, believe me.”

“Your mess is being cleaned up, so don’t worry. It’s a lot larger than we thought though,“ He stood up gracefully from where he was standing. “We knew about the man, We heard him, but we thought nothing of it until we realized he wasn’t by a large body of water, a lake; ocean; river.” Jackson started to walk and I followed like a lost puppy. 

“Aren’t you going to take your violin?” 

“It’s not mine” 

“Oh,” I said. 

“What do you mean you heard him? He didn’t talk while I was playing from what I remember. He just looked at me, and eventually fell asleep. And what do you mean larger than you thought? It was one person.” 

“Like I said Kendra, All in due time.”


We walked for what seemed like hours in silence till I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Jackson, right? You’ve got to tell me something, even if it’s just something small. What do you mean by bigger than you thought?”

“Mr. Edwards wasn’t the only one who meant an unseemly death that night Kendra. Everybody who heard your culling is dead. Where did you play your song if you don’t mind me asking?” he said.

“I……. I played it downtown, on 5th and Main St.” Shock flew across my face, I knew what he was getting at. “Wait… Everybody who heard it is dead?! How? I…. I didn’t come to anybody’s dreams like Melsone did me. I just sang…. “

“You sang with passion, you played with hope, desire. We’re still trying to figure out who you are, why after so many years this is your first culling. It’s natural for us, but for you it’s selective.” Jackson looked at me and I looked back at him. His face was so bright, glowing almost. Cheeks a deep pink, lips the same shade. “Curb,” he said. 

“Wha…” I tripped, kind of. I didn’t see the curb, but inches before my face hit the pavement, Jackson caught me with one hand. He was incredibly strong, my whole body was nearly floating inches above the ground except my knees which were barely touching. “Thanks,” I mumbled. He lifted me up off the ground and back onto my feet. “Let’s go find out how many people heard your song.” “How do we do that?,” I said genuinely curious. 

“Traffic camera, do you ever stop asking questions?” he said with one eyebrow raised. 





After watching the traffic cams in a fast-forward time lapse, we were able to estimate the number of people who heart my culling. 1,485 is the ridiculous number Jackson came up with. How? No fucking idea. He suggested we go back to the corner, to see I could see a visual change in the number of people that possibly took that route on a daily basis.

“Are you trying to say, all of these people are dead or are going to die?” I said as we walked side by side to the corner where this all began.

“No, it’s possible some of them were hard of hearing, deaf, wearing headphones, numerous other possibilities, Kendra. All I know is, the numbers are high enough to gain the attention of the First Three.”

“Ugh! I didn’t do it on purpose! Can’t you just tell them that?”

“No, they’re not after you to harm you, Kendra. They want to protect you from the muses until you prove yourself worthless to them, then, maybe, they will kill you,” he said with a crooked smirk. 

The smell in the air had changed suddenly, and rain clouds became visible over-head. Jackson’s face showed a flash of fear, then in the same instant, he regained his blank expression. 

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

His two toned eyes stared into mine and he said, “we have to get somewhere dry, I don’t want to be exposed this early in the day”

“What the hell does that mean, exposed? You’re not going to melt like the wicked witch from the west are you?” I laughed at my own attempt at humor.

He chuckled. “No I won’t melt little girl, I will just no longer be able to glamour myself.”

I raised a brow in confusion, and he saw it and sighed. 

“I’m wearing an illusion, a human illusion, to be able to walks amongst you, and I’m actually the best. But no matter how good a siren is at glamour, water cannot hide us, it’s our natural habitat.”

“So…. You’re makeup runs?” I started to laugh while walking and glancing over at him.

He looked upset, so I stopped and faced ahead.

“We’re here,” Jackson announced.

The street was not the vibrant loud intersection I remembered. Cars were passing, and people were walking, but not in the mass numbers like before. Jackson and I both looked at each other, each of us baring the same look of shock. 

“We have to go,” he said with a hand held out, waiting for me to grab it. I did.







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