The Door to Nowhere

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sometimes a door's just a door, except when it's not.

“There it is.”


“It’s just a door. I’m gonna walk up there, open it, and you’re just gonna walk away disappointed.”


Sam and Mark made their way through the hole in the chain link fence that surrounded the old warehouse. The door to nowhere they called it. It was a local legend and now it was watching over them as they walked up to the entrance to the building. No one knows exactly why the door was placed there. Some say it was for a catwalk that led around the building. Others say it’s a portal to another dimension. But Sam and Mark wanted to see it for themselves.


“So, you really wanna go up there?” Sam asked. 


Mark looked up at the door in the warehouse wall, it must’ve been a good two or three stories up. “Yeah. It’s just a door. There’s nothing to worry about.”


Mark walked up the stairs to the front door, it was barely hanging onto the hinges. A board covered in graffiti lay on the floor from previous brave souls that came here for the same thing. Stepping into the threshold Mark disappeared into the dark of the warehouse leaving Sam outside ready to see Mark open the door to nowhere. 


Sam stood a good ten feet from the building with his eyes on the door above him. Phone out he called Mark. “So, you ready?”


“Yup. It’s right in front of me. Ready for me to prove you wrong?” 


Sam sighed and chuckled, “Yeah, go ahead. Open the door and let’s see who’s wrong.”


The ground was littered with old newspapers and garbage that had been worn and torn from the weather. On the side of the warehouse were some old missing persons flyers taped up. It was just a rumor. No one believed the door was a portal. But so many people had gone missing. Supposedly they all came here for the same reason, to open the door. No one had ever opened it. It was probably just locked. But what if it was true. What if it really was a portal?


“Alright, I’m about to turn the handle,” Mark said over the phone. “Get ready for the photo op there, Sammy.”


Sam stood there ready to see the door open. 




Sam stood there for a second waiting for anything. This had to be a joke. “Mark, come on. Quit joking around and open the door.”


“It is open. I’m looking right at you.”


Nerves started getting the better of him. “Mark, quit it. Just open the door. This isn’t funny.”


“Sam, I mean it. It’s open. You’re looking right at me. If anyone’s gotta quit joking around it’s you.” 


The door was closed. No sign of Mark. Just the closed door. Dread covered Sam’s face. He held the phone up to his ear and ran inside. “I’m coming in. Just stay where you are.”


That’s how it happened. 


That’s how it always happened. 


They hear about the door, the missing people. They want to see it for themselves.


Sometimes a door is just a door. It just doesn’t always lead to where you expect it to. 




Submitted: January 17, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Nanoficto92. All rights reserved.

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