Music meme: William Murderface

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Five music inspired drabbles centered on Murderface. Contains Murderface/Nathan, Murderface/Skwisgaar, and Murderface/Pickles.

Submitted: April 19, 2010

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Submitted: April 19, 2010



1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!)
4. Do 5 of these, then post.

Next up is Murderface! GRR! D
Slash: None, Murderface/Nathan, Murderface/Skwisgaar, Murderface/Nathan, Murderface/Pickles

Disclaimer: Omg...It's not mine.

Ein Lied - Rammstein

Wir sind für die Musik geboren / We were born for music

It didn't matter to him if he always got mixed out. No one else had to know how well he played, only him. He still had fans anyway. He was a Dethklok god. Nothing could bring him down. This is what he was born for, what he lived for. To play for all the world to know his name and scream it at the top of their lungs every time he stepped on stage. There is no greater honor than to be made for music.

Sleepwalker - Megadeth

The angel of death is pissed off at me again

Nathan was mad at him. Again. William couldn't help that he was a dick, it was in his nature. Nathan just took everything he said to seriously. So what if he had called the singer an emo? It was a freaking joke! Nathan had no sense of humor. Oh well,…he'd just have to tell him how hot he was. Again.

Wolf moon - Type O Negative

Let me kiss the curse away

William knew what a broken soul looked like, he lived in a place with five others besides his own. Mordhaus was a tomb for the damned. William seemed to get along with the others fine…well, as fine as the damned could get along that is. But mostly he stayed with Skwisgaar. They were slowly healing one another's broken hearts. Maybe one day Mordhaus wouldn't feel like limbo…but until then he knew Skwisgaar could always kiss him better.

Heat of the moment - Asia

It was the heat of the moment, telling me what your heart meant

He remembered running around with Nathan before all of this happened. This 'you're really famous' stuff. They would hang out at bars and Nathan apartment. They would get drunk and make up songs. They were best friends and lovers. He remembered the exact barstool at 'The Purple Onion's' where they promised to stay together forever, no matter what. He remembered crying and laughing. He remembered.

Bad day - Daniel Powter

They tell me your blue skies fade to grey

Murderface couldn't stand for Pickles to be sad. Unlike everyone else in Dethklok Pickles was actually worth a crap. He was the perfect combination of smart, handsome, and nice. Not to much or to little of anything. But what really made him important was the fact that he loved William back. Pickles couldn't be sad…it made him sad too.

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