The bronco effect - RockLeeXNeji

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Warning!: Crack pairing! There are some things that you just wish will never happen. What really blows is that those are the things that almost always DO happen. Rock Lee X Neji oneshot.

There are some things that you just wish will never happen.

What really blows is that those are the things that almost always DO happen.

And they can have three differnt endings: 1) They can be wonderful dunked in a vat full of bliss, 2) totaly be like eating your own guts, or 3) this is probably the most confusing feeling ever BOTH.

The last is what Lee liked to call the bronco effect, because it was like your emotions were bucking every-what-way...and just like a bronco, on some rare occasions you could tame them to your advantage...if the damned things didn't beat you to a bloody pulp first.

Seaking of being beat to a bloody pulp why did Lee feel like every bone in his body was broken?

He slowly opened an eye and scaned the room.

He was in a hospital. And wrapped up like a mummy. He vagely wondered what happened.

Ah. He had fallen from the top of the hokage faces.

He had been training with Neji and a well timed rotaion had thrown Lee from the edge.

As of lately Neji had started his campain to find new and interesting was of putting Lee in the hospital.

Sure, they were prone to some spats here and there, but Neji just didn't know how bad this was hurting Lee's feelings.

He wanted Neji to see him as an equal, not someone Neji could use as an easy way to practice making pancakes. Lee slowly opened his other eye.

Cold white hosotail sheets. BRR. And damn it if they didn't have in one of those creepy gown-thingys. Lee always felt that they were to revealing and by default also freezing. Were these people trying to heal him or turn him into a popsicle?!

Just then the door opened and Neji walked in.

" I see you're awake then. " " Yes, I am. " Neji took a seat on the small wooden chair next to the bed.

" So, how are you feeling? " " I am...cold. " " It's high-fall Lee. Get over it. " Lee growled slightly.

" If you did not want to know, you should not have asked! Why do you keep doing this to me?! "

Neji looked away.

" I don't have to explain anything to you. "

" Neji, I hate being in this place. I can't go out to train with you, I can't Stay around Gai-sensei, I can't do ANYTHING!! "

Neji glanced back. " You know just said that you like to be with me. You even said something about me before Gai-sensei. And you WORSHIP Gai-sensei. "

" How many times do I have to explain this?! I DO NOT WORSHIP GAI-SEN-!! " Lee was cut off by a pair of soft lips against his.

Lee felt his heart stop.

Neji was his raival! Why would he kiss Lee?! Neji was a good kisser though...

Lee started kissing back and he felt his mind exsplode. All the negitive thoughs flew out the window.

The only things he could think of was how smart, strong, and good-looking Neji was.

And all to soon the kiss was over.

Lee felt reality start crashing down back over him. " N-Neji...? " " "

Lee lighly touched his lip. Neji and he had kissed.

That was bad...but it was good. (1.)

Well...maybe... He leaned over and placed another kiss on Neji.

He felt Neji sigh and lean into it. Yeah, that's REAL GOOD. (2.)


(1.) The bronco effect


Submitted: April 20, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Nanohaybugcha. All rights reserved.

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wow i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri, June 18th, 2010 6:52pm


Thank you very much. =)

Sat, June 26th, 2010 4:13am

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