Go for the Head

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A group of College Students venture out in search of action when one of them is attacked on the way home from a date.

Submitted: March 30, 2012

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Submitted: March 30, 2012



Dew exhaled with a series of extensive coughs, “Cut that shit out man.”

Nick and I laughed until I was able to muster the breath to explain the hilarity. “Bub, I’m sorry but it’s funny. You look like a complete idiot when you hit that.”

He began to get up as he muttered, “Fuck you guys.” Then made his way toward the stairway leading upstairs to his bedroom. “I’m going to bed.”

It was just a regular tuesday night for us. We all finished any school shit we needed to get done, so it was time to sit on the couch, relax and watch whatever we could find on TV. Even though the TV was on there was a good chance none of us were watching it. It was just nice to have in the background while we talked or played on our phones, laptops or whatever else happened to be consuming the mass of our attention at the time.

With Max upstairs that left Steve, Nick and myself. I sat with a grin on my face as I tilt my IPhone every so slightly from side to side trying my hardest to beat my high score in doodle jump. Nick sat by the corner in his Blue Under Armour Sweatshirt with his hood up and his head buried in his IPhone. Steve was laying on the couch directly across from where I sat. Although his back was to me, the clicking of the keys on his blackberry gave away the fact that he too was on his phone. Likely texting his girlfriend or tweeting some ridiculous fact he read on the back of a snapple cap. So there we were, all in the same room but we might as well have been in different countries.

We were waiting on Finch who was out with his girl. He had told us earlier that he'd be home around 1, so we weren't ready when he ran through the front door around midnight.

We all jumped in alarm as he came through the door panting and out of breath. A sense of alarm immediately swept through the room. After the shock had passed we all noticed the state he was in. His face was pale and he looked as though he had just escaped a war zone. His arms, legs and face were all covered in scratches and his brand new white Jordan’s were covered in mud. That’s when I realized that something serious had just went down.

“Finch what the hell happened to you?” I asked. He caught his breath and made his way over to the couch and sat down as if he didn’t hear me.

“Finch what happened?” Steve repeated.

He sat next to Steve with his face buried in his hands.“Give me a fucking second dude.” After a few minutes he managed to collect himself and look up at me. “So I left Steph's house and started heading home when I noticed this guy on the street up ahead sitting there with his head between his knees. I assumed it was some drunk homeless dude so I didnt think much about it, but When I got closer he looked up at me and started screaming and making some fucked up high pitched squeals.”

We all exchanged skeptical glances as he continued, "Obviously it kind of freaked me out so I decided to walk around him. When I turned around he got up and started walking after me. The bastard followed me until I made it back to tenth and doubled back toward here."

Steve chimed in, "You should have turned around and kicked his ass dude."

Finch ignored him, "As soon as I made the turn from Tenth onto Lincoln I took off at a sprint hoping I could lose him real quick, but as soon as I took off so did he. I had to lose him before I made it back to the house, so I cut through some yards and climbed that fence by the train tracks."

"That explains why you look like you just fell out of a tree." Nick said.

Finch continued, "That’s not what really freaks me out though. The whole way here I heard those same screams all over the place. It sounded like there were more fucked up people out there."

The three of us just looked at each other and back at Finch. I don’t think any of us really knew what to think. Was Finch full of shit or was there something going on out there? Finch noticed the skepticism in our eyes, “What you guys don’t believe me? Go outside and fucking listen for yourselves then.” We all looked back at each other again and simultaneously jumped out of our seats and ran for the door.

Finch wasn’t lying. It was hard to believe we didn'e hear the noise earlier.

It sounded like there were dozens of voices. We could hear them from all around us but luckily none of them sounded close by. I could tell I wasn’t the only one more than slightly disturbed by the sound.

“What the hell is wrong with them?” Nick asked with a look of alarm.

Steve looked at him and replied “It’s the fucking Zombie apocalypse man. Don’t you watch movies?" he paused "I mean what else could it be?”

As scary as the thought was it made sense. “So there’s a bunch of fucking zombies out there walking around? I thought zombies were slow?" I asked.

“That son of a bitch that chased me wasn’t slow.” Finch added.

We all went inside to think it through and try to figure out what the hell was really going on out there. Eventually Steve stood up and said what we were all thinking, “Fuck this! Let’s go out there and figure this shit out.”

It didn’t take much convincing. "Alright get dressed and find something to defend yourself." I said as we all collected ourselves and headed for our rooms.

I found a long sturdy wooden rod in my closet. I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be for a curtain or something. Nick and Finch each grabbed a pitching wedge out of their golf bags and Steve had a baseball bat in his room for such an occasion. We all made sure to put on all black, hoping it would make us less obvious.As we began to walk out the door Finch stopped us, “Wait. What’s wrong with this picture guys?” I giggled as I immediately caught on to what he was getting at. “You’re right.”

No one said a word as we walked outside and made our way toward where finch was attacked. We all did our best quite in order to avoid detection. Surely anyone who caught a glimpse of us got the impression we were on our way to commit some random act of violence.

We turned on college towards kirkwood when Nicks phone went off. "God Damnit dude turn that shit on vibrate!" I yelled.

"Text her and let her know you'll call her later." Finch added.

I turned to face Nick. "You should have just left that shit at home. This isn't exaclty the best time to be fucking with your phone"

He looked back at me as though I had just spoke a different language. "You know I can't do that."

I turned and continued walking. "Whatever just turn it on silent."

As we walked down College it wasn’t hard to tell we were all on edge.It was more because we were anxious though not scared. If any one of us were alone out there it would have been a different story but when we were together we knew we were going to be just fine. If someone were to come at one of us they would deal with the other three first.

We were almost back to where Finch last saw the attacker when we heard a high pitched scream come from across the street. We turned and ran toward the noise making our way across the street hoping to stop the attack before it was too late.

It was hard to contain the fear as we ran. We didn't know what we were getting into or what these things were even capable of.

Slowly we turned the corner to alley where we were sure the scream came from. What happened next changed the four of us for life.

Four of them crouched over the poor girl. I looked her in her eyes. They were lifeless. We were the last thing she saw as she mouthed her last words, none of which we were able make out.

“What do we do?” Finch whispered even though he already knew the answer.

I looked down at the wooded rod from my closet. “Go for the head.”

I struck first. At full sprint I smashed the wooden rod from my closet across the face of the one facing me, crushing his skull and putting him down for good. Nick made quick work of one, swinging his club downward like a tomahawk right into the top of its skull before it even had the chance to stand up. Finch had a tougher time. The one he went for dodged his initial swing. Nick tried to swing at its head but missed and tripped over the poor girl we had hoped to help. It took a few steps toward Nick as he crawled backwards looking for something to defend himself. It stopped dead in his tracks thanks to the quick swing of Steve’s aluminum bat. I turned quickly to look for the fourth one. It was a girl and it was the first chance I had to actually look one in the face. It was pale and its eyes black and lifeless. I was terrified to notice that it seemed to be grinning at me. It appeared to be more of a demon than some mindless zombie. Zombies had no emotion. They went from person to person killing mindlessly with no motive. Whatever this thing was, it knew what it was doing and it had motive.

I shook the fear. There was only one way out of that alley and it was through that thing. The four of us carefully made our way towards it. It didn’t move. It stood there waiting for us. Finch and Steve began shouting at it, trying to taunt it into making the first move but all we could get it to do was stand there. We were within ten feet when we all dove at it at once hoping that one of us would make contact. All it had to do was step back to avoid us and it did just that. All four of us missed. It attacked but Nick managed to hit it directly in the nose. IT stumbled back which gave us enough time to get up and situate ourselves around it. It let out one last scream as we swung again. This time none of us missed. We beat the damned thing until we couldn't lift our arms.

We remained without words all the way home. As we walked back we were very aware of what was around us but we didn't slow down until we were home. We had our fair share of adventure for the evening. When we finally made it back into the house we all agreed to get changed and meet back in the living room.

I walked into the living room to find Steve on the phone with his girlfriend and Nick sitting on the couch quietly. “So what the hell was that shit about?” Finch asked as he sat in his chair in the corner of the room. “Those were not Zombies.” I included. No one really knew what to say. “So what the hell are we supposed to do? Those things are fucking running around outside." Nick began to panic, "we have no idea what the fuck is going on out there.” I looked at him, “Chill out we’ll check the news.” I said as I reached for the remote. I turned the television on to show a Public Service Announcement.

“Due to a recent toxic outbreak above the Monroe County area all residents and students are asked to remain inside with all doors and windows closed and locked.”

I stared at the television in disbelief. It was happening for real. "So thats how it's going to begin?"

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