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Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017



My mind was racing.

This was it.

I could jump in, I thought to myself. I could jump right in and drown, sink to the bottom and let this be it. Maybe this is my destiny, I am destined to be a dead floater, a shark snack. I heard him behind me.

“Reckon darlin’ you can jump if’n ya feelin’ froggy but I’ll mark you ‘fore ya hit that water,”

The sound of his rifle, click-click; made me shoot my hands up into the air. That was the sound of my options dissipating. I heard my assailant breathing in hard irregular gasps, hock a gnarly loogie near me.

“I think ya best choice sweetheart, to c’mon back this way and lemme handle a witch like you the way y’all is s’posed to be dealt wit’.” He retorted.

I whipped around and faced him trembling, the sharp breeze stripped my dress of all it’s modesty. “Would you cut it?! I’m your wife, this is our honeymoon I ain’t doin’ no voodoo on you! You’re drunk!”

Growling he pulled the trigger, simultaneously pointing the gun towards himself and falling drunkenly into the barrel; you’d had to have seen it.

The dead floater.


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