As the Crow said to the Shrew

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Something I wrote out of mostly boredom and the need to write after months of not.

Soaring over the ocean blue.
The crow hunts the wiley shrew.

Hither and thither, back and forth.
Eventually the trail leads north.

As the day went on what did he see?
The shrew, sitting there, with his heirloom key.

With a cry the crow landed and said.
Give me my key or ill eat your eyes with bread.

The shrew turned, grinned and laughed.
I'm afraid you're going to have to catch me for that.

The shrew took off and so did the crow.
As their game went on, another began to follow.

It was the bear freshly awoken and ready to snap.
For shrew and crow had woken him from his morning nap.

With a roar,he launched himself through the air.
Missing pranksters both, by a hair.

With a shout crow grabbed shrew and took the sky.
For he knew neither of them wanted to die.

Prey gone, bear headed home, to nap anew.
Dreams he longed for, those far and few.

Meanwhile crow said give me the key, while in the air.
The shrew, quite frightened said thats no fair.

Land soon and ill see what i can do.
Maybe just maybe this key will be for you.

So lower crow went, keeping his grip tight.
For soon shrew would try to resume his "flight".

As he landed with speed and grace.
Shrew wiggled free and landed on his face.

Dropping the key, both stopped dead.
for who had caught it to fill them with dread.

It was the clever and sneaky raccoon.
Who ran off saying "see ya soon".

Thus the pursuit began again.
This one though, shall never end.

Submitted: September 23, 2010

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