Well, This one was written a few years ago, my reason for writing it was random inspiration.

A lands so ancient and fair
gone, revealing my despair.

A wanderers life to never find
a eternity, now forever blind.

The singing wind to your ear
lost, for new untold fear.

Where is the land of old
why now a sea of cold.
Answers lost are never found
whispers fading to not a sound.

The winds have died and gone still
the waters froze with disturbing chill.

People dieing from not one cause
forgotten are relics, like the cross.
Shaking and swaying our towers fall
seemingly killing us all.

Where are we, to herd together so
on the wind, forgotten words of woe.

Our world is gone now and forever
and effort now, a worthless endeavor.

Scavengers are always prowling
daemonic beasts savage growling.
Fields covered in fresh mounds
dirt sprinkled judiciously on the ground.

This is our final place a horrible and sad disgrace.

Now our story is all but done our final days have now come.

Submitted: September 23, 2010

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