Necessity is Dire ... And so is Fate

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a poem about embracing the night and shunning the day

Divine Darkness I covet you

imbibe me, fill me, consume me through

Satisfaction from that which impairs me

It is my respite...solace from sanity

Chaos ever renowned for death and pain

But the lovers' bowers are yours too, and yet their bane.

The night she is mine I am her slave

For her like blood do I crave

Screaming anon they ululate

Necessity is dire... and so is fate

Tearing like knives through the opaque sky

Near the convergence exalting themselves on high

cantillates a dirge for the dying Sun God

Forlorn now to the depths of the earth, his abode

Some isle prated in the lines of an ancient refrain

Exalting in that which is for mortals bane

Saffron and gold those apples fervor's best

Of the melliferous tree resting on the mother's breasts

Plummets to Hell on a silver bough, their delight.

Dark children, bathe in blood descendents of the night.

For the pallid moon would not be so divine

Without the ubiquitous sea of space through which to shine.

Furtive, the goddess unsnarls her tresses by the shore

Of some mountain tarn, sang of in some forgotten lore.

Ominous and gaunt, death murmurs in my ear.

"Darkness is my haven I am always here."

The white dove which flies, baring prudence on his wings

I will garrote so never shall he sing

Of red roses or smiles, my taciturnity

Is more stolid than the void that seeks to embrace me

You cannot endure, the power is too great.

Necessity is dire... and so is fate.

adulate the darkness, and kill the light

Loathe the day, venerate the night

Pinion the the sun give it to scream

Whilst you tear the sinews out by their seams.

Implement of death, the dark dismay

The beasts are all for us to slay

They tremble in fear caught in the mire

Forlorn to the evils of my destructive ire

strident pleas echo thro' earth and sea

Crying aloud, imploring "GOD MURDER ME!"

Harbingers the day from the womb of night.

begging to raze the tumor that is light

Within my mind the voices say

"God will not save you, he's deaf when you pray"

Stab the day with a serrated blade

Hack off the members so a eunuch is made

Pathetic and feeble, impotent and scared

Pleased to know the darkness better faired.

Drink his blood! Invigorate!

Necessity is dire...and so is fate.

Submitted: August 31, 2007

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The one thing I really like about this poem is its usage of what me and my friends jokingly refer to as "college words." Your command of words such a ubiquitous and melliferous give me hope that the younger generations still know how to appreciate the more obscure adjectives. As always, great job and keep up the good work!

Sat, September 8th, 2007 8:22pm


Thank You i wrote this for an english class last year my teacher really liked it and smiled the entire time i read it. Obscure adjectives are my favorite kind of adjectives but i love to use anything with an -ferous suffix but i think my favorite word of all time is inexorable second only to Logorhea

Sat, September 8th, 2007 6:41pm

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