The Children of Boibelóth, Hildrós, Hildrych, and fair Luglost suffer terrbly for the lies of their father


An air there laid upon that place

sepulchral somber shorn of grace

nigh they drew upon the banks

Of Valantë and to their knees they sank

and Hildrós eldest of the lot

spoke of words forgotten not

"Forgive us Ürwe for the sins,

of our father, please spare our kin.

Defer thy chagrin if thou wilt

and loose thy grip upon the hilt

of Gúrgarnil the dire blade

and may thine ire at last fade."

But Ürwe trembled and he spake

and in hsi voice the earth did quake

"Pity upon thee i shall not give

long the years i gave ye to live

but if ye wish to save thine heirs

then thine lives forsake thither, there

for lost ye come before my throne

i who am death; ghastly alone

in yore lied to me thine sire

and thou shalt endure mine ire

flit thine souls unto the shore

lost now thereafter, forevermore

thus beneath the starry eaves did stand

they side by side hand in hand

when from the earth there did arise

a tumult risen to the skies

and sad the brood of Boibelóth spake

"Farewell the world which we forsake"

and lo as if from mystic night

had caused them then to sing aright

the heart of Ürwe mellow made

dissolved the oath Boibelóth laid

Alas in whole it was too late

to undo what was done by fate.

Their feet did harden upon the ground

and up they threw a horrid sound.

as limbs and skin of flesh ere born

were of their living matter shorn

of stone were made the children then

and cry did Ürwe sudden when.

A lasting tear slipped past their cheek

gelded now forever bleak.

No joy there came unto that home,

where their forlorn spirits roam.

the land is silent the sward is dun

all lies fallow beneath the sun.

For the children died an evil death,

cursing Aman on their last breath.

Submitted: September 02, 2007

© Copyright 2023 Narduchil. All rights reserved.

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I like it, though I think you stretched a couple of times to rhyme. Still, it was excellently written and told an epic story. Great job and keep up the good work!

Sun, September 2nd, 2007 2:58am


Thank you for your comment and i agree several times i might have strecthed a little to rhyme ^_^ however i plan to fix that now thank you for your advice.

Sat, September 1st, 2007 8:23pm

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