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Light hearted story about an unusual friend

Submitted: February 15, 2008

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Submitted: February 15, 2008



When I was a child,

And I used to live at home,

We had a magic garden,

Least its grass were full of gnomes.


And down the garden path,

Just left a little way,

There used to be a hippo,

And she used to come to play.


She said her name was Geraldine,

And I loved her very much,

She used to come to tea,

And we would talk and sit and sup.


And sometimes, in the summer,

When the rivers near us flowed,

She used to some and swim,

And we would use her as a float.


But then, when I grew older,

On my eighteenth birthday,

I went a walk to find her,

As she didn't come to play.


But all I found was darkness,

It made me feel quite blue,

A sign swung overhead,

It said welcome to the zoo!


All I could see was cages,

For miles and miles around,

I spoke to all the animals,

But they didn't make a sound.


The tigers all looked lonely,

And the monkeys seemed quite deaf,

I talked to the giraffes,

But I couldn't see their heads.


I cried out, "Oh where is Geraldine!"

And I heard a lowly gruff,

I turned around to see her,

And my, did she look rough.



Then as she looked upon me,

A tear rolled down her face,

I said, "Don't worry Geraldine,

I'll free you from this place".


"But what of all the others", she cried

"What are they to do?"

"Oh what the heck", I said

"They can all come too"


So I ran back to my garden,

And I gathered all my gnomes,

It sometimes seems quite funny,

That they all wear normal clothes.


I put em' by the cages,

All around the zoo,

I said the magic words,

And they nodded, "We know what to do"


Then with a tinkle and a sparkle,

 All the cages disappeared,

And the animals were happier,

Than they had been for years.


But Geraldine had the biggest smile,

That you could ever see,

I said, "Come on then guys,

You can come and live with me".


So now my house is bigger,

And me garden too,

It's got a fountain,

And a hippo,

And all the members of the zoo!

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