The Jolliest Time Of The Year

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first christmas short story:)

Submitted: December 24, 2011

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Submitted: December 24, 2011




The jolliest time 
of  the
Christmas, most jolly time of the year? i hate that saying, i hate these carolers.I'm not much into this anymore unlike the rest of my family.they decorate and sing and cheer, then theres me, i'll just sit here. mom loves to sing all through december she plays that damn puts up lights and the little ones write and wish for santa's return.i snort at the idea,and remeber when christmas was hope filled and anxious for myself. one thing they don't tell you is how christmas feels so dead as you get older.
By the way, im jenna, sixteen years old and "rebelious" as mother dearest says. the other day she caught me  sneaking in. Wasnt even my fault, mom's the one who got the cheap gutters.see i was climbimg up and all of the sudden"bink'tink" i was falling back and to my mothers smiling face looking at my from my second story wasnt her happy holidays smile either, it was the  "she is so busted look."
anyways back to christmas with the cranks part 2. we're putting up the christmas tree i actually don't mind doing that. Dad handle the top part, mom and i arond the middle and the 2 little ones,jace and leah,working on the bottom. i can honestly say this is special to me moment like this, just this.we can all do somthing together and just shut the hell up.i like this. then leah asks and she pulls on my pant leg,jenna what did you ask santa for. i look down at her and then back up  to mom's glare telling me to be nice."I, i asked santa for uh,you to have a very special christmas leah, you too jace. i smile and continue doing the trree.
as much as i know santa isnt real i could never have the heart to tell or ruin their hopes. like kids at school did me.i miss it the suspense in waiting at night trying to sneak a peek and see the jolly old man. now it doesnt even feel like christmas time, and its 1 days away. leah and jace are to go to santa at the mall and mom and dad pawn them off on my for that.i dont much mind, i love the little ones. i gather em up and buckle them into my small chevy s10 truck jace in the middle right next to me and leah on the futher side. they're so cute i must admit,matching for the picture with santa.
we're standing in line and it's our turn next, jace and leah bounce up there and plop on santa's lap. sit,whisper chirstmas ideas,grin,smile chuckle,click and done. adorable i must say. jace and leah have always been the cutest two.leah with curled blonde hair and light blue eyes,porcelin like skin.jace almost twin format,bigger eyes but deeper blue,slicker blonde hair and almond top it off at the moment jace in blue jeans and a indigo jacket,next to leah in an  indigo dreww with white ruffles at teh bottom.
i take them to the play pin in the mall,also know as liek a day care, and i go to shop around.crazy the mall is so man people bumping into you.  im on my way to banna republic when this larger guy shoulder checks me. and for some reason i hear bells, like jingbells hit the im about to stare this guy down i look back and he's gone. somthing came over me that i should pick the silly bell up.and in the x of the jingle bell was a tiny formated writing it says:To jenna,whose hopes are failing i believe in you, it's not too late to still believe in me. weirded me out  a bit. but i guess thats what happenes around tehse times people get happy and think they can change lives of other scrooges. 
asi go to get jace and leah from mall daycare i see they are now wearing santa hats.where did you get those i asked, and leah eagrly said santa santa! he came back just to give us one.again weirded out a bit i was but it made her happy so i over looked it. as we're walking out of the mall leah says to me jenna why do u not like santa.what am i to say to that a 4 year old girl asking me a question like that!? what who said i dont like santa?"well" santa told me,your changeing and you think your heart has to change too. i was stunned  theres no way she couldve known how to say all that now way she could make it up.i buckle them back into the car and head for home.
we're on the high way and its really busy this time of year. crazy how these "last minute parents/santa's" are on the roads. right off to the left theres a car flipped on the snow, no one hurt i hope.i snap back to the road making sure that won't happen to us.jace whose sitting next to me hears the jingle in my pocket as i adjust my seating. he grabs it and says.'santa must like you, he gave you a reindeere bell.' i just looked at him with amusement and confusion. and how do you know its santa "reindeere bell?' he goe son to tell me when santa has faith in his children he gives them somthing special.its so weird hearing this from a 6 year old little boy's voice.yet speaking like he has a 20 year old mind.
we reach home and i haul the kids intothe house along with their cute picture with santa.i show mom, dad and head up to my room. i relaize  i still have this bell in my pocket rattling around makes me feel weird like,im missing somthing?i cant quite ponder it so i take it out of my pocket and hold it,its cold from being in the heating up car,its also very old looking.i just cant understand this note  who would do that, or whose pranking mee.i set the bell on my dresser and curl up to bed and drift to sleep.dreaming of sugar plum fairies or candy cane men i was not but i was dreaming of somthing, that had enough nerve to wake me from my sleep. its about 1 am and im dying of thrist. so i creep my way down stairs. grab a a bottle of water and indulge in the quench. all of the sudden i hear  a thud.
by the chimney i see smoke,mom forgot to clean,and with that another thud. my eyes widen as i cant believe whats going on.he looks over to me and puts one finger upon his lip and says are set and placed from him a bite of the cookie, or two. i watch im stunned and he minds none. he comes to me and says i know you need life, back in you christmas times so keep this memory in mind, that bell close to heart and never let someone stop believeing if its not from the heart. off with a chuckle, back up that chimney he went, god ask me how i couldnt repent.clicks and clack on the roof. i no longer needed anymore proof.

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