Green Tea

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This story deals with the psychology of human beings with blend of romance. The needs are different for people living in different worlds...

Submitted: March 24, 2012

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Submitted: March 24, 2012



What is life in essence? Moments do come up and go away but we can’t figure out how much time has passed…It seems as if it was childhood…then came youth, though the old age has not arrived yet  I feel much lonely these days and today that feeling is much more than normal.

After putting down essentials on fire for making tea, I started to stroll here and there and as I tried to remember my past days, suddenly the door bell rang loudly. I came down to the door and astonished to see … “What are you watching. Wouldn’t you ask me to come in?” “Oh yes…Come in Zara” I replied with a slight pause. As Zara came in the drawing room, she started to observe the ambience around and lecturing me in same way as she used to give in the past that I never arranged things and gave seldom attention to cleanliness. “But Ok now I have come, you need not to worry a bit” Zara was talking without even looking at me and I was also at no-where. Suddenly I remembered that tea was there on fire for much longer time than it should be. I asked Zara if she would like to have tea. She smiled and said “Have you forgotten? I never take black tea rather like green tea.” “Oh yes I remember but such a long time has passed that I thought you might have change your habits?” I tried to clarify a bit.” Ok I try to see if green tea is there in kitchen.” I was never fond of green tea but my friend Adil sometimes take green tea, so there were chances of finding green tea pack there.

As I came in the kitchen, I tried to find green tea pack but failed…I came to drawing room, where Zara was present, with tea cup in my hand and surprised to see the condition of drawing room. Everything was well managed and cleaned also. I said to Zara that she must had some rest, I would do it later…“You! If you could do it, then there might not be things like this.” Zara replied in a critical mode. I told Zara that I could not find green tea, so better I would bring it from market… “Oh no! You know I take a certain type of green tea which can be found from one place only.” Zara said. “Yes the place where we used to sit, a small tea stall but now it has turned into a glorious café. Let’s go and sit there” I replied. Zara said “No! I have much work to do here, better we just bring pack of green tea there and I would make it here at home. Now you take tea here while I try to arrange other rooms, I know I would need days to set right your bed room.” I replied that she would rest today…This cleanliness would carry on and on. She said “No, I can’t wait for tomorrow, you know as long as I arrange things, I can’t be calm. Also, I haven’t come on feet.” “By the way, from where you came and without even informing me. Where have you been for so long? ” I made many question in short span of time. She said she would tell me each a everything but for now I must take tea and she went to another room. No sooner did I finish my tea, Zara came and said, “ Let’s go” I said okay and we were on our way to the place where we had spent many hours in the past together.

Sounds from car seemed melodious and I was into thoughts, Zara who was my class fellow and also family friend because his father and mine were best friends also. Her family shifted to another city approximately twelve years ago and after that not of much communication between us. Although Zara contacted yet only for one or two times and that was long gone either. I also went abroad for higher studies. But how she found my address, as I am not living in my ancestral home now? Many questions were in my mind. “Hello! Where are you? Zara’s voice brought me in present state again. I said “how did you find my address.” She replied “I just found out…Have you forgotten, you had told me many times in dreams and thoughts. I came on your invitation.” “Oh Zara! Be practical tell me how you found my address.” I asked Zara. She said “It’s not a big deal, you don’t reside on Mars.” In the mean time, we reached the required place but we could not find the required green tea. I asked Zara if could we spend some time there but she refused and said that much work to be done and we would come later some day. “What you mean later? You wanna live with me forever?” Zara furiously said, “Can you throw me out of your house?” She was very angry. We just asked for green at two more places then went home.

On the way back to home, she was very annoyed and didn’t talk as well. I again stated thinking the whole scenario that how she came alone to me. Her family would be annoyed also. As we reached home, Zara started to do domestic chores while I stated talking to myself that it is not good that she would live here with me without marrying…But what if she is already married…But I have to talk to her. With those thoughts, I came to that room where Zara was present and tried to hold her hand… But what’s that her hand was not material…She was like a spirit. I said, “What’s that Zara? What has happened to your body?” She replied, “I don’t need a material body now…I am free from that.” I asked to clarify that, then she again said, “You don’t know that I died in a road accident some ten years ago rather that incident demised my entire family. Now I just came for you. Don’t you used to say that you can live just thinking about me?” I said, “Yes that’s true but Zara I am composed of just not spirit but matter body also. How can it be possible?” Zara said, “Just decide now, otherwise I will have to go away forever.” I was stunned and kept on saying it couldn’t be possible. She asked three more times, then disappeared. She went forever. I was close to her yet so far. I don’t know whether I did right or wrong, but that would even be more difficult for my existence. Then suddenly I looked the packet of green tea which I didn’t know from where came there.

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