Kotori no Zetsubou (Little Bird's Despair)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A little poem I whipped up when I was in a bad mood.
I hope you all enjoy it. Please comment and review! Thanks in advance :D Stay Square! L7

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



Little birdie in the sky, gliding 'cross the current.
Carefree in its simple style, without want or warrant.
On its way to distant lands, no clue when or where,
Cradled by the gentle hands of ever-soothing air.

Suddenly, before the morning, came the sharpest gale,
Followed by, without a warning, rain of hardest hail.
It pummelled and struck the little thing, giant icy balls,
With sullen, broken little wings, it then began to fall.

Down and down, and down and down, down and down some more,
The feeble creature spiralled round, towards the meadow floor.
It knew its fate was cast in stone, and never did react
And met the ground, with chilling sound, a deep resounding "CRACK!".

As seasons travelled to and fro, the body did decay.
The elements did fashion so, an earthen shallow grave.
And when the rotting corpse had been all that it could be,
Mother Nature took her course & brought to it a seed!

The tiny seed gathered up the remnants it could find,
And had its roots tethered to the pieces left behind.
And as the seasons came and went, this seed became a tree,
A mighty giant oak that housed the nests of birds to be.

Little bird, O little bird, your spirit should not fear,
Your story will be told with every life that tree will bear.
You will never be in vain, your valor was indeed repaid
These little birds will reap the gain, and taste the gentle air.

So they can feel despair.



© Copyright 2020 Nassar Khan. All rights reserved.

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