Coz she said, "Love never Dies."

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
After being cheated on, will Natasha be able to trust love again? And what happens when she meets Karen who is madly in love...
Will Karen succeed in reviving Natasha's faith in love?

Submitted: November 16, 2014

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Submitted: November 16, 2014





Growing up through break-ups is as difficult and as painful as it sounds. And if it was kind of relationship where you pictured yourself as ‘the perfect couple’ with ‘the happily ever after ending’, then moving on seems like stabbing your hundreds of times. And if this wasn’t enough and you were cheated on, then it feels as if some one’s stomping over those same broken pieces ruthlessly.


Fragile my heart was,

And breaking it was all you did.

Broken, it has

And cry, I did.


Enduring such a situation, I decided to run away. Away from the mess and away from the people who caused it. It may seem cowardly but to clear my head I needed to do it. And instead of crying myself to sleep every night; going far off to some unknown place seemed a more enticing option. And then it was decided! A road trip it would be. The perfect excuse to cover up the fact that I was indeed running away. And I knew it would do my head and heart good. Atleast being on a road trip would spare me the burden of facing my cheater boyfriend and back-stabber best friend who slept together behind my back... The usual.


You made me run away,

Even though once you made my hear sway

And now you make me pray,

To forever stay away.


Driving for five hours straight made my limbs go numb. The visions around me stated that I was somewhere near Minnesota. Long way from the mess in Wisconsin. Feeling the rumble of my stomach I decided to heed to it by stopping near the next café I spotted in the country side. And as I neared it, I felt it looked quite welcoming painted in white and dark blue. For a café it looked quite homely as family pictures adorned the walls. Most of them were a group of marines in blues along with women with broad smiles on their face. I ignored those as I made my way to the table in farthest corner. Walking through those white tables and blue chairs I looked around to see that the owner had put in a lot of efforts to retain a classic but regal feel to the café.


Sipping on my coffee, I quickly looked away when I saw a couple sitting a few chairs ahead, kissing and whispering sweet-nothings in each other’s ears. They looked so deep in love…


I couldn’t even look

I could even breathe

Love made me sick,

And in pain seethe.


Without my knowledge, tears began to make their way down my cheeks. I was hurting. And some stranger was acting like a silent spectator to my tears. Dressed casually in a pair of blue jeans and electric blue tank top, her blonde her falling loosely over her shoulders, a woman in her late thirties made her way to me and took over the chair opposite to mine. She was petite but had curves in all the right places and looked beautiful with a ring acting as a locket attached to a simple platinum chain adorning her neck. A smile played along her lips adding a heart-warming feel to her persona.


I was pretty offended as she had interrupted my train of thoughts without my acknowledgement. Her concerned look bore my heart as she introduced herself as ‘Mrs. Karen James’ and the owner of the café. I was in a bit of sour mood and said impolitely, “Being the owner of the café doesn’t give you any right to invade some one’s privacy and sit on their table unannounced.”


Giving one of her genteel smiles, she ignored my question and asked one of her own. “So you had a break-up?” I was stunned on thinking that was it obvious that even a total stranger could point out the fact that my heart was ripped apart?


She continued in soft voice,”What happened dear? I noticed the hurtful expression that crossed your face when you saw that couple over there. Why are you hurting this much?”


Her concern-filled tone compelled me to pour out my heart’s rage even without a second thought. I knew I needed to get it out of my system but I never found the courage to do so. And speaking of it to a stranger was out of bounds… but it she patiently heard me speak and held my hand as I narrated my ‘cracked-up love story’. Having stated my heart’s ordeal to a complete stranger made me feel dumb and sheepish but relief took over my mind as it had shed off its weight.


Wiping my tears she said, “Love never breaks trust dear, its just that you need to wait for the right person to come along. And before meeting him, there are enough of jerks to break your heart but he would be the one to piece it together and revive your faith in love once again. Just pull yourself together.”


Dressed in blue,

I never knew

That she would make me sense

And revive my trust in love once again.


I guess today’s day was one of those where people were going to interrupt me and my thoughts unannounced. Yeah right… now a guy probably in his twenties walked over to our table of two. He was wearing a grey tee which clung to his toned body pretty much and showed off the deep contours of his abdomen. His eyes were a striking deep blue which pulled you into their magnificence. He was wearing a pair of blue faded denims which were stained with black grease. He was a hot package but I didn’t have the heart to drool over him coz I was lost in my own reverie. And well, he wasn’t here to talk to me…


I wasn’t that dumb to miss the connection that the woman sitting beside me and the guy standing in front of me shared. Well they shared the same thatch of sandy brown blonde hair. And they seemed related…


In his deep husky voice the blue-eyed guy said, “Mom, I repaired your truck, delivered the cake to Mr. Simms, dropped Riley to her friend’s and now I’m going off to the kitchen; so if you need me you know where to find me.”


“Liam, breathe.” The woman-sitting-in-front-of-me a.k.a. Karen a.k.a. the-mother-of-the-guy-standing-in-front-of-me or Liam’s mother said.


“Mom I’m alive. Don’t worry I am breathing…” he let a deep throated chuckle.


 “Okay, then sit with us. You have done a lot of work for now.” Karen said.


I was starting to feel awkward. I mean I felt I was intruding their mother-son banter. Karen noticed the awkward glances I threw at her café’s floor and introduced me to her son by saying, “Liam meet…” well I hadn’t told her my name so I completed the sentence for her. “Natasha.”


“And Natasha meet my son Liam.”


We acknowledged each other’s presence by nodding and passing off small smiles. No show of the pearly whites. Well, Karen wasn’t prone to the awkward feeling that hung in the atmosphere coz she continued blabbering.


“Liam, some douche bag, jerk broke Natasha’s heart and that too cheating on her with her best friend. Jerks.”

“What?” Liam’s startled tone startled me.


“He slept with my best friend.” I said in an ‘I-got-over-it’ tone but my voice deceived me coz it was kinda cracking.


“Hey, he must really be a scum bag to not see how beautiful you are and your

so-called best friend must really not be worth being called a FRIEND.” He said in a soft voice, which was devoid of the pity that I feared I would receive. His word had my insides melting and his mom held my hand nodding her agreement.


“You guys don’t even know me and are making me believe that it wasn’t my fault. You don’t even know if I’m as bad as that jerk.”


They both gave me a knowing smile…


His blue eyes bore into mine

And made me shine

In the glory of divine…


“Dear, you can call us a good judge of character. And judging by your story it’s damn obvious that he cheated on you and not the other way round.” Karen told me in an assuring voice.


I dropped my gaze to the floor. Trying to blink away the tears that were threatening to spill over.


“You know dear? I was also cheated on by my boyfriend once. He slept with all the girls of the cheer team behind my back. I was so unsuspecting that I believed all the “I love you’s” he told me. I guess I was the poster child for being the dumb blonde. I chose to trust him over my friends but at last I was the one to end in a soul soup. I caught him in a make out session with the cheer team captain. My world came crashing down on me… All the memories, all those promises, everything was just a bunch of lies.”


“And then?” I asked. Curiosity laced my voice.


“Then what?” Liam let out a chuckle. “Mom met my Casanova dad who stole her heart and then it was them two and a little later me and Riley came in the world to destroy their peace.”


Karen punched her son in the arm. “Your dad wasn’t a Casanova, he was just a charmer. He just charmed his way to my heart.”


“Yeah, yeah I know. The same old story that you like to keep on telling.” Liam groaned.


“Shut up.” I mocked Liam. “Karen, I wanna hear it.”


“Well, to start with, after the break up I was pretty devastated. I lost my joy and just dragged myself through the day. Then, one day sitting in a garden I was going through my old memories when a guy made his way to me. I didn’t notice him at first as I was so engrossed in my thoughts. But then, he sat beside me and cleared his throat in a fashion to attract my attention. I was startled but then who wouldn’t be?


‘So?’ he said.


And I stared dumbfounded-ly at him. As if horns were growing on his head. Well, blame him. He was kinda hot and I was just a girl.”


“MOM.” Liam groaned covering his eyes with his palm. “Please stop calling dad hot. Atleast in front of me. I beg you.”

“What? Your father was pretty hot.” Karen gave him sheepish smile. “I know if I show Natasha his pic she would probably agree.” Saying this she handed me a photo of Liam’s father. He was dressed in marine dress blues with the same smile of Liam’s. Liam also shared his deep blue his eyes with his father. I recognized the pictures hanging in the café as one of his.


“Yeah,” I said, “He surely is good-looking.”


“See told ya.” Karen smirked.


Another groan from Liam. And I laughed. I startled myself. It had probably been a few days since I even smiled.


I had turned hostile

And not to mention senile

But then they came along

And taught me to smile

And dump my worries

Away a mile


“I was reluctant to accept the happiness again in my life. But he sat there beside me on that garden bench all day along and pestered me to tell him why I was looking so devastated and well, lifeless. I finally gave in and told him thinking that he would atleast stop bothering me. But I was wrong. I was well stuck up with him for my entire life coz I had said yes when he proposed to me in the most romantic way in that restaurant by the sea shore and that too in his blues… And later in the same restaurant’s lawns I said, ‘I do.’ He really charmed his way to my heart and revived my faith in love. He taught me to love again and showed me that I could trust him. Tanner Jordan James. He stole my heart.”


By the end of the story Karen’s face was tear-stained and I realized that tears had spilled outta my eyes when Liam handed me and Karen tissues. I noticed a tattoo peeking out of Liam’s sleeve on his bicep when he was handing over another tissue to me. It read ‘U.S.M.C.’


“See mom I knew you would make her cry. You always do that to almost everyone.” Liam teased his mom.


Karen just smiled in response.


They made me laugh

They made me cry

They told me why

I should put on a brave face

When problems chase


“So… You too joined the marines Liam? I asked hoping to lighten atmosphere from the clutches of some unknown awkwardness that had spread its claws over the table.


“Yep. Graduated last year from Parris Island. Actually I just got back from my first deployment.” He answered my question in his deep husky voice which was starting to make my stomach knot…


Karen had the proud smile adorning her lips. I couldn’t help smiling.


“Mr. James deployed currently?” I asked wanting to know more about their small loving family.


“Yeah,” Karen said, “Tanner’s deployed forever.”


“Huh?” I muttered in confusion.


“Dad’s no more.” Liam said. “The marine corps kept him with them. Forever.”


I was stunned. Not only was the lady speaking about him loved him like there was no tomorrow but also she never hated the fact that her son was in the Marine Corps. The same Marine Corps that stole her husband from her. Her eyes still showed the love she had for her dead husband. The marine class ring which adorned her neck signified the love she still had for him…


And the fact that she let her son become a Marine even after what happened in the past proved that she was braver than any army personnel. She was the perfect epitome for “Love never dies.”


Her eyes just showed love

Love for someone who was no more

Love that would touch anyone’s core

Love that made my heart sore

Thinking about the pain her heart bore



They stole her love

They pained her heart

But still

She gave them her son

Who was the last symbol of her loved one...


She lost her love

She had her heart shattered

She said nothing mattered

Coz she believes

Love never dies

And she is the reason why

I trust today that, “LOVE NEVER DIES”


© Copyright 2020 natalayaevans. All rights reserved.

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