And When The Rain Pours

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short story based around a young girl and her family. This story is written in a non-linear format.

Submitted: March 09, 2016

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Submitted: March 09, 2016



I hate to see my mother cry, my poor darling mother has been through so much. I watched on as the tears rolled down her face, it was so dark. I reached out to wipe her tears. The moonlight glistened on my hand as I wiped away the think warm tears. My fingers twinkled a deep red. I wasn’t wiping away tears after all. 


As long as I can remember my parents have loved each other as much as they loved me. We were the three musketeers, we did everything together. Saturday mornings were my favourite. We would wake up early to Dad’s delicious pancakes and dance and fool around in the living room. Mum and Dad’s smiles illuminated through my memories. 


I hated to hear my mother cry, my poor darling mother had been through so much. She thought I wasn’t there, I stood in the hallway and listened to her. He told her he couldn’t do it anymore, he told her he had found someone else. He told her he still loved her but it was just too hard. 


I was upside down, hanging by the seatbelt. We were trapped in the car. I couldn’t quite reach the plug. I stretched my fingers out as far as I could, I could just reach the plug. I un-clicked my seat belt. I fell onto the roof of the car, I turned around and saw the back window was shattered. I crawled through the car and kicked away the glass from the back window. 


One Saturday Dad was spinning me around the living room, we were laughing and having the time of our lives. Mum walked into the room, she had a huge beaming smile on her face, she was holding back a secret. She was bursting to tell us. Dad stopped spinning me, we turned and looked at her. 

“We are having another baby!” She bursted 

“What!” Dad yelled in excitement. He picked me up and we ran over to Mum. We were dancing and laughing all in a big group hug. We were having a baby, I was going to be an older sister. 


“When I am with her I don’t think about it… I am happy,” He said

“You are happy! I am so sorry I have a tough time being happy! After everything we have been through you think you would understand!” She screamed

My ear was now pressed against the wall, I just wanted her to be okay. 

“I can’t think about it every single day and when I look at you, it hurts!”

“When I look at anything it hurts, but you don’t see me sleeping with someone else!”

“I’m not as strong as you, Alice,”

“I’m not strong, I am barely coping and now this! My husband is having an affair!”

“I am moving out tonight, I am sorry. I just cannot do this anymore.”

“No, no, NO!” She screamed, her scream was so bloodcurdling. Her scream was so heart-wrenching.


Dad was so protective over the baby and over Mum. I often wondered if he was that protective over me when I was just a foetus. Mum’s bump had begun to show and they begun to tell their friends. We were expecting, we were excited. Dad was cautious, Mum was glowing. Everything was exciting, everything was perfect. 


The mood of the house was different. Mum and Dad were no longer speaking. Mum held onto her bump constantly. Dad was no longer the overprotective one. Mum didn’t want to move in fear of hurting the baby. Dad couldn’t look at her. Mum suddenly stood up, her face washed white with fear. She ran to the bathroom, Dad stood frozen. She begun to scream, she screamed in pain, in fear, in horror. We all knew. The baby was gone. 


Mum grabbed her car keys, her face still wet from fresh tears. She was shaking in anger, in fear. He was gone and she was going after him. We got into the car and drove off. The rain was heavy, we could barely see 2 feet in front of us. We shouldn’t have been on the road. I glanced over at Mum, Her face was stone, she was furious. She was hurt. She was angry. I watched her for so long I didn’t notice the truck coming towards us. It happened so quickly. 


It was so quiet. There was no sound, no service, no help. I ran over to the truck, I noticed a radio screeching from the truck. I climbed into it, I saw the driver. His face was sitting in the airbag, I doubted he was breathing. At this stage I did not care about the truck driver that drove on the wrong side of the road. All I cared about was my bleeding mother. I clicked through the radio stations finally I heard a voice crackle through. 

“Help! My mother has been in a car accident!”

The sounds of sirens broke through the eery silence, I felt a sense of relief wash over me. 


Everything was so white, my head was aching. I started to open my eyes, it was so bright. A pretty young woman lent over me. 

“Alice, you are in the hospital. You were in a car accident.” I couldn’t speak, my throat was too sore. I nodded as best I could. 

“Alice, we do have an issue. We spoke to your daughter on the radio but when we arrived at the scene… she was gone. We have people out searching for her, we haven’t found her yet.”

“My daughter died, I wasn’t in the car with anyone else”

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