I Love You, That's It.

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Jamie was one girl, and Joey was her best friend. When they fall in love things begin to change for the better... and then for the worse...

Submitted: January 03, 2011

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Submitted: January 03, 2011



I Love You, That’s It
She was doomed from the start. He looked over at her and smiled with his killer smile, pulling her in; from that day on she couldn’t live without him. Their friendship was as natural coming as bee’s to a flower. They formed trust, keeping no secrets and the day he held her in his arms she knew she had never felt true happiness before. She knew from then on she wanted it to be ‘Joey and his girl Jamie’ nothing less.
For the first time in over a year Jamie had a secret that Joey wasn’t aware of. Only one person came to mind for her to tell, her friend Jennifer. The only thing they thought of was protecting the friendship of Joey and Jamie.
It wasn’t long before Joey realised Jamie had been hiding something. He and his and Jamie’s mutual friend, Charlie, discussed why she hadn’t told them. They teamed up, trying to force the secret out of her and the moment Joey walked away Jamie blurted it out. Charlie was ecstatic, jumping around and squealing like a girl. Jamie was shocked; how could this awful, friendship-ending, life-ruining secret be worth getting excited over?
What was it about? Was it possible her feelings weren’t one-sided? As she was putting this all together in her head Charlie told her to tell Joey. Jamie’s jaw dropped. That could ruin everything, their whole friendship would be wrecked, unless her suspicions were correct and Joey did have feelings for her too.
She walked into Joey’s office, her heart pounding right out of her chest. She had to place her hand there to make sure it wouldn’t come out. She wanted to cry, her emotions were overwhelming her. Her legs were weak; her arms were trembling as she repeatedly asked herself, “How could you fall for your best friend?”
He walked over to her, flashing his killer smile. She told him she had to tell him something and his face immediately turned serious as her stared not into her eyes, but what felt like the depths of her soul. She stuttered and mumbled, trying to break the lock he held on her eyes, until she finally spat out “I’m falling for you,”
The smile returned to his face and he laughed. He shattered all her worries with his warm laughter and he giggled, “That’s it? I love you,”
Months flew by, spent mostly in each other’s arms. They were happier than ever before, they felt as though everything was perfect, until the day he told her about them.
They were a group of men; they weren’t what you would call “good guys”. There were rumours they did drugs, rumours they sold drugs, rumours they had killed and rumours that once you’re with them you can never get out. These were all just simple rumours to Jamie, nothing more, nothing less. Joey had grown up with a lot of them and they had tied him in and he couldn’t get out. He had done things he regretted and he was sick of making regrets. He hated having to face his regrets each and every day and it was about time he got out.
Jamie saw the pain in his eyes and decided no more would he hurt, and no more would they be the cause. She stormed over and blew her top off at them. She was furious, she screamed until she was blue in the face. Her emotions were out of control and when they laughed in her face, she cried. She ran away, she thought about how helpless she was, and how they could continue to hurt her love and she couldn’t stop it. She was a wreck, her tears and snot were everywhere, she was red in the face, her eyes were pink and all she kept thinking was about how much she loved Joey. Joey saw the tears stream down her face, he became angry. He started a fight within them and said he was out and he couldn’t put up with them any longer until one of them spoke up and said “Joey just leave, we are sick of your drama. Don’t worry you will never be let back within us again, from now on you are our enemy.”
That was good enough, he was free. He felt as though he had wings but he knew that now he was out all he wanted to do was make Jamie his wife. That night he asked her to marry him, she replied with a big yes and they both felt invincible. It was all over, they could finally be happy.
It was a dark, gloomy day. The type of day that should bring you down, but Joey was skipping along the pathway on his way back home from his morning jog. He wanted to get home and see her smile, see her face and hold her in his arms. He wouldn’t have been more than 10 metres away from home when they spotted him. They had surrounded him before he knew what was happening.
He never knew what was going on; he didn’t even feel the sharp blade slice through his back. He slowly fell to the ground as he watched her run over screaming. His last breath was against her lips.
Jamie watched as the rain trickled down the church window until it was her turn. She felt like she was floating as she walked up the isle to the man she loved. She had imagined this moment many times but each time she hadn’t imagined he’d be in a casket. When she made it up to him she shed a single tear and whispered, “I love you, that’s it.”

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