The Affair of Desire

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This is about a woman born to marry a man she doesn't love. She vows to find herself she finds herself trapped in a down spiral of deceit.

Submitted: April 22, 2013

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Submitted: April 22, 2013



I lie on top of a man that wasn’t my husband . The room was dark  except for the moments when cars rode by and lit the room with there head lights. It was my day I deserved it. I was pressed against the wall with arms mounted above my head. He smelled so damn good and when he licked his lips I imagined him licking me. Biting down on his lip he stared into my eyes before letting his hands slide down the wall onto my shoulders, then down to my breasts, rubbing slow before exposing each one. He licked my breast like candy filling my already wet panties even more.  When he let himself go he came hard. I used my muscles to milk his love until he wrapped himself around me. I laid there with him and felt paralyzed. I deserved it. That was in 6 days.

My family was one of the most wealthiest family on the globe. Everything we had, we bought. My mother Clareece Paytes and my father David Paytes were raised together since birth. They were raised by my grandmother to get married as soon as the law allowed. As planned they married each other as soon as they finished college and within a year they bore me Melody Paytes-Harris(Maiden and married name) and my baby sister Lonnie Paytes. Lonnie was always the one who rebelled against the rules that had been established since we were born. After a while my parents gave up on her and focused their attention on me and she hated me for that. I was raised with  my future husband Malcolm Harris. We went to elementary, middle school, high school, and college together. Right after college we were engaged and within a year of that we were married. That was four years ago, I am now 29 with a PhD ( that I couldn’t used because women in my family were forbidden to lift a finger). But in 5 days I changed it all.


Day 1- Learning

It was 7:30, I awoke to the alarm clock ringing and my husband  snoring beside me.

“Malcolm get up” I yelled

Malcolm was tall with dark skin. He had a nice build and was very buff. He didn’t have the finest hair on earth but he kept it tapered and low. He had a mustache and a mole on his left cheek.

“Mmm- What-?” He answered

“Get up it’s seven”

He rolled out of bed trying to wake himself up. I put my robe on and  walked downstairs to start cooking breakfast. But I was called by Malcolm five times at least to help him look for his tie, shoes, and to fix his cufflinks.Every five seconds it was something else. I slammed down the pots and pans and started to yell upstairs but I was stopped by the doorbell ringing numerous times. I bit my tongue to refrain from screaming my head off. I stomped to the door and opened it. It was my mother standing like she owned the world.

“Well hello would be nice Melody” she barked

“ Hi mom but why are you here”

“Well baby to discuss your birthday in 5 days of course”

“ Oh yeah mom just do what you  always do, whatever is fine”

Malcolm came rushing downstairs. I stood fixing his tie as he spoke to my mother.

“ Hello Mrs. Paytes how are you” he smiled

“ Well at least my son in law has the decency to speak” she said storming away to the bar

“ There you go” I smiled faintly allowing him to kiss my cheek.

“ I love you Mel”

“ Yeah baby you to”

After he walked out of the house my mother came back into the room yelling and fussing once again.

“ Why didn’t you tell that man you loved him”

“ Momma he knows I love him”

“ Baby but it doesn't hurt to say it every once in awhile”

“ Well i’m sorry, I will keep that in mind for next time”

“ Do you love him”

“ Do I have  a choice ?”

“ Well you just don’t know what you’re feeling right now  you should give it some time”

“ Some time... Really did you have to take some time with dad”

“Yeah and that’s something you don’t know. I didn’t love your father when we first got married, I mean I did as a friend and that only but I had to learn to love his as a life companion”

“ Learn!! mom you married someone you didn’t love”

“ Yes and that is what I had to do to keep our family as rich as it is”

“ Momma... Is that why you chose Malcolm”

“ Baby it’s life you have to live with it”

I sat and stared at her with utter disgust in my  eye. She walked away trying to leave the conversation. I left it alone hoping that it would resurface but it never did. In about an hour or so she had left claiming to be going home to my father. I got in the shower immediately after she left because I had to pick up my sister. Lonnie lived on the less fortunate side of L.A. even though she had enough money to buy that side of Los Angeles. I climbed the stairs to reach her apartment and on the way i was stopped in the hallway by a gorgeous man. He had golden skin and the most sexiest body I had ever seen. He approached me smelling like a god. At that moment I envision sleeping with that man every night for the rest of my life. His skin was brown like toffee and his hair was smooth as if he had a perm. He smiled with teeth that could of made me cry, and the muscles. god the muscles made me clinch stiff.

“ Hi can I help you miss...”

“ Um Melody and no I am just trying to get to my sisters apartment”

“ Oh your sister lives here what’s her name”

“ Lonnie she lives in 14B”

“Oh I know Lonnie she’s the evil one”

Speaking of the devil she stormed out of the apartment yelling. She wore a long ponytail, red lipstick, a yellow jacket over a pink shirt, and skin tight capris. She looked a lot like  me but she never cared for the finer things in life like momma made me have. We both had tan skin, plump lips, light freckles, and high cheek bones. She had very wide hips mines were a tad smaller and she had large breast that were larger than mines. She was 22 years old and had a degree in mathematics and became a math teacher to ninth grade student.

“Hey sissy... What the hell you doing with the owner man ain’t you married”

“ Lonnie you know I am coming to take you to the grocery”

“ Yeah whatever ... she  diggin you  mister owner man”

“ You ladies have a good evening ok?” He smiled with teeth so white I could have been blinded.

“ Thank you, you too mister” I said as embarrassed as  could be.

“ The name is Marcus, Miss Melody”

After taking Lonnie to the store I took her home to drop of her groceries and to pick up some clothes so she can stay at my house for the weekend. When she got settled  in to the guest room my husband had arrived home from work and I was already started on dinner. He came into the kitchen and kissed me on the neck.

“Hi baby how was your day”

“Fine” I said trying to push him off of my neck

“What is wrong with you girl?”

“ Nothing, dinner is almost ready and you should get cleaned up”

“Alright Mel, Love you”

“Yeah” I said unsure of how he would feel about that.

Malcolm stood in the doorway ready to say out loud what he felt but he stopped  because Lonnie was there. After I finished making  dinner I sat all the plates out and went to get Malcolm.

“ Malcolm dinner is ready”

“ Mel what is it this time”

“ What do you mean Malcolm I didn’t do anything this time”

“ You’re doing it again... tell me you love me “

“ Malcolm  shut the fuck up... How about you go with this, until I say I don’t love you, you  can just sit there and believe I do ok”

“ Really Mel what do we have here”

“ What we have is a learning experience as my mother told me it’s just life and you have to live with it”

“Melody wh-”

“ If this conversation continues you will be sleeping alone, understood... dinner is ready”

I walked downstairs exhaling deeply. My sister was smashing her face with food as if she hadn’t eaten in days which was probably true. Malcolm walked down the stairs trying not to make eye contact with me at all. After dinner was over I cleaned  up the dishes and went to the bedroom. Malcolm lie in the bed already forcing himself to sleep. I thought to myself what a wonderful way to start this month.


Day 2- New Beginnings

It was saturday and my husband doesn’t work on the weekend so when I rolled over and felt that he was not there I felt a bit suspicious.I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and when I was finished I returned to the bed and my husband was still not there. I walked downstairs to the guest room but my sister was not there. I heard laughing coming from the theater. When I enter the room I seen her head on my husband's shoulder, they were close enough to kiss. At that time I should have been jealous or even a bit mad but I felt nothing. I walked back out of the theater to the kitchen to begin cooking breakfast for me. I guess they overheard me in the kitchen and came inside my sister went outside to flirt with the mailman. Malcolm came into the the kitchen and put his arms around my waist and began to kiss my neck.

“ I’m sorry baby about earlier... I know you love me so I won’t force you “

“Th-Thank  you I sorry... I should say it more often because I do... Lo- Love you “

He leaned in to kiss my mouth but then I thought of what he might of been doing to my sister so I pushed him of me and turned to continue cooking.

“Um I am going to the mall later so can you stay here with Lonnie”

“ No I am most definitely  going with you” Lonnie yelled over the whole conversation.

“ Ok well I guess you can hang with your boys” I smiled

“ Alright when you leaving”

“ Um I don’t really know later on not now though’

“Alright well I am going to go shower and go pick up John so we can go out to eat... Love You

“You too baby”

He walked upstairs not minding the fact that I had once again not said I love you back.  I really couldn’t tell what was wrong with me I just didn’t love him as much as I knew he loved me.

Hours later Lonnie had finally got prepared to go out. On the way there I had stopped to pick up my best friend, Kita of nine years one if the people I had actually liked. We had enter the mall and had only been inside for about an hour before I had already lost Kita and Lonnie. I hoped that they were somewhere together, but they were both grown and both had phones so they knew where to find me. I walked into a finishline store to take a glimpse at the shoes that they had when my eye caught sight of Hurley.

“ Well, Well hello Mrs. Melody”

He picked up my hand to kiss it. His lips were divine like pillows on a plush bed.  My body quivered. He looked up at me smiling knowing what he was doing to me and how he was making me feel.

“Hey Marcus sweetie”

“Now Melody why is it that everytime I see you, you’re alone”

“ I really couldn’t tell you that myself , when I showed up I had Lonnie and my best friend Kita, but they seemed to have disappeared” I laughed

“Well thats great because all you need is me”

My legs were numb, my heart beating fast I wanted to fuck him just then and there. But as I drifted into almost losing myself Kita and Lonnie walked in looking at me as if they were shocked to see me even though they arrived with me, but in reality they were shocked to see me so close to Marcus that my breasts were on his chest and he had  my hand cupped in his. I smiled and backed away and walked towards the girls.

“ Um Mel what the hell are you doing” Kita laughed

“ Um nothing but where did you and Lonnie go”

“We were hungry so we went to get smoothies damn” Lonnie yelled drawing all attention to us in the store

“Well we can all go eat if you ladies are still hungry” Marcus came and stood behind me . I could feel him hard on my ass so I scooted up to stop from cheating but he put his hand on my waist and pulled me back and I could feel  him harder. The girls started smiling.

“Hell yeah let’s go” Lonnie yelled once again

We all piled into his car and went to Divine, a restaurant in downtown L.A. When we arrived we sat in a booth and Kita and Lonnie forced me to sit with Marcus. They sat and began looking at the menu immediately. The waiter came over a nice man with dark skin and a hell of a body. He asked us what we wanted to drink.

“ What can I get you miss” He said directed to me first

His eyes were gorgeous and intense that when I looked into them I could see myself. As I opened my mouth to say what I wanted  Marcus grabbed my thigh to show the man that he shouldn’t flirt with me as if I was his, and the pain joined pleasure and all that came out was a large intense moan. The moan scared me so much that I hit my leg on the table. I was so embarrassed that I excused myself from the table. I sat in the rest area and tried to relax myself. Marcus came into the area and sat next to me.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you”

“ You didn’t hurt me at all I wanted that it felt good”

“Um so are you going to come back”

“Yeah but I just want you to know something before we go... we can’t do this because  you know i’m married”

“Melody I wouldn’t  try if I know you didn’t want to and I am sorry. But until you can tell me you’re happy and you don’t want me I will always be waiting for you and I know you want a new beginning”

“I can’t tell you that because I don’t know myself but please slow down please”

He leaned in close to me and placed his lips to mines he tasted like chocolate and I wanted more. But then I remembered that Lonnie and Kita were there.

“Slow Marcus I said slow we have to get back to the table”

We walked back to the table and ordered our drinks. The girls were suspicious I could tell but they pretended to be fine. At the table Marcus continue to  try and get closer to me, trying to get me to say something I have always wanted to say. That I was unhappy and that I may be more in like with him than I thought. After we had eaten he took us back to my car in the mall parking lot. Lonnie and Kita who were drunk from margaritas stumbled to the car. I stayed behind in the car with Marcus.

“Thank you so much that was amazing” I smiled

“You are amazing... I put my number in your phone hopefully you will use it”

I smiled and leaned to give him a kiss. That night was perfect. For the first time in a long time I had actually enjoyed my time with a man.

“ Goodnight Beautiful”

“Goodnight Marcus” I blushed

When I got in the car the girls immediately stopped being drunk and started asking me questions and I told them that nothing happened. I dropped Kita off at home and took  Lonnie back to my house. When I entered the house  I was over excited with  passion that Marcus filled me with. I wanted him and I needed him, but to keep myself contained for tonight I slept with Malcolm. I came into the room and he was reading a book but that didn’t stop me. I took of his glasses off and sat on top of him. He slid his hands up my back and unsnapped my bra. I eased down onto him and began to ride him, working my hips to get him deeper with a fistful of his hair in my hand. He grunted when I said his name and he loved the way the juice from me dripped down his thighs. I said his name over and over until I screamed out in ecstasy, but I screamed the wrong name. Then he knew he  knew I wasn’t thinking of this as sex with him but I was thinking of it as sex with Marcus.


Day 3 - In the Lords House

It was finally sunday I woke up scared that Malcolm had woke up before me. Fortunately , he was not awake and I had time to slip out of the room. I got into the shower and after about 15 minutes I was ready to get out when I heard the alarm clock cut on and then immediately back off as if he had been waiting on it to ring. He came into the bathroom and stood before me as if he was disgusted, he shook his head and began laughing. I was mad. I was angry. I was furious at that point. He got in the shower after me while I went to wake up Lonnie. She took a shower in the main floor bathroom and in about 20 minutes we were all ready to leave for church. We all got in the car and no one spoke the whole 15 minutes there besides the horrific singing of Lonnie in the backseat. At the church my mother greeted me. I sat in the same row with my parents and Malcolm sat two seats away from me, beside Lonnie. The pastor got up on the pedestal and began speaking about love and commitment and lust. Malcolm looked at me down the row trying to make me feel bad.  After service  was over we sat at the banquet tables awaiting a homemade meal.  Malcolm sat next to me and started questioning me.

“Melody we need to talk now”

“ I agree so let’ s talk”

“Who is Marcus”

“ The owner of my sister’ s condo building”

“ Why in the hell did you call me his name when we were ... you know”

“Because I was thinking of him when I was with you”

“ So what are we going to do about this”  

“Nothing... Malcolm I am your wife and I would never cheat on you unless....”

“Unless I was ready to get a divorce”

“Is that what you want”

“Boy if that was what I wanted I wouldn’t be here now”

I sat there staring him in the eye once again lying, because I knew that deep down in my heart I knew I shouldn’t have been there because that is what I wanted. My mother came and interrupted the conversation and sat between us both.

“Is everything O.K. baby”

“ Yeah mom but you should really take your seat the food is coming out”

The servers came and placed the food on the tables. I saw my friend Anya walk in the church and I excused myself to go and speak to her.

“Anya hi honey”

“Hey Mel, How are you”

“ Why are you here now you missed service baby”

“Oh i’m just here to pray”

“ Why what happened”

“I think quincy is done with me for real now... He forgave me for the wrongdoing I did to him and we moved on or at least I thought  we did but he doesn’t pay me the attention that I need anymore”

“Is there another woman”

“Maybe... I don’t know”

“Well I gotta get back to brunch, you need to talk to him”

“Are you sure”

“Yes tell him that you need him to tell you the truth”

“O.K. bye Mel, love you girl and thanks for the invitation I will be there”

That whole time I sat there and gave her advice in how to fix everything I realized I was putting my husband through the same thing. When i sat back down at the table I was glad to see my husband had moved on from me but he had move to Lonni which was a little weird for me and my mother. She pulled me aside once more to question me.

“What is Lonnie doing with your husband”

“Momma there just talking”

“Baby I built this relationship so it could last”

“You built this... relationship  so you can have control of it”

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