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Papi's disappearance had the hood buzzing, His wife and daughters believed that he was kidnapped for some ransom. Maria tried her best to maintain the stables but she lost the love of her life literally overnight and started to drink heavily, and the " Man" that Papi was trying to make out of Rico was spinning out of control. How long will Rico be able to keep it a secret that he murdered his father? Who else other than Doctor Garcia knew and if all the girl's in the stable were HIV Negative, how did Papi really contract the disease...

..........Stay Tuned, The Saga Just Began.......

"PAPI" February 2017

Table of Contents

" Man Up"

Submitted: November 15, 2016

Rico sat in the corner huddled on the floor drenched in sweat and Blood crying uncontrollably at the sight before him............. Earlie... Read Chapter