Believe In Me (Dahvie Vanity - BOTDF)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A Blood On the Dance Floor short fanfiction about a dream I had.

Submitted: October 03, 2012

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Submitted: October 03, 2012



I lay on the ground bleeding and crying. Pain was all I felt. My arms, my legs, and my whole body felt numb. "DAHVIE!" I cried out! "DAHVIE, PLEASE! HELP!" No response. All of a sudden, another sharp pain struck my leg. I look down and I see a red monster stabbing my leg with a knife. He looks at me with an evil smile. He hovers over to me, and hisses, "Pain is all you'll ever feel. No one's gonna save you now."

Just then I heard loud footsteps. I look over my shoulder, it was Dahvie.
"Dahvie, help me please." I cried. "Everything hurts."

He stares at me. "Please Dahvie," I begged. "HELP!"

The creature who was stabbing my legs. Took the knife and stabbed me in the hips. I let out a piercing scream. Dahvie wasn't going to help and I was going to die…

The creature took the knife out of my hip. He held the knife up over his head and got ready to stab me again. All of a sudden, Dahvie pushed the creature out of the way. Finally, he was helping me. "OH, Dahvie, everything hurts." I said while tears streamed down my checks.

"Shh," he said, putting his finger on my lips. "I've got you." He smiled, held me in his arms, and kissed me on the check. His kiss was so sweet and gentle which made me feel so weak in his arms.

I feel asleep in his arms, happily. I woke up and found myself lying next to him on my bed.
"Oh, hey. You okay?" Dahvie asked me.
"I just had a bad dream. Why?" I replied.
"I was just about to wake you. You were screaming and crying my name. Do you want to talk about it?" He said while stroking my hair.
I cuddled up next to him. "No. Just don't let me go." I said.
"Never." He simply says. We both fall asleep while I was safely in Dahvie's arms.
Next morning came, I hardly had any sleep because of the nightmare. I walked downstairs in my hello-kitty pajamas and being careful not to make too much noise so I wouldn't wake Dahvie or Jayy. I head straight towards the kitchen and grab the phone.

I called Maria my therapist which Dahvie nor Jayy knows about. "Hello, Dr. Maria Bipolar, how may I help you?" She asked. She always said this because I would hid my number so she couldn't call Dahvie's and Jayy's house number.

"Hey, it's Elizabeth. Maria I had that dream again." I stated.
There was a brief pause. "Does Dahvie know?" she asked.
"No, he hardly knows anything…" I replied.
"You know someday he's going to find out about us talking and what really happened to your parents." She said nicely.
Sadness swepted over me, it had been six weeks since my parents died in a car crash. I had lied to Dahvie and told him that my parents were on vacation to LA for a few months and asked if I could stay with him. When really I couldn't afford to pay the bills and was forced to leave my one and only home. Luckily, Dahvie's house is a long way from mine. I ended up walking to his house on the first day of moving. I had cried myself to sleep the first night. Dahvie must have took that as me being homesick and tried to make me feel better by sleeping on the floor. It helped a little, but later I started having bad dreams or more like the same bad dream.

"I know, but I'm just not ready to tell him, Maria." I replied. All of a sudden, I heard the refrigerator door shut behind me which made me jump causing me to drop the phone. The batteries tumbled to the floor. I turned to face the intruder.

Dahvie started at me while holding the milk carton. "Who are you talking to? Was that your parents?"
The word parents stung me, but I forced back the tears. I nodded. "They… They called to see how much you knew about the trip they were on. I told them you hardly knew anything about it. So, they said they're not going to be back not for a few more months." I lied. I lie so much Dahvie it almost feels like it's the truth. Dahvie always falls for it.
"Ya, about that Beth. We might have a problem. Me and Jayy were thinking of moving to a bigger place." He said. "I think you should call your parents and ask them if they could come back earlier instead of a little later."
Panicked. I quickly thought of another lie. "They can't. And you can't move. You're the only friend I truly have." I hugged him. "You promised you'd never let me go." I started crying.
"Hey now. Jayy said he found the perfect place for us to live, but we're not moving out of the state. We're moving to a bigger house. Closer to your house in fact."
I gulped, Dahvie was the only one who's been to my house multiple times. Jayy only went to it once for a party I was having. I wondered if he remembered what my house looked like.
"Closer to my house?"
"Yes, but I haven't gotten to see it yet. The reason why I wanted your parents to come home earlier is because I'm worried about you," he said while holding my hand. "You cry yourself to sleep, you barely eat, and the fact you constantly have nightmares. I was hoping sleeping in the same bed might help. Do you miss your parents?"
I looked away. Tears started to form. I nodded.
"So call them and tell them you want them to come home." Dahvie explained.
"Dahvie, she can't." Said Jayy. I jumped a little. He was wearing a pair of black satin PJs.
"What do you mean? She just—" Dahvie was interrupted by Jayy who said, "What's really going on, Elizabeth?" He said showing me a picture of a house. It was my house, which was on sale.
"Elizabeth… Where's your parents?" asked Dahvie. I wasn't sure if he was mad or worried, because I was starting to cry again.
"THEY'RE DEAD!" I cried and stormed out of their house before Dahvie could say a word.

Tears poured down my cheeks. I was sitting on the grass at the park which was a few mintues from Dahvie's house. I was staring in the lake, watching ducks swimming together happily with their families. With their mothers… Their fathers… More tears fell. I ducked my head in my knees, hiding my face.

I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I looked up to see Dahvie.
"Hey." He said while putting his arms around me.
"Hey." I replied sadly.
"You okay?"
I didn't response. So he continued, "I know what its like to lose someone you love. I lost my best friend. Why didn't you tell me? I would've understood.."
"Dahvie, it's not that. It's just… I didn't want to tell you because I wasn't ready." I said.
"I understand. It hurts, but I promise you it'll get better. Besides you have Jayy and you have me." He rubbed my back.Something burst out of me, because I then leaned in and kissed him on the lips. He kissed me back. I melted in his arms once again. The kiss lasted for what seemed like centuries. I let go and placed my hands on his cheeks.

"Never let me go, Dahvie." I said.
"I promise, but on one condition."
"Be my girlfriend."
I kissed him again.
"Will you?" He asked.
"Hmmm.. I thought that kiss might answer your question," I replied while tapping my chin. "I guess I was wrong. I guess I'll have to show you more." I gave him a flirty smile. He pushed me down and we kissed once again on the grass.

Dahvie kissed my lips and neck. "Dahvie," I moaned and pushed him off of me so he lied on the grass. I climbed on top of him. "Ya, just do her." Said a guy. I grabbed a rock and threw at him, "Get lost you pervert!"He ran and missed the rock.
I turned to face Dahvie, and he said to me, "let's go, I want to take you someplace nice." We walked hand in hand to his car. We drove onto the highway. I was nervous but Dahvie kept talking to me, distracting me from my fear of crashing.
We stopped in the parking lot behind a restaurant. He turned the engine off, but the stereo was still on. It was playing romantic music. "I want to tell you something, Beth. I liked you the first moment I lied eyes on you." He leaned in and grabbed my hand.
"I feel the—"
He put his finger on my lips. "Shhh, there's something I've been wanting to do for a long time." He looked me in the eyes. Before I could say anything, his lips smashed against mine. I kissed him back. He placed his hands on my shoulders moving slowly down to my shirt. I could feel his kiss getting faster. I unbuckled my seatbeat, and moved onto his lap, not breaking his kiss. I stopped kissing him to catch my breath, but he kissed my neck.
"Is this what you wanted to do?" I asked.
He looked at me and smiled. I said, "me too."
A few hours passed, we were both gasping for air.
"Wow! Beth, that was better than my dreams." Said Dahvie. Aw, he dreams about me.
"Could say the same about you," I replied.
"So… Are you hungry?"
"Not really." I said.
"Neither am I." We drove back home. It was pitched black dark. We stopped at a stop sign. All of a sudden, a person who was behind us hit us. Forcing us to move forward causing me to scream. Dahvie asked me, "are you okay?" I nodded and tears were falling from my eyes. I than noticed a car was heading towards us.
He turned and saw the car coming, but before he switch the car gears. CRASH!
All I could remember was my piercing scream, "DAHVIE!" than blackness.

I woke up and realized I was in the hospital.

Looking around I saw Jayy sitting in the corner.
"Jayy, where's Dahvie?" I asked.
He looked at me, tears were falling from his eyes.
NO! It couldn't be… Dahvie promised me he'd never leave me. So Dahvie couldn't be dead.
"Elizabeth, Dahvie… Passed away," he chocked the last words.
"No," I replied. Shaking my head, tears were falling. "He promised he'd never let me go. He's not gone! THIS IS A DREAM! DAHVIE WAKE ME UP!" I screamed, but Jayy grabbed my hand shaking me.
"DAHVIE WAKE ME UP." I yelled.The nurses walked in and escorted Jayy out. I didn't understand what was going on. A nurse came over and gave me a shot, making me sleepy. My screams soon turned to whispers. "Dahvie, wake… dahvie wake.." I fell asleep.

A few weeks I was out of the hospital, Jayy drove me home. I was completely and utterly alone. I loved him and he loved me. He promised he never leave, yet he's gone. I didn't feel like crying. So I turned on the radio which only made problems worse because it was playing fallen star. I reached to turn it off, but Jayy pushed my hand away. "For Dahvie." He simply said. We looked at each other for a brief moment, I knew what he meant and smiled. Jayy continued to drive the rest of the way home without speaking and the sound of fallen star playing in the background.
I walked into Dahvie's bedroom. I was surprised to find flowers all over the bed, scented candles, a bouquet of roses that had a card with my name on it and a heart box of chocolate. I sat down on the bed, I was shaking with shock. I still couldn't believe Dahvie was gone. I grabbed the note and opened it which read:
Dear Elizabeth,
You are always my princess and I will always love you. You mean the world to me and don't forget that. I want to be with you forever and ever. Our love will never die, I promise you. No matter where I am or what happens, I will ALWAYS love you.
Your prince charming,
Lord D. Vanity

I smiled at the note and a tear dropped on the words 'always love', I wiped them away quickly. I noticed there was something on the back of the note. I flipped it over and it read:
Your Lord commands you to make love with him by midnight.
I sighed, I thought of the first time me and Dahvie made love in his car behind the restaurant before he left forever. I opened the box of chocolate, I took one than another and another until I ate all of the candy.
"You ate all the candy. You should've saved some for me," said a voice. I jumped and looked around. There wasn't anyone in the room. I said, "who's there?"
Silence. "Jayy, is that you?"
Still no response. I decided I must be exhausted and I was hearing things. I pulled the blankets off and got under them. I then turned off the lights, got myself comfortable, and closed my eyes. I felt someone or something touch me. I opened my eyes and saw a shadow. This shadow looked like Dahvie, but it couldn't be. Dahvie was dead.
"Dahvie?" I whispered. He floated over to me. I felt a cold breeze when he tongue kissed me. I placed my hands on his head, but it went through him. I could feel his kiss but I couldn't touch him.He let go and tears fell down his cheeks. Dahvie replied, "I love you."
"I love you too. I want to hold you, but I can't. why?"
"I want you to hold me too, but you can't because I'm not really truly here." I looked at him puzzled. He contuined to explain, "I am my spirit. Beth, I'm still alive. Jayy didn't tell you the truth. The truth is my body was kidnapped. The person was going to take you, but I tried to fight them away from you. I'm badly bruised and the kidnapper wants 10 grand, but Beth don't get mad at Jayy. He doesn't know what happened. In fact no one does, they're convinced that I'm dead."
"Than where are you?"
"That's the thing, I don't know where I am."
"How are you here like this?"
"I am a spirit walker. I can leave my body and walk where ever I please as long as I'm asleep, if someone wakes me up. I have to return to my body." I nodded. Dahvie continued, "I will always come and see you. I will leave messages, but here's the thing you must not tell Jayy or anyone else. They might think you're insane and no one can know about my power."
"It's dangerous. I can't tell you much than that. I'm ruining out of time before I wake up and there's one thing I want to do before I go."
"But I can't touch you." I frowned.
"No, but I can touch you," he smirks. He grabs me and kisses me. I tried to kiss him back, and I wasn't sure if he could feel it. I could feel him, his sweet kisses. His tongue slipping against mine, he broke the kiss and kissed my neck. I let out a soft moan, "Dahvie."
"Crap," he says.
"What?" His body was beginning to fade. "What's happening, Dahvie?"
"I have to go. I love you."
"Dahvie, wait! Come back." He vanished. Then Jayy walked into the room.

"Hey," said Jayy. He looked around the room then back at me. "See you like your welcome home present." I just stared at him. "you did this?"
"Ya, I got you flowers too."
I looked at the card and opened it. It read something differently:

Welcome home. Hope you feel better

I just stared blankly at Jayy. "What? What's wrong with you? Your acting like you've just seen a ghost."
Oh, if you only knew. "Nothing, I'm just tired." I replied.
"Well, get some rest. I'll clean up this mess tomorrow." He said sounding a bit disappointed. I laid down and before closing my eyes to sleep. I said to Jayy, "thank you for the welcome home gifts." He smiled and walked out of the door. I stayed awake hoping for Dahvie to come back, but after a few minutes I feel asleep.

I woke a few hours because I felt a cold breeze under my neck. "Beth," Dahvie whispered.
"Hey." I replied, and he greeted me with a smooch.
"I think I know where I am."
"You do? Where?"
"I am at the restaurant where we first made love in the van. But everything is so dark," he said with a confused look.
"I'll come get you now."
"It's too dangerous, you'll get hurt!"
"But Dahvie I love you and I need you here…"
Just then I started to feel sick. I quickly ran out of bed and threw up in the trash can. I looked up to where Dahvie was laying he was gone. Nowhere to be seen.
I am coming to him whether Dahvie likes it or not.

I quietly walked down the stairs and got the keys to Jayy's car. I snuck out without Jayy hearing a sound. I drove for the first time in a long time, but Dahvie needed me. Fearing the road seemed useless. I pulled into the back of the restaurant. Once I got out of the car, I called for Dahvie. No response. So I started looking for a van. I found two of them. I peered into one of them, but no Dahvie. I looked into the other and sure enough there was Dahvie. Covered in scars and bruises. He was bleeding excessively. I opened the car door, I picked him up in my arms. He got him into Jayy's car. Dahvie let out a moan. We started driving away quickly before the strangers could find out who took Dahvie. I started feeling sick again, but I tried to focus on the road.

Dahvie woke up. "Wh-wh-what's going on? Where am I?"
"You're here with me. I am taking you home." I replied.
"You came for me?"
"Your driving?"
I nodded.
"Your stronger than I thought." I smiled. "I learned from the best."
We stopped at stop sign. I opened up the window and hurled again.
"You not feeling well?"
"Ya," I replied.
"Let me drive us home." he said. We didn't argue. I didn't feel like arguing with Dahvie. So I let him drive the rest of the way.
"How do we explain you to Jayy?" I asked Dahvie.
"Leave it to me." he said.
We arrived at home and Dahvie told Jayy the whole story minus his gift. I spent half of the time in and out of the room to throw up. After the fifth time, I saw in the corner of my eye, a pregnancy test package. I started at it. I remember buying one just for Dahvie when he announced he was pregnant as a joke, but I never gave it to him. I opened it. Could it be possible?
I took the test. And was shocked by the results, it in fact came out positive. I let out a scream. Which alerted Jayy and Dahvie to come into the bathroom. "What's—" they saw the pregnancy test which read positive.
"Dahvie, I'm pregnant. You're going to be a daddy."

Dahvie looked like he was about to faint. "I am a daddy?"
I nodded.
"This is—this is.. How can this happen?" he said.
"Well…When a daddy and mommy—" started Jayy, but me and Dahvie cut him off, "SHUT UP JAYY!"
Jayy smirks.
"Well congrates!" says Jayy.
"I promised you I'd be with you forever," said Dahvie smiling. "So, Elizabeth will you marry me?" he said while kneeling on one knee.
"Yes! A thousand times yes!" I replied and hugged him.
A couple months we got married, and had our first baby boy. And together we lived happily ever after.

© Copyright 2020 Natalie Neonlights. All rights reserved.

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