Never Let Me Go (Dahvie Vanity - BOTDF)

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Another random Blood On the Dance Floor fanfiction I wrote about a dream I had.

Submitted: October 03, 2012

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Submitted: October 03, 2012



Tears streamed down my face. I felt like I was dead to the world. Evil thoughts jumbled in my head, a million solutions to escape this pain I was feeling. A pain no one could hear, feel or care to understand. I washed my face, hoping to wake myself from this nightmare. Alas, this was my life. A life I no longer wish to live another day. A day I wish to drown myself to death, because every day I was suffocating without anyone knowing. How is it possible? Because I'm the living dead.

I no longer can feel love inside my heart. Love was what got me in the depths of despair. Love was what got me alone without a single friend to care. I opened the door to my bedroom. More tears began to form. All I wanted was to flop down on my bed and never move. I wanted to be sleeping beauty, because I knew no one would wake me from the sleep. That's the thing in my life, there seems to never be a happily ever after for me. I shut the door behind me. I let out loud sobs, knowing no one could hear me.

"Natalie, what's wrong?" asked a voice which sounded familiar. I looked up, and saw Dahvie laying on my bed. I just stood there shaking my head with tears flowing. "Come here." He said while tapping the bed next to him. I walked over, crawled over to him and he put his arms around me. "Tell me what's wrong?"

"No one cares about me anymore." I cried.
"Well... I care, please tell me what's wrong?" He said while stroking my hair.
"My friends are all mad at me because a guy I used to date, hates my guts and he spread horrible lies about me. I'm the only one that seems to see right through it. No one was there for me." More tears formed.
"Natalie, what he did was unforgiven. You gave all your heart, and he just took it for granted. Your friends, forget about them. You are an amazing person. I will always be there for you." He wiped away my tears and kissed my cheek.
"Dahvie, promise me you'll never let me go because the world isn't always a beautiful place but when you're in it, that's all the beauty I ever need."
He gives me a half smile. "I'll never let you go and I will never let anyone ever hurt you again. I promise you. I love you."
"I love you too." I kissed his cheek.
"Now go to sleep. I'll be here in the morning," said Dahvie.
With my arms wrapped around Dahvie and all my pain vanished. I felt fully alive. I started to draft to sleep.

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