Lesson Learned.

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The poem is pretty self-explanatory if you read it.
I learned my lesson.

Submitted: April 05, 2008

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Submitted: April 05, 2008



I was guarded

Before  you

Trusted no one

Before you,

My heart was hidden from the world.


I was guarded

When we met

I didn't trust you

When we met,

But my heart could sense the connection.


I was guarded

When you asked me out

Was told not to trust you

When you asked me out,

But I couldn't help from smiling.


I thought I'd give you a chance

And we got closer

I loved being around you

And we got closer,

We became inseperable, and I was okay with that.


I let my guard down

When you told me you loved me

I replied the same

When you told me you loved me,

And everything was right in the world.


We talked and laughed

And were always together

You talked of marriage

And always being together,

I was happy and I knew I could trust you.


I let you touch me

When I loved you

I let you have me

When I loved you,

And I was sure we were meant to be.


I gave myself to you

Heart, Body, and Soul

I trusted myself with you

Heart, Body, and Soul,

You were luckier than you knew, my trust is hard to gain.


I missed you

You never called back

I worried about you

You never called back,

But I knew you had some good excuse.


You gave me excuses

But I'm not that stupid

You told me lies

I'm not that stupid,

I didn't know what to do, you'd never treated me like that before.


I couldn't take it anymore

So I ended it

I started hating you

So I ended it,

And now, every day, I am forced to endure seeing you with her.


I was guarded

And I am again

I trust no one

And never should have.



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