my story: All that glitters can turn to gold.

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It's my first time trying to write a story, here's the beginning would love to know what you think. Please excuse bad punctuation and grammer. I'm still working on that.

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



So, I have decided to tell my story. This book is a mixture of my past, present and what i hope will be the future. This is me being stripped, everything i tell in this book is the truth and so before i go in to detail i would like to take the opportunity to apologise to the people i have hurt. I'm not the bad person that you think i am, i'm just a young girl who became very naive and got caught up in the whirlwind of the fairytale romance and the glamour of the celebrity lifestyle. So once again i am truly sorry......

I'll start from the beginning my life before it all happened.

I grew up in a small villiage in North Wales called Rhuddlan. I was part of a normal family i lived with my mum, dad and older brother in a semi-detached house on a quiet street. I attended the local primary school and had a normal life. My relationships with boys even from an early start were not the same as all the other girls in my class. I took a fancy to many of the boys while the other girls all thought they had germs and didnt want to play with them i couldn't keep away. However, they didn't seem to take the same liking to me and thought i was the one with the germs. As i grew older my attention turned to one boy in particular Tom. He was lovely, very funny and seemed to have the attention of most of the girls in the class. Every year i would send him a valentines card and a packet of love hearts. Sweets surely a way to get into a boys heart ? Well so i thought but nothing i did seemed to work. He would reject me every year after taking the love hearts may i add ! So as the years went by i had to watch Tom ( the boy i felt i loved at the time ) "date" every other girl in my class. Not that they could go anywhere most of the time or pay eachother any attention. It would always be the same Tom would just play football and the girl he dated that week would stand at the end of the field with her friends watching them and giggiling. Many times i was part of the group of friends that had to stand and watch. But never one to be defeated, i remember, just before we left primary school i got my wish and i finally got to be Toms girlfriend. It was for a weekend but it was the best weekend i'd had so far. It was a mutual deccision to split, we were just to different and the relationship just wouldn't work. Mainly because we were about to start highschool which meant we'd be meeting lots of new people which meant lots more choice of people to date.

When i started highschool i changed and i become alot more confident when talking to boys. So i began my journey in learning the art of flirting. One of the main things i remember about being in year 7 of highschool is having my first boyfriend of highschool and if i'm being honest which i told you at the beginning i was going to be it was nothing special, i don't even remember how it happened , i think i was put into a situation where it would be a good social thing if i went out with him so that our groups of friends could form one group and create a grease like gang. However, three or maybe even two days into the so called relationship i decided to end it. It just so happened to be my birthday. Apparantly he had spent his pocket money on buying me a box of chocolates which was very sweet but i didnt get to have them. Even if i did finish with him it was still my birthday and i deserved those chocolates !

So ending the relationship didn't seem to go down well with the boys in my class and i felt as if i was a victim of a hate campaign. There would be snide little remarks from his friends about the way i looked, anything i did, wore or had. Any other female reading this will know that it's really hard to feel good about yourself you just seem to be programmed to be self conscious and at the beginning of your teens i would say your are more aware of every possible flaw then you will ever be in your whole life. Every comment made would make me feel continuenly bad about myself. So from the start of the year which seemed so full of prospect was getting worse every minute. As the year went by i became less confident and became more aware of everything i thought was wrong with me. The name calling and put downs which everyone goes through at some point in their life was really starting to take control of my life. The thing that confused me was that it was boys that were doing it. The normal thing was for girls to be the mean ones. I started to suffer with depression i was just to weak to not let it have an affect on me. I remember i would cry in my room every night looking in the mirror hating what was looking back at me wishing that something would change the way i looked, the way people were with me or if i was lucky enough both. I believe that going through that has had a big impact on how i see the male gender today. Although i was dying on the inside i put on a smile and managed to fool the world that i was happy and i was living this fantastic life. Every day i would go to school take the name calling and try to give as good as i got back, then shrug it off but when i got home i'd look in the mirror at the big nose, the weird eyes, the fat arse or what ever bit of my body they had destroyed with their viscious words that day. Now i'm not trying to make you feel sorry for me, that's not what i want you to feel from reading my story. I'm hoping that you can recognise a bit of yourself in it, i know you won't agree with what i did, even i can't do that, but i'm hoping that somehow you maybe able to understand why i did it

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