The Poisonus Bitch

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just a poem i decided to write on a poisonus bitch.

Submitted: August 15, 2011

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Submitted: August 15, 2011



our start was different

unlike no other

you met me after my dad and brother

i knew at once you would be my friend

i didnt think there would be an end

but today i see i was very wrong

because no longer do you belong.


you made other friends and left me in the past

never did i know youd move on so fast

but today we stand so far away

living life from day to day.


today you only see my skin

you dont even try to look within

all you care about is looks

youve all but forgotten about the books.


your dull and rude and crude and mean

and you always weasle your way between

everybodies buisness is suddenly yours

you tend to listen through walls and doors.


you talk behind others backs

you deserve a couple of smacks

you need to be put in your place

you wont get anywhere by showing lace.


so today i decide to bid you adue

because i know i can never get through

the walls youve put up to block me out

not even if i yell and shout.


right here is where the story ends

so go have fun with your other friends

im moving on to better things

i cant wait for what the future brings.


my first poem, thoughts? ive always wanted to write a poem but i could never decide what on. this poem is very much true, my inspiration for this is actually on a real person. for anyone who knows me, you should know who im talking about in this poem. (:


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