Wind of Dreams

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This is the poem version of Onyx Heart. Poem_War_Love_battle_army_emotion

Submitted: August 18, 2011

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Submitted: August 18, 2011



-1Wind of Dreams

I’ll fly away on a wind of dreams,

To hush the past, forget the screams.

The wolves bore down, to crush us all,

By chains of fire, a city falls.

Shrieking skies torn red with flame,

And by its light the soldiers came.

Soul of darkness, heart of ice,

We made our stand, and paid the price.

Traitors song and secrets found,

The roll of thunder through the ground,

Swords of honour proved our might,

With sabres drawn they charged to fight.

In the light of early day,

He stole three rings of hope away.

With bottled hate the moon attacked,

The sun pushed through and claimed them back.

Through broken grace a serpent bite,

Shadows whispered through the night.

Hear a call of velvet charm,

That takes the rose into his arms.

With ruby truth a warning clawed,

A battle staged within the war.

A cage of pain with words as bars,

Defiant pride to hide the scars.

Rippled silk and silent plea,

The star of steel that set her free.

A force within no night can take,

No choice to run, they can’t forsake.

Love turned away before the claim,

An emerald ocean, waves of pain.

An iron clad heart, a steely gaze,

Steed of stone an army raise.

Horizon shows a growing tide,

The flags of many side by side.

An arch of colours on the wall,

The hand of fear to touch them all.

Dragon breath of ghostly white,

An army stands in waning light.

Fields of green with history marked,

A rainbow marches through the dark.

Ever forward, no retreat,

The instrument of hells defeat.

Cheers of victory, freedom take,

The last dance saved to share with fate.

A waltz of swords on floors of glass,

A fools display of paper masks.

Emerald soldier throws a dice,

The dark will have its sacrifice.

Become the hunter, no reprieve,

He’d rather die than watch her leave.

A duel to which his heart is bound,

A nightmare lost, a sunrise found.

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