Honor & Valor: The Elf Warrior of Mellowwyn

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This was written by me, for a dear friend and ultimately a test of my writing skill.
Any feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed. This is my first time making a story of mine public, hope you like it. Enjoy.

This story is about Haley, an elf girl from a small village in a land of magic, adventure and wonder!
She leaves home to find her claim to fame, and meets a fellow adventurer girl who introduces her to life of Honor & Valor

Submitted: April 17, 2014

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Submitted: April 17, 2014



In a small village called Mellowwyn, somewhere in a vast, mysterious land known as Talamhcroí, there lived a girl, with hopes and dreams of adventure. A young elven girl named Haley.

Petite and pretty was she, but alas her heart called for honor and glory. So one day, she set forth on a journey from her home, to venture the land. She took with her one horse, her sword, a small amount of rations and her bow. Haley knew nothing of what was to be expected out there, but felt that was part of the adventure. She knew only that there was a town about 12 miles north of her village, so she rode north from morning till she arrived at the gate of the town in the late evening. She hopped off her horse and approached the gatekeepers.

\"Halt, elf. What business have you here?\" Says one of the gatekeepers. Haley glances over the two guards. They both were humans, wore armor made of fur and leather, had scruffy beards and wore their hair long; one had brown hair with a braid in back, the other let his red hair hang almost in front of his face. She also noted that they wielded large battle-axes with daggers strapped to their legs.

\"I'm just passing through,\" said Haley, nervously. \"Well then you best get inside and get a room at the inn.\" Said the red headed gatekeeper. \"Let 'er in.\" They open the giant gate leading into the city. She nodded her head in thanks as she walked her steed through the doors. Once she'd entered the city, she looks around and finds herself overwhelmed. Humans, elves and even orcs all around her. A large city, with buildings of stone within the great walls. Lanterns and fire pits light up the streets around every district, and Haley stands in the market district. She had never seem this many people at a time, since her village rarely got visitors aside from weary traveler looking to lay their head at her family's tavern and inn. She was only 12 miles from her hometown, yet she felt as if she had already experienced more of the world than half the inhabitents of her village.

\"May I take your steed, m'lady?\" Says a voice. Haley's startled, and turns to see a girl, around her age, standing next to her. An elf girl, like herself. \"What's that?\" Haley asks. \"Your horse, m'lady,\" replies the girl, \"May I take it to the stables? You can't walk your horse around the city,\" she says. Haley realizes that this girl is a stable hand, and handles the horses of travelers who ride their steeds into town. \"Why yes, thank you.\" Haley says as she puts the horse into her custody. The girl smiles and walks Haley's horse to the stables.

She takes another look around before spotting a tavern/inn down the street from where she stands. She makes her way to the venue, and enters curious of what she'll find, she remembers what she seen at her family's tavern, and she is not surprised when she finds the usual tavern crowd. Some adventurer bragging of his travels, boastful pugilists attempting to fight anyone who thinks they can best them, and the standard fall down drunks who linger at the bar all day. There's a fire in the middle of the tavern, with mutton and turkey roasting over the flame, and a bard, swaggering and singing songs of love and folk tales all about the room. She walks over to the bar and sits on a stool at the end. It's not long before the barkeep notices her sitting there by herself, then approaches her. \"I haven't seen you around here before, stranger. Welcome the Falling Tree Inn. The name's Bjorn,\" he says. He's a human, old aged with a rough face, and electric blue eyes. Haley looks up at him and replies \"Well met, Bjorn. My name is Haley.\"

\"You're not from 'round here are you, Haley?\" asks Bjorn. \"I can tell from your get up.\" Haley looks at her attire, then everyone else's, noticing that everybody in the tavern was wearing cloth robes, silk dresses and tunics, while she wore the contemporary clothing of her people. She had on a leather vest that laced in front, leather bracelets around her wrists with decorational beads with a silver ring around her left ring finger, which in her elven culture, meant she was unmarried. Along with a fur skirt and pair of leather boots, she just stuck out among the others in the tavern.

\"I guess I sorta' stick out, huh?\" She asks in jest. \"I'm from the elf village just south of hear.\" She finished. \"I know that village well. I was once an adventurer like you, then I got married, you see.\" He says, showing Haley his wedding band. \"But, me' wife has passed, gods bless her soul, now all I have left is me' daughter, Novella.\" he adds.

\"That's a really pretty name.\" Haley says. Suddenly a voice from behind her snaps \"It's a fucking pansy's name.\" says a girl as she approaches the bar and slams an empty mug on the counter. \"But it's the only name I've ever known,\" she finished.

\"What a lady.\" Laughs Bjorn. \"Haley, meet me daughter, Novella.\"

\"Hey kid,\" say Novella as she turns to shake Haley's hand. \"I see you're an adventurer as well, eh? We get plenty of your type around here.\"

\"Something like that.\" replies Haley. Haley takes a good look at Novella and she sees right away that the woman in front of her is no average lady. She's no barmaid, farm girl, or housewife. No, this woman standing before her was a warrior. A \"Warmaiden\" as the locals call her kind. She was relatively the same height as Haley, but not nearly the same build. Where Haley was cute, thin, pale and welcoming, Novella was slightly muscular, lean, tan skinned and stood with confidence. She spoke with leadership and friendship in her rather attractive voice. \"Pleasure to meet you.\" muttered Haley in awe. Novella even had her father's electric blue eyes.

\"She's gorgeous\" Haley thought to herself. \"Another round, old man.\" She says to her father playfully. \"She's a man in a woman's body.\" Laughs Bjorn as he goes to refill the mug with ale. \"And one for our new friend,\" adds Novella, she then turns and let's down her hair. Haley watches Novella's long, auburn hair fall.

It reminded Haley that her hair probably looked horribly, after the long horse ride. Until she reached up to her head and remembered her hair was held in place by her metallic headband given to her by her mother. Bjorn brings the ale over to Haley and Novella. \"There ya' go, girls.\" he says. \"Now, I've got to get to servin' other costumers.\" he ends with.

\"What brings you 'round these parts, kid.\" asks Novella. Haley observes that Novella didn't seem that old, at most, 5 years older than Haley, whom was 17 herself. \"I was just passing through.\" Haley replies. \"Well, if you plan on staying at the inn, rooms are 10 gull a night.\" says Novella. Haley takes a drink of ale then reaches for her coin purse before noticing it's completely empty. She hadn't made any money on her travels yet. In her village, they live off trade, but Haley made herself a coin purse for she knew the other towns and kingdoms had a different form of currency. \"You're flat broke, ain't ya'?\" Says Novella, before she chugs every drop of ale from her mug. Haley didn't know what to say. Then Novella says \"Don't worry, kid. I'll pay for your room tonight... if you're willing to do me a favor.\"

Haley was both relieved and perturbed. What could she possibly request? Sex? As desperate as she was, and as attractive she found Novella to be, prostitution was beneath her. Haley the reluctantly asks \"What would that be?\" \"Don't worry, darling. I don't wanna fuck you or anything like that.\" Laughs Novella to Haley's relief. They both giggle.

\"I want you to come kill a gang of bandits with me.\" Says Novella. Haley stops laughing, and looks at Novella. She just left home a few hours ago and she's already been invited on a bandit raid with a fellow adventuring sellsword. \"Wh-what?\" stuttered Haley. \"There's a gang of thugs that make their camp on the hills about a mile west of the city. They've got a bounty on their heads, so naturally, I wanna be the one to bring their heads to the Count and collect on the bounty.\" replies Novella.

\"It seems dangerous,\" says Haley. Immediately regretting how cowardly she sounded.

\"Not really,\" Said Novella. \"I've been bounty hunting with my pa since I was 10 years old. Besides, where's the fun in it if there's no danger?\" Haley thinks about how her father would never let her touch a blade until she was 13, and wouldn't let her hunt until she was 15. \"I'll do it!\" snaps Haley with excitement in her voice. Novella stands up and pats Haley on the shoulder. \"I knew a fellow Warmaiden like you would be up for it.\" Novella says. Haley feels flattered by a warrior like Novella recognizing her as an equal already. \"I'll go pay my father for your room and the drinks. You'd best go upstairs, find a bed and rest up.\"

As Novella walks away, Haley finishes her ale, and walks up to her room. She opens the door and find herself in a war cot. She walks over to the bed an lays down. She is far too excited to sleep, though. Images of battle, and gold flow through her mind. She reaches for a her sword and draws it from it's sheathe. She puts the sword to her head and says an old elven warriors' prayer to the gods.

She puts away her blade, and lays back, then slowly fell asleep.

••• The next morning, Haley awakes to a splash in the face. She thrusts herself up and dries her face with the sheets. \"What the hell was...\" She looks up and realizes it was Novella, who had just splashed mead in her face. Novella just giggles. \"Mead, this early in the morning?\" Haley asks. \"Getting a morning buzz going gets you up.\" Replies Novella. \"Now get up, the sun rises in about an hour, and we've got to get you fitted.\"

\"Fitted?\" Asks Haley. \"Fitted for armor,\" replies Novella. \"You can't expect to go hunt bandits in that gear, can ya'? They'll cut right through you.\" she finishes. Haley, still groggy from her rest, slowly gets out of bed. She grabs her equipment and looks at Novella, then is stunned when she sees that Novella is wearing a full set of iron armor, that looks like it's seen a fair share of bloody fights. \"We have to go see my good friend, Sven. The town's official blacksmith won't sell armor to a woman. Thinks the idea of a lady being a warrior is bullocks, that jackass. If I had just one minute alone with him, I'd...\" Novella stops when she notices Haley giggling at her. Novella sighs and puts on smirk then says \"C'mon, kid. We've best get goin'.\"

So the duo leave the tavern. It's a cold morning in the city. Haley's hair stand on edge, and she begins rubbing her arms for warmth. \"Where exactly are we going?\" she asks. \"Just around the corner, darling, don't worry.\" replies Novella. She then throws her arm around Haley and they stroll down the street. Finally arriving at Sven's place, Novella heads around back. Haley stands out front, looking around. She can see the sunrise coming from the horizon.

Novella peeks around the corner and signals Haley to come around back. \"Haley, this is Sven. Your friendly neighborhood, black market black smith.\" says Novella. \"Good morn', Haley.\" Says Sven and he opens a chest in the shed behind his home. \"Hey.\" mutters Haley.

\"Haley needs a good set of armor. We're going on a bandit raid.\" Says Novella. \"Shit, a bandit raid this early in the morning?\" snaps Sven. Sven is a young, tall, elven gentlemen. He speaks with confidence and charisma. Haley finds him quite cute, with his blonde hair, and green eyes.

\"Don't bitch, just fix'er up,\" jokes Novella. Sven grabs a pair of gauntlets and boot's made of iron, similar to Novella's armor. Then he gets a breastplate from his chest and closes it. \"Try this on,\" he says. Novella hands the gauntlets and boot's to Haley. They fit on with ease. \"I like it!\" exclaims Haley.

\"Now the breastplate, kid,\" laughs Novella.

Haley tries to put on the breastplate, but it's a bit too big. \"Ha! Looks like Haley's bust is too small for the armor.\" Novella mocked. Haley was a bit embarrassed. Her breasts weren't as big as Novella's. \"No shame in it, still a rather lovely build, if I may add,\" said Sven. \"I believe I've a smaller size somewhere around here... Here it is!\" Sven handed Haley the other breastplate, and it fit perfectly.

\"Okay, guys. If that's all I can help you with, then... get the hell outta' my shop,\" Sven says in jest. \"I'll see you around, Sven.\" Novella replied. \"C'mon, Haley. We've gotta get going.\" Haley and Novella travel to the city's stables. There, Haley sees the stable girl that brought in her horse when she first arrived in town. The girl approaches Novella and her and asks. \"Are you lady's here for your steeds?\" \"Yes.\" says Haley. The girl turns and motions for her partner to bring the horses. \"I remember you, m'lady. You just arrived yesterday. And everybody knows lady Novella,\" said the girl.

Suddenly a large Orc man comes out of the stable with the horses. He was tall, muscular and looked angry at everything. He had greenish grey skin and long, black hair worn in a braid. Scars on his face, and a tobacco pipe in his mouth. He brings the horses around to the girls, then just leaves back to the stables without saying a word.

\"I apologize for Malog, here. He doesn't talk much.\" said the girl. \"Sorry for not introducing myself yesterday, m'lady, I was in a hurry. My name is Emerald.\"

\"I'm Haley.\" she replies. They keep the introductions brief, then hop on their steeds and ride to the town gates. Haley is amazed by the size of the beautiful, black stallion Novella was riding. \"By the grace of the gods,\" she thought to herself. Novella's steed was definitely a war horse, that has seen plenty of battle. In comparison, Haley's steed could be mistaken for a pony.

\"It'll only take us an hour to ride to the bandit camp,\" says Novella. As they ride into the horizon, Novella asks Haley about her life and travels. \"So, tell me, kiddo,\" says Novella. \"What made you wanna be an 'adventurer'?\" \"Well...\" Haley ponders. \"I suppose it started when I was about 10 years old, and worked in my family's inn. I would see all these merchants and warriors come in, and they always had such amazing tales of discoveries, mysterious lands, hidden treasure and amazing people they've met. As well, everyone would gather 'round as they spoke of the battles they've fought and loot they had acquired. Even as a young elf, I've wanted nothing more than to see and experience what they have, and it soon became apparent that there were no better way than to go see it myself.\" she said.

\"Ah, I know the feeling. Though, I hadn't given adventuring any thought until a few years ago.\" Novella said. \"I thought you'd been adventuring with your father for years?\" Haley asked. \"I have.\" Novella paused for a moment. \"But, I only did because I felt it was my duty. You see, my mother passed during my birth, and my father never remarried. And where we come from, for a man to not have a son, meant that he had no one to carry his legacy.\" She added. \"I see.\" replied Haley. \"So, I spent many years of my life training like a real warrior since I was but a wee girl. I didn't want to be a warrior back then, but I felt I owed it to my father. It wasn't until a few years ago, when our town was in terror of a troll just outside the city walls, that I decided that the life of a fighter was the life for me.\" Novella then smiled at Haley and added \"You see, there wasn't one man in the town brave enough to go slay the damned thing. When I stepped up to do so, they mocked me, said a girl had no place as a beast slayer. They insulted me, then my father for even attempting to raise a girl as a warrior. Over the next few days, the torment continued, when finally I'd heard enough. I grabbed my sword and armor and marched outside the city. The men laughing at me as I did, saying 'Don't hurt yourself, lassy!' , those bastards. I searched for the troll for hours until he finally appeared. He was about 10 feet tall and hairy, with piercing yellow eyes. It growled at me loud as it could, but I walked up and gutted the fucker in a rage.\" Haley felt a bit intimidated by Novella's story. She stared at her in shock and awe.

\"If only you could've seen the look on the men's face when I brought back that trolls head.\" She finished. Novella smiled and looked at Haley. \"That's the day I realized that I wanted to be warrior to prove that a feminine body, does not mean a weak one.\" Haley found Novella's tale amazing. It was just the kind of tale she wished to be able to tell someday, and thought maybe today would be the day she gets her story. The girls rode for about an hour, then they spotted the bandit's den in the distance, dug into the side of a big hill.

They stop short of it, and tie their horses to a tree not far from the hideout. Haley's heartbeat rises as the duo sneak closer. They take cover behind a bush nearby the bandit camp and see that there's a thug standing guard at the entrance. \"Take out the guard, then we'll rush in.\" Says Novella. \"Huh?\" Haley questions. \"Shoot the damned guard with your bow, Haley. Then we can enter without any warning.\" Novella snapped. Haley started sweating, her heart raced, and her hands shook. She had never taken a person's life before and the reality of it hadn't set in until this very moment. She slowly reaches for her bow, then pulls an arrow out of her quiver them readies it. She aim for the thug's throat.

Just in that moment, she has a flashback to when she was young. She was talking to an old warrior in her family's tavern and she asked him \"What made you want to be a warrior, Erik?\" Haley was full of curiosity. \"Well,\" said Erik the Crusher, a well known traveler and swordsman back in his day. He was a fairly tall man, with a greying beard, and long hair, but still plenty of muscle to show that even in his old age, he was and always will be, a warrior. \"Some people are just born knowing what their destiny is.\" he says. \"What if you don't know what your destiny is?\" Asks a young Haley. \"Well, I don't know about others, but for a warrior, a sure way to tell if that's what you're meant to be, is to kill a man in battle.\" He states. Haley looked at with even deeper curiosity. \"When you kill a man in battle, your heart will race, but if it races with shame or regret, then the life of battle is not for you. If it races with a humbling pride over your victory, then battle is in your blood.\"

Haley snaps back to the present. Remembering Erik's words, she thinks to herself \"Shooting this man from afar is no battle, there is no honor is this.\" She drops her bow & arrow then draws her sword. She proceeds to hop out of the bush and let's out a battle cry, \"Raaagh!\" \"Haley, wait!\" yells Novella as Haley leaps out in front of the bandit guarding the entrance. He was well built man, with many scars from many battles. Haley stand before him and raises her blade. He readies his war-axe that was resting at his side. No armor, just hide rags on this thug. Haley charges in and thrust her blade forward, the thug hops back, barely dodging the tip of her blade. As Haley pulls her sword back to her, he rushes in and gives his axe a hard swing, aiming for Haley's head. She ducks just in time, then as she lifts her arm, she jabs her elbow into the thug's rib cage, knocking the air out of him, and staggering him. She acts fast and swings her sword as hard as she can. Her blade connects with his neck, and as fast as she swung, Haley had decapitated her adversary.

She stops and stares at the corpse of the fallen bandit, but before she could judge the origin of the racing of her heart, she hears a voice call out \"Hey!\" As she notices another bandit not far behind her, who was probably urinating behind a tree during the commotion, step out and reach for his bow. Before he could even ready it, he takes a swift arrow to the temple. Haley turns to see that Novella had shot him with the bow she dropped. Suddenly there were howls as two guard wolves sprung from the bushes and ran at her. Haley thrusts her weapon downward, piercing the first wolf through the skull, then kicked her leg out, to connect with the other wolf's snout. She then stabbed it in the torso and it fell over, dead.

Haley then stood there, not saying a word, breathing deeply, even had sweat running from the rim of her head. She finally knew just how she felt. Novella walks up to her after retrieving the arrow from the head of the pissing bandit. \"Seeing as how you threw the whole plan in the troll's shitter, I'm assuming this was your first bout with other people?\" says Novella. \"So, tell me, kid. How did it feel?\" Haley, still in shock, now gazing at the body of her first kill, could only manage a few words. \"That's a lot of blood...\" she says. Novella nudges her, \"There's a lot more where that come from.\" she says with a smirk on her face, them forges onward.

Haley and Novella enter the bandit's cave boldly, without care they march down a corridor until they reach a mead hall, full of bandits. \"Hey, looks like we've found a few rats in the pigsty.\" proclaims Novella. Haley looks around the room, noticing that it's a diverse group of bandits who occupy this den. Elves, humans and orcs alike. Then Haley notices one man in particular. He was an elf from her village, she barely recognized him, but could tell that it was Aspen, a trouble making, thief who used to pick on her and her brother, and steal from their tavern until he was exiled from the village for thievery. She hated him, and seeing his face made her fill with anger. He was playing the lute, and singing to the group before the two busted in. He lay down his lute and walked over to Haley and Novella, then began speaking loudly. \"What is this? Two wenches, walk into our den, insult us, and expecting to leave here alive and not violated?\" He laughed. Novella giggles then reaches for her claymore sword. \"Oh, look. This bitch must think she's worth something? What? Trying to prove that women can be fighters, too?\" he mocked her, \"Pathetic.\"

Novella quickly raised her sword above her head and brought it down full force on him. Splitting him right down the middle. Each half of him fell to a side on the ground. \"I haven't done that to someone in a while.\" mutters Novella. The other bandits panic, they reach for their weapons, and begin staggering towards the two. Haley readies her weapon, as a scrawny thug wielding two daggers attacks her. She dodges his first strike, then dashes to a table off to the side of the room. She sees a shield on the table and quickly grabs it in time to deflect a thrust of his dagger. She then stabs her sword into the thug's stomach, and watches as he falls. She then notices Novella being cornered by two Orc men. She runs over and shield bashes one in the back, he's stunned. She give a mighty swing of her blade, and slices him in half from his torso. \"I've NEVER done that to someone before.\" muttered Haley. Novella then kicks the other Orc onto the floor and jumps on top of him as she jabs her blade into his chest. \"Nice work, doll face.\" Novella says. Suddenly, a voice from across the room call out to them, \"Well aren't you gals cute.\" it says. \"Coming in here and killing my men like that. Now why don't you two get down on your knees for me, and then we'll talk about you leaving here alive.\" It was an old man, whom was obviously drunk, judging by his staggering walk. Novella walks toward him \"Watch the expert, Haley.\" she said. As she moves toward him, she picks up the lute Aspen left, and stands before him. \"Whatcha' gonna do, baby, play me a song? Ha!\" He laughs. \"A song of suffering, you goat-fucker\" says Novella as she pulls back the lute, then smashes him in the face with it, hard enough to knock out a few teeth and bust his head open. With a few splinters in his face.

Haley walks up \"Is he dead?\" Novella replies \"He's so old and frail. Think it matters?\" Haley nods in agreement. Novella makes her way over to a table across the room, where a large coin purse is sitting. She picks up the coin purse and tosses it to Haley. \"Put that in your travel bag.\" She says She picks up an unopened bottle of mead from the table and begins drinking it. \"I wouldn't start celebrating, yet.\" Haley says. \"We still haven't checked for more bandits down there.\" Haley points down a dark hallway leading from the mead hall. Nothing but a single torch illuminating the corridor. \"I suppose you're right, doll.\" Novella states. The two slowly made their way down the hall, alarmed of any enemies that could pop out. Suddenly, they step on a hay covered portion of the floor, Haley's leg falls through, then the hay gives way completely. Novella and Haley take a brief plunge through the floor and land in a small, concrete cell with iron bars. \"Agh! I think I dislocated my shoulder.\" Novella snaps. \"What the hell happened?\" Haley asked as she rubbed her head in pain, she then looks around only to see that they're in an almost completely closed off cell. Footsteps and can be heard getting closer, followed by laughter. Soon, a tall, fair haired man approached the cell accompanied by an entourage of armored bandits.

\"Hello, ladies,\" he says as he stand in front of the bars of the cell. \"So nice of you to drop in.\"

\"You greasy lowlife, release us at once!\" Commands Novella. Haley takes a good look at the man before her. He was dressed in fine, silk clothing, sporting a medallion, with an emerald on it. He had a well managed beard, as blonde as his hair, and spoke confidently as he said \"Release you? You come to my lair, kill my men, and disrupt my busy day, then you expect me to release you? No, my dear. You two, are now my property, and will do as I say.\" He begins to giggle. \"Before we get down to business, allow me to introduce myself. I am Jerald Guggen, of the Guggen crime syndicate.\" he adds. Haley and Novella had both heard of the Guggen crime syndicate before. They were a notorious guild of thieves and murderers, who dabbled in all forms of criminal activichest.Jerald continued \"You both have interrupted and important business meeting concerning our slave trafficking business As punishment for your rudeness, you two gorgeous young lasses will now work in my personal fancy house. Got it?\" Novella snapped \"Or you can blow it out of your ass! When we escape from here, I'll disembowel you and your hired blades!\" Jerald just laughs and leads his crew to another room down the corridor.

Haley was observing the situation at hand carefully. She noted that the bars of the cell were rusty and likely easily breakable, but if they were to start striking the bars to break out, the noise might attract a guard. They'd have to break down the whole thing at once. Novella paces around the cell, desperately searching for a way out. \"Start brain storming, Haley, we've best make haste and...\" Novella stops. She had turned around to find Haley sitting on the floor, legs crossed, in deep meditation.

\"You are kidding me, right?\" Novella mutters to herself then snaps \"Haley!\"

Haley sits in deep meditation, unreactive to Novella's plea. She takes in a deep breathe, releases and repeats. Novella continues to call to her; \"Haley, snap out of it! Get you head together!\"

Suddenly, an essence of light appears around her body. She finally opens her eyes, revealing her now glowing eyes. Novella watched in silent awe as Haley rose from the floor and stood in front of the iron bars.

Haley proceeds to hold out her hand to the bars, as if to put her hand to it's hand. Just like that, Haley releases a powerful blast of light that destroy the cell and iron bars fly all about. \"Holy drunk orc bitch!\" Says Novella. \"You never mentioned you could do that!\" \"I'm an elf, magic's my blood,\" replies Haley, with the magic aura now gone and her eyes back to the pretty hazel color they've always been. \"Now hurry, I'm certain the bandits heard the blast.\" Haley finishes as she picks up her equipment rushes through debris of the cell. Novella rushes behind Haley as they dash down a hallway to the room Jerald and his men went to. As they drew near a bandit stuck his head out to see what caused the commotion. Haley draws her sword and thrusts it into his chest, Novella rushes threw the doorway as Haley shakes the corpse from her blade.

Haley entered the room and looks around to see only two thugs and Jerald Guggen himself. He stood in shock next to his bodyguards. His expression quickly changed from shock to anger. \"Kill these harlots!\" He commanded his guards.

The men drew their swords and approached the girls. Haley and Novella prepared themselves for battle, Novella swung her great sword at one bandit who deflects the strike with his sword. Haley dodged an attack from the other bandit, threw a counter swing, slicing across his chest. Novella let out a fierce battle cry and slashes the bandit in front of her, he falls to the ground screaming and bleeding out. The other man, now out numbered two-to-one begins desperately swing his blade. Haley deflects one of his attacks with her sword, as Novella follows through with a slash, beheading the bandit.

After that, the girls turn to Jerald Guggen. \"That the best you've got, you bastard?\" Asks Novella. Guggen looked unimpressed with how quickly they handled his bodyguards. \"Maybe I underestimated you, ladies,\" He removes his jewellery sets them on a near by table. \"Shame you must die here.\" he finishes.

He stand idle for a moment, suddenly he begins groaning as if he were in pain. The groans get louder, and he falls to his knees. His arms begin to grow bigger, his body hair grew thicker. Soon the girls realized that their adversary was indeed a werewolf!

His clothes tore, his teeth sharpened, his groans turned to growls and moved to howling. He rose and stood before the duo of Haley and Novella, about 8 ft. with black fur and a section of cloth from his pants hung in front of his crotch. The girls stood in fear, neither of them had ever been face to face with a werewolf before. Haley has a thought, she remembers a spell she read in a spell book when she was younger. A spell that changes werewolves momentarily back to their original form, but it would take tons concentration and she doesn't have that kind of time. She quickly says to Novella \"Stall him.\" and dashes to the far side of the room.

Novella was a bit baffled by Haley's words, but put her trust in her. She readied her weapon and charged at Jerald. She swings her blade, he quickly dodges and grabs with his claws. \"Say hello to the Gods for me.\" he growls as he goes to bite her face off. She quickly draws a dagger from her hip and jabs it into his jaw, Jerald howls in pain and releases Novella. She picks up here sword and hastily thrusts, impaling his abdomen. He let's out a loud roar before reaching back and backhanding Novella. She flies about 2 meters back, then stumbles onto her feet again. Jerald extracts the blade from his body and throws it across the room, same with the dagger. He then charges at Novella and she charges toward him. She collides with the werewolf, now trying subdue him with her hands. A futile effort, for Jerald lifts her up and slams her to the ground. Novella out of breath, in pain, and in a daze, lay on the ground gasping. \"T'will be known that your efforts were in vain.\" says Jerald Guggen as he reaches his claw back to deliver a final blow. Just as he was about to end the life of Novella, Jerald is struck with a blast of a dark purple magic. He is stunned and disoriented. He stumbles backwards and begins grunting in pain, he falls to the floor and begins to take his human form again.

After a brief moment of silence, Haley draws an arrow from her quiver and readies her bow. Jerald gets back up, out of breathe and still groggy. He knows what was done, that Haley had casted and old werewolf hunter's spell. She stands starring at him, aiming her arrow at his chest. \"You're finish, Jerald Guggen.\" she proclaims. Jerald just begins laughing. \"If only it were that easy,\" he says, \"My death shall be avenged...\" Without a word, Haley shoots the arrow, which pierces his heart, and he falls down. Jerald Guggen was dead. It was over. Haley sees Novella on the ground and rushes to her aide. \"Novella!\" Haley cries, \"Wake up!\"

She begins to cast a healing spell over Novella, soon she opens her eyes and looks at Haley. \"Did we win?\" she asks. With a grin on her face she nods her head. \"You did it, doll face. I knew you had it in ya'.\" proclaimed Novella. She rises to her feet with the help of Haley. \"Let's get out of here.\" says Haley. The two make their way out of the bandits' den and back outdoors. They had been in there so long, the sun has begun to set. Novella looks to Haley, reaches into a small satchel on her hip, opposite of her dagger, and pulls out a amulet. She walks behind Haley and begins to put it on her; \"Wh-what're you doing?\" asks a startled Haley. \"I swiped it off the table Jerald Guggen set his jewellery on,\" she responds, \"Consider it a souvenir from your first adventure.\" The amulet was the golden amulet that Jerald wore around his neck. It was gorgeous and likely worth quite a price. But Haley knew she would forever keep it and cherish. Besides, they'd be rewarded greatly once the Count finds out they've killed the head of the Guggen crime syndicate. \"Looks good on you, kid.\" said Novella.

The two begin to watch the sunset for a while. Novella, keeping her eyes on the sunset, says \"What now?\" Haley stands in silence, watching the sunset over the snowy hills. A grin comes across her face and she says \"Honor & Valor.\"

The End of The Beginning.

© Copyright 2019 Nate Amos. All rights reserved.

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