My gift

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A poem from me to you.

Submitted: October 10, 2006

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Submitted: October 10, 2006




I want to give you something.
It could be everything or it could be nothing.
Its not physical but can be touched,
I give it freely but i cant give to much.
I hope you'll accept what im about to share,
for what lies between it is just like a treasure,
it needs to be searched for and extremely rare.

Mygift is the result of friction and thought.
My gift is my words unwrapped and untaught.
My words are my seeds personified in this form,
planted deep beneath the surface, away from my storm.
Its seem as though harvest time is through.
My words have sprouted,
its emotions that grew.

To the world my gift is words, thats all.
To some this is poetry, a crafted art,
to others time wasted and something small.
To those who saw what i can see,
my gift is a little understanding,
but all it really is...
Is a little piece of me!

© Copyright 2018 Nate D. All rights reserved.

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