Strangers Gift ( A writers Duet )

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It's a conversion between 2 poets. One feeling sorrow and the other giving comfort.

Submitted: May 17, 2010

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Submitted: May 17, 2010



Part 1

Have you ever been surrounded in a world, where strangers feel like family and your family feels like strangers.

Becoming so small it feels as if you’re trapped in a stampede.

Remaining so silent, you can barely hear yourself breathe.

At times you want to break down and cry before insanity takes over.

But you find peace within yourself, to face it and move on.


Building walls around me. Till I’m stronger, I think.

Or simply just to hide what I feel.

This is a world just for myself. My safe haven.

I find peace in the silence of night.

Listening to the echoes of sounds within myself. Hearing every heart beat.

Sometimes I can hear my own thoughts.

Scary at times, but then I find myself doing what I love best.

Something I inherited from no man.

The gift of writing that God bestowed on me.

I’m at peace… 


Part 2

When your family feels like strangers and strangers feel like family.

I do not know them, so they become strangers to me.

I know them only as part of your life and then they become necessary strangers.


We are not strangers by sight or by sound.

But I am a stranger to your pain, for I know not from where that river leads.

I am a stranger to your sorrow, for I know not from what tree they seed.

But know this…

I have run along my own stampede, hidden behind my own smiles and built walls with my own bricks.

As I stand in front of your walls, know this…

There is no shame in tears and your echoes have been heard.

So as I unfold your talent with my eyes,

I offer you not a hero or a genie, for this is not a fairytale.

Instead I offer you my talent, in hope, that you borrow my strength in words.

So it sparks a glimmer of hope and a breeze of ease. That begins with a smile.

That… is this strangers gift to you.

© Copyright 2018 Nate D. All rights reserved.

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