A Legend is Born

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Come one come all, to Hyperbole high school. See the cry baby, socially inept beta-boy earn his wings.On this day a great story will be born, and they will talk about it for generations to come.

I'm thinking about turning this short story into a longer work and this being the first chapter. I guess this could be considered testing the waters. If I get enough comments and views I'll post the unedited versions like I always do. (No offence intended)

Submitted: October 28, 2014

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Submitted: October 28, 2014



Spaghetti day was a beautiful day. Every third Tuesday of the month all the reduced-lunch junkies rejoiced in the greasy flavor. The cafeteria literarily turned into an altar; it was as if the slopped meat sauce would rise as a savior. Children begged for benevolent touches by his noodly appendage, and the teachers rolled their eyes unable to keep up with the new age joke.

Of course there were the heathens. They were the type of beautiful pagans who could afford the extra money to hang around the salad bar. If someone were to initiate a sacrifice for the Church of the Flying Spaghetti monster surely the beautiful would be overcome by the average, and the vegetarians would fall. None of the normal school children would be so bold though, and so the scene passed from my mind without much significance.

I mostly sat silent watching others eat and taking small nibbles myself. After a while everyone else’s chewing would turn my stomach so I would stash away the rest of my meal into an empty lunch box to eat after school. I was not immune to the charms of Italian food. The enjoyment I received from my follow peers had stayed back in Junior High. High school made my skin itch until it bled. It made my hands yank at my own hair until little brown tuffs hid my palms. Even my loveable group of losers caused the hair to stand on the back of my neck and my heart to race whenever they would mention my name.

“Top Kek, hey Tay. Did you play the new naughty dog DLC? For The Last of Us?”

“ Uhh, no. I’m just PC.” I slurped a single noodle sending tomato paste across my face in all directions. Devin pretended not to notice. We had been close at some point. I think I had been to his house once, which is one more time then I had been to anyone else’s. I honestly don’t care to do it again. Best friends are better over the mic anyhow because then I can just wear underwear and socks.

“Oh yeah, I forgot you’re a master race. All hail that sweet piece. Come on, really, when are you going to join the consol clan. What have you got against it? We could do round of invasion on two.”

“Yeah! We could use a fifth man. Tired of the fucking pugs. They all suck.” Said a fat boy I didn’t know. I probably should have. I got a Piggy vibe from the way he looked, though he talked it less for rules and more for the hunt.

“Microsoft is a money hungry corporation, and Sony is one big virus filled flimsy piece of shit. I will stick to the computer.” I picked my fingernails. My spine tingled. I glanced at my watch praying to the spaghetti that I would be 12:30 soon. The numbers declared mine a false god. I still had to endure another twenty minutes.

Fresh lilac brushed my nose. She swayed her hips side to side. It was almost soothing. If she had been an actual flower I may have fallen in love instantly, and honestly she almost was. She was stunning enough to catch my attention and make me glance. The last action of which was a mistake on my part because the conversation flipped to grate on a new subject.

“I give you fifty dollars to talk to her.” Devin antagonized.


“Come on Tay! We are like halfway through freshman year and you haven’t talked to anyone. You could be with a girl like that. I mean man what’s up? You don’t talk to anyone. Not even me! Which I’m used to so it’s like whatever, but really, go talk to her. I’ll give you whatever you want.”

“Just stop!” My hand grabbed a handful of hair, but he was relentless.

“Only if you make a friend. Come on hurry, she’s dumping. You can catch her at the trash cans if you hurry.” To which I rose for no discernible reason. The word hurry had compelled me to pursue her instantly on my shaky legs. I approached her and tried to put on my calm face.

“Excuse me.” I yelled as if we were not twelve inches apart.  She turned with a smile of straight white teeth. The bite of lunch I had managed to eat rushed to the top of my throat and I swallowed. I continued with the only words I could think of. “Do you have the time?”

“Oh sure,” She pulled out her phone, “12:13.” She slipped it back into the pocket of her jeans.

“I’m Taylor Cook.” My brain had officially turned to autopilot. At least I still knew my name. She giggled which killed me. She was just like all of the other beautiful people.

“I’m Lainy Day.”Her eyes fell to my feet before following up to my hands and on to my hair.  I felt her size me up, and then she said it.

“Don’t you have a watch?”

“Oh, yeah.” I turned, and every bone in my body screamed ‘Abort! Abort!’. My eyes watered as I desperately fought to maintain. I’m sure I looked shocked because the guys didn’t ask how it went. They only asked what happened.

“She gave me the time.” I mimicked a robot.

“That’s all?” Devin rubbed his bottom lip.

“She laughed at me, and gave me a fake name.” He rolled his eyes at my comment.

“God damn it. I’ll never be able to unwind you.” He huffed, “What did she tell you?”

“She said her name was Lainy Day… like rainy day. I must look like a retard. I mean I may have quirks or something. But I ran off like an Autistic potato. Oh god, no wonder she wouldn’t give me her real name.” I laid my head on the sticky table.

“Lainy Day? Dude she’s the fucking varsity volleyball Libero! Remember club day? That’s not fake Beta-boy. Dude, I bet she was just flirting with you.”

“No way.” I considered her sweet smile. Maybe Devin was right. Either way I didn’t like it. I looked at the table she had walked over to. She was in heated conversation with the boy at her side. He looked as if he had been in High school for the past seven years. The group laughed and munched on salads as Lainy pointed to her wrist. I had a fever I was sure of it. She raised her face and turned to me questioningly. I wanted to run, but instead froze to the seat. My teeth gritted on each other without any control of my own.

“Oh shit.” Devin stood. There was true horror in his eyes, and I remained stuck to the wooden bench picking at my finger nails.

“Excuse me,” the gruff voice mocked, “Do you have the time?” The table laughed, but the cafeteria remained busy. I couldn’t speak. I was trembling too much to even consider it. The disembodied voice became irritated.

“What? Do you think you’re cute, new fag? I don’t appreciate you messing with Lainy. I’ve canned new fags bigger than you before. Don’t you think that sounds unpleasant? I’d do it too, but she didn’t even want me over here so I figured that I’d get you later. I’ll just hit you with …this? Why do you need this? You have school food, faggot. Is it not yours? Hey Faggot! Is this your box? Fa..”

“It’s mine.” Devin interrupted still raised from his seat. The beast leaned across the table so I could see the stubble under his chin. He turned his head trying to intimidate and succeeding at it.

“Well then you won’t care if I just keep it.”

“Sure.” He squeaked. Devin had sacrificed my lunch box for our lives. That was more than I could have done. I couldn’t think straight as the giant lumbered away. I focused on my food. What was I going to do for dinner? This only comes once a month. Devin grabbed his tray while grumbling and went to dump.

I was stupid frightened. My brain was still a muck from Lainy, and the beast came, and I just sat there, and I wanted that spaghetti to bring home. I looked about the table. The fat one that so readily been my friend a few minutes ago ignored my side of the table with religious obedience. No other person dare look at my shame, and so I grabbed my napkin scooped what food I could into it then squished it down in the pocket of my jacket. But I was still unsatisfied. I lifted the remaining food on the tray into my hand, where it wiggled like worms, before cramming it into other pocket without a napkin or anything. My breakdown was complete. I was a lurching rocking idiot. Lost in my own world I leaned over the table and grabbed fatty’s napkin to wipe my saucy fingers all over. He didn’t even protest; just looked at me blindly and decided to keep out of it. 

Devin sat again, and I could not meet his eyes. He mocked the situation endlessly while I waited for the dismissal bell; only about five more minutes. This had easily been the longest lunch of my life. I longed to be at home in the safety of my own home. There were so many things that could be fixed by simply making me a hermit. I didn’t speak for the rest of lunch.

The bell finally rang and the cafeteria rose into chaos. I tried to duck into the crowd and blend, but a sweet voice called me.

“Taylor Cook!” She shouted. I tried to hide, but she was much more fit than me. I huffed as she stood there holding onto my shoulder. I couldn’t shake those lavender thoughts. She didn’t give me a chance to reply. “I’m so sorry. Kyle is an ass. He thinks that picking on freshman is funny. I don’t approve of anything he did. You are completely fine, and you’re not bothering me. I thought you were pleasant which I’m sure he didn’t like.”

“Really?” What else could I have said? I wanted her to remove her comforting hand from my skin. That single touch caused me to hive up in goose bumps, and to ache in the joints.

“Yes, Taylor, right? We can talk anytime.” The world was still in her presence. I was blinded by all of the beauty, and the realization that she had said my name twice. One more time and she would summon me like demon wish guardian: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

“Hey freak!” I half spun to feel the pressure of two hard hands on my side. His push had been hard enough to send me skyward. I rotated through space in a state that was immune to gravity. Even the teachers stood in slow motion as I fell. Somewhere in the crowd Devin gasped and Lainy covered her mouth. The floor neared my bones and I braced for impact.

I exploded when I collided with the tiles. At first the people who had gathered around screamed as I my brains had spilled out all bloody and mushy, but it didn’t take long for the laughter to start. I writhed helplessly on my side as I examined the bright red stain across my clothes, my skin, and the general area where I had landed.

“Is that… Spaghetti?” someone voiced from the masses. Horrified I tried to fling the strands of lunch from my body. My pockets had emptied leaving me bewildered on the floor. The teachers tried to push the student body away from the scene causing an opening to form. It was if the sea had split and I saw the door of the school. Almost every face cackled as I lifted my humiliated form from the ground and dashed toward the exit noodles still flying off in every direction.

I was tailed by the fastest of students out the door. The rest had been restrained by the slower teachers that remained in the building. I had had a good head start so I was able to run down the side walk out in front of them. I had resolved to run straight home without any breaks. My eyes were blurry, but I could hear the Beast shouting obscenities, and the familiar voice of the gym coach saying things I could not understand. He could have caught me out the door if he had not been doubled over in laughter when I passed him.

My feet hit the pavement where they stumbled, and I had to catch my breath. I heard her over my shoulder screaming for me. I wanted to see her regret that she had caused so much pain. I one-eightied to gaze upon the sight. The tears down her face were real. Even the beast looked appalled and waved me back to the sight of torture. The coach sprinted for me, and things just didn’t seem right. Confused I looked down the road.

The truck was barreling down the paved way even as the driver slammed on their breaks. I considered it strange that the world was moving so slow. I remained motionless there watching everyone scream and panic. I felt more relieved here than at the table. My nerves tightened in every muscle as I prepared myself for the pain, but I was assured it would not sting as much as my pride had. If I lived then perhaps I could stay home from school for a while.  

© Copyright 2020 NatelinJean. All rights reserved.

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