A Tale of Two Notes

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"How do I love thee? Shall I count the ways":
1x2=2 2x6=12 9x7=... give me a second.

*Elizabeth Browning

Submitted: August 19, 2014

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Submitted: August 19, 2014



You are the whirling wind inside of my heart. Do you not understand the way you make me feel? Those eyes, those lips, it is almost too much for me to imagine you as my own. It is true that we have grown much closer with time, and now you are no longer that item I admire from a distance. You are the one that I love so truly, the one I behold and hold to the highest regards. I could not count the ways I love you; they are as numerous as the stars in the heavens you look upon. I could not show with my words the delicacy of our affections; no word can describe how my heart beats in your name. Elaina, my darling, my soul, my every breath, you are the whirling inside of my heart and the quaking in my hands. Do you not feel the same?

Check yes or no.



How do you know me so fully? Up to this point love was not but a silent whisper on your tongue, and yet you declare a bond as thick as iron cuffs bound to wrists. I am sorry to say you are mistaken in your perception of our relationship. Are we not young? Do we not have time to figure out what love truly is? I would say that we are and we do. If life were a book we would not be through the dedications. You and I are green as spring, and as fresh as winter’s first snow. That is not to say that as the pages turn development will become null. This tree may still yet bear fruit. I implore you to give it time. Let me settle for a little of both yes and no.


After reading the notes the teacher looked up at her wide eyed fourth grade class. Elaina and Gabriel sat blushing waiting for their secret conversation to be revealed. The writing had been striking and poetic. Ms. Laine was impressed as well as annoyed.

She rubbed her brow in a calming manner trying to make sense of how the notes could be of such older quality. Rolling her eyes she decided it didn’t matter and to not ask questions. She ripped the notes in two.

“Please children, do not passed notes during lecture. Focus on your multiplications.” Then she tossed the scraps into the trash, thinking to herself how she should have got a business degree.

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