At the Starting Line

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Remember that one time you thought about yourself and everything you knew. Did you find peace? Or did you not even find the tip of the iceberg?

Submitted: April 04, 2014

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Submitted: April 04, 2014



Somewhere in the lazy afternoon, as the suns warm rays penetrated the salty brew of the sea, a Toto creature rested barely contemplating his own existence. The thickening flesh the hung around his cartilage was losing that translucent hue which followed his ancestors up from oblivion. He closed his eyes and imagined it, a world in the underbelly of god. That world was a world of darkness, and cold. It was a world heavier than the sandy rifts of the sea. That is how it was described to him at least.

He arose from his spot; suddenly tired of watching the mirrored world of the gods weave uncomfortably above him. He pulsed through the flat sand bars. His limbs moved in unison propelling him forward in rhythm with the pulsations of the earth. He matched the shining gleams blinding all of the wild fish that roamed to the east. Toto the color changing chameleon, he laughed to himself as best as can be described.

 The world was abuzz with vibration. Noisy to some accounts, like a sweet melody to his sensory organs. All of the less beings hid fearfully from his likeness. He was gentle, he thought, in their clumsy silence. Meanwhile the world crept closer to the heavens, and Toto was only the more curious for it.

When he was a fry he had been told to stay away from Gods’ Ladders that lay to the east. This area was alive with viscous creatures of ancient times, and provided a ladder from the gods’ world to his. It was sacred. Something about it had always drawn him in however.

On quiet days like today he would sneak in past the strange otherworldly rift, and carry on his journey to the most magnificent structures he had ever seen. Large box shaped rocks towered from the ground into forever. Coral held these beautiful creations in place. Toto would swim around them and find them filled with symmetrical holes from top to bottom. He once even followed one up so high that he began to get dizzy. When he looked up he saw heaven close enough to touch. Some did not loop that high, and Toto could circle the pointed tops of the structures. Sometimes though he would simply swim near the bottom and follow the straight carved out lines.  Everything about this placed screamed to him intelligent design. It was beautiful.

And as Toto creature explored the sacred skeletons in the merry amusement of a warm afternoon something didn’t occur to him. For how could he have know the story of those ladders that once reached high to meet the stars? In the elegance of the aftermath all that was left climbed out of the dark, and found its way into the light. He could not have known it was his time. He could not have understood the time it took to get here, and the time that took to fall apart.

All he understood was his amazement and wonder, and when the others called for him from west of the Ladders he took flight, never wondering ten million years from now.

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