Dog Days of Winter

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One lazy dog with a big appetite causes big trouble in the middle of the night.

Submitted: December 31, 2013

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Submitted: December 31, 2013



So my boyfriend has this dog named Spike. Spike is a fat little nugget of tan and white. His hobbies include eating, lounging, and practicing opera. He enjoys waddling around until he finds some human to pet on him, and when he’s had his fill he wonders off to do what a lazy dog does.

Spike does this thing however, where if you are asleep he wants to crawl underneath the covers and snuggle with your legs, which is fine by me. I enjoy having the little fur ball snuggled up next to me when it’s cold at night. Yeah, he snores but doesn’t bug me that bad.

One night while when my boyfriend was traveling for work, and I was left to babysit the house, I heard a crash. It was late enough I did not get up to see what it was, but simply moaned whilst rolling over to become comfy once more. I gentle slid my clean newly shaven legs down further into the blankets when I felt it.

Where spike once had been rested a round slimy disc of something putrid. Its moisture stuck colder then the outside air in mid-November. Alarmed I reached under my covers in a panic to strangle the beast the clang to me. I had successfully strangled a piece of bologna.

I wondered to myself how a single slice of lunch meat had found its way into my bed when I remembered something important. I hopped out of bed and dashed into the kitchen recalling the crash I had heard earlier. When I turned to corner of the hallway my eyes rested on a sight I would never forget.

There amongst the rubble and debris of a ruined refrigerator stood spike.  His fat little face had been plunged into a jar of grape jelly pleasantly relieving his sweet tooth. Eggs and milk were strung about the tile for all to see. Remains of some meaty left over spotted the floor like the bodies of soldiers after a bloody war. Nothing was untouched.

This is the strange part to me. Even at the time I thought it odd. Spike is fat, but he is short. He can’t be more than six inches tall. So how is it that every item top shelf to bottom had been eaten? I think I will submit my story to the writers of Paranormal Activity. I can see the title now, Paranormal Activity 21: The Spirit in the Fat Dog.

Never underestimate the power of a midnight craving.

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