Insolence, and Why No one Goes to Movies Anymore

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Tonight a teacher has died. I wonder what humanity has left to ruin. I'm sickened. I hate myself for being part of a race that can take something fragile, and shatter it. You give me things to write about. You inspire a world I so desperately hope I had created. It is a monster.

Submitted: November 02, 2013

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Submitted: November 02, 2013



Did you touch your shaking legs?

When you put that bullet to their head?

And you liked it, you sick basterd

In that puddle bloody dead

You can say

That you did it

Because of tough life

But the fact remains

That there was no reason

To have that there, and then

You took a life.

It was for gory,

You thought it through and through

Deserting all you had

For an iron box that

Taste much worse

Than the pistol in your mouth

You should have done it

And spared the tears,

I hope it’s worth it.

You left god at the door.

But Satan in all his power

Will never take you in

Because you’re small

And you’ve done nothing

Then cause a trivial pain

Which will scary my children’s children

But they’ll forget your face

And when in hell I see you,

As I know I know I will

I’ll pass by you on guided

By a torturous devil

And there you will lie broken

Reaching out for help

And I will laugh, and then be beaten

But it will be worth it.

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