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I would like to make something very clear. As a female I am NOT a feminist. At least not in the trashy, fat, hateful, pentasexual, nasty, awful, black-souled, lazy kind of way. Those people are just looking to cause trouble. I have been appalled by the "feminists" that harassed Dr. Matt Taylor (the scientist that headed the Rosetta mission). Humanity landed on a comet, yet all that will be remembered is his shirt. If anything makes my gender lesser it is people like those "feminist". I believe in love, opportunity and equality. Not this. This is garbage. Attacking a MALE over his clothing is no different than doing it the a FEMALE. An achievement like Rosetta is a step for humanity, and they shit all over it. Anyway, I'm mad. Here is my angry poem. (P.S. Didn't intend any offence to pentasexuals. So called "Feminists" that make actual feminists, like myself, look bad... go fuck yourselves.)

Submitted: November 15, 2014

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Submitted: November 15, 2014




I’d like to apologize for my gender;
for their definition of so-called



When did it become okay

to attack someone

because of gender or attire?


Does that not sound familiar?

Is that not what we are trying to escape?

When did we fall into this?


I am embarrassed.

I am ashamed.

I do not sympathize with this.


The honorable fight is gone.

While our sisters strive in distant lands

we, with our picket-signs, nullify their achievements.


The stars are passing,

and we will miss them,

because we expect them to pick us up.


With hard work it is possible,

but outcome is the individual.

Opportunity is available to those who seek it.


Our success in life,

our journey among the stars,

rest in our resilience as humans.


Not on the shirt of a brilliant man.


Desire, simplicity, and laziness

is the folly, not of man…

but of people.  

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