City 17

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"City 17" is a dystopian novel set in 2073. The city is run by a corrupt government in which 17 year old Jack and Faith urge to escape it's tight grip.

Submitted: November 03, 2013

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Submitted: November 03, 2013



City 17

Nathan Rauf

The shrill clatter of rain on the concrete rooftops of City 17 was the only sound that could be heard. Even the footsteps of people were absorbed in the lonely air of the run-down city. Seemingly empty apartment houses littered the industrial urban center. The architectural design of these apartments and other buildings was meant to restrict civilian movement throughout the city. Most people know how to get to their predestined occupations and that concludes their knowledge. The majority of the city suffered from urban decay, and the people living there were beginning to suffer from decay as well.

I stood in the rain and watched the lifeless citizens walk to their jobs. Their boring, monotonous, forced occupations that they had to go to every day. They walked in a straight line, not because they were told to, but because their creativity and ability to think for themselves was completely washed away. I realized the truth behind what is going on around me. The ability to see this horrible truth was not a privilege, it was a curse.

The people were being led by government law enforcers commonly known as “combine”. They wore black, thick suits that covered their entire body. They also had helmets that resembled gas masks; huge black eyes with a white and grey lower mouth filter. They often carry around electric stun sticks or sometimes even guns. They don’t use these weapons as just a scare factor either. In fact, they use them quite generously. Numerous amounts of innocent lives have been taken due to combine abuse.


I heard a bell ring in the distance; it was time for my job to commence. I began to walk towards the train, which was located toward the center of the city plaza, when I noticed one of the combine frisking a teenage girl. She seemed my age. Concerned, I rerouted myself and began to walk closer. She seemed uncomfortable and kept trying to release herself from his grip. I walked even closer, pondering what I should do about the situation. She suddenly shoved him away from herself and began to run towards me. Alarmed, I ran towards the combine officer who was beginning to chase after the girl. I got within arm’s reach and pushed him down. The combine whipped out his stun stick and got to his feet. I turned and sprinted towards the girl, who was watching intently.

“Run!” I screamed.

At first, she did not move. I grabbed her arm and pulled her off her feet for a brief moment and then she began to move. We ran side by side, weaving through waves of confused people walking through the streets. More than one combine was added to the chase, our only chance was to hide. We ducked into a tightly packed alleyway in-between two apartment buildings and hid behind a jutted out wall.

“Why was he searching you?” I whispered quickly.

“I-I stole a gun from one of the combine.” She replied quietly.

“What? Why? Do you still have it?”

“I have it. I was planning to leave the city.” She whispered.

“What’s your name? I’m Jack.”

“I’m Faith.”

The combine ran past the alleyway in a blur.

“I think we’re fine now.” I murmured. “Why were you planning to leave?”

She didn’t answer.

Suddenly, a city scanner came out of nowhere and snapped a picture of both of us. We both knew what this meant, they knew where we were. Faith looked at me, her eyes were wide. We didn’t know what to do. The muffled, robotic voices of the combine grew closer.

“This way. Let’s go.” I said.

We ran the opposite way down the alleyway, away from the oncoming combine. I had never been this terrified in my life. Thoughts began filling my head like thick polluted air. Visions of my parents and old memories of happier times began to overcome my mind. I shook my head and tried to concentrate on something else. I concentrated on myself. I am Jack. I’m 17. I have brown hair and pale, green eyes. I am around 5’11” and I weigh 170 pounds. I- A gunshot broke my trance. Faith had been shot. No, Faith was the one shooting. I stopped and pulled her behind a concrete barrier near us.

“What are you doing?” I yelled.

She got up and began shooting again. I notice her bullets were not the only ones flying towards the enemy. I looked behind us; there were hundreds of civilians dressed in makeshift body armor shooting towards the combine. I was confused. Who were these people? Were these the rebels who fight the combine? I had never seen them before.

Faith bent down to reload the gun she conveniently stole from a combine earlier. She turned and looked at me.

“Welcome to the resistance.” She said. And then began shooting again.


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