Crawling on all 4's

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

a poem about being broke up with

4, preach it to the one, reality is your medication,

3, true lies, just open your eyes to the alliterations.

2, Nothing about you is practical, Your ego is black and white theatrical.

1, Misleading my words like it’s ancient Thracian.



Stomach is the home of the worms that feed in,

The disease of the skin,

Parasitical sacs that suck on the remission of sin.

Wings of Icarus on your back,

Plunging you into the sea of desperation,

The wax is melted over your so-called lovers deprivation.

The waves are pulling you under,

Casting you asunder,

With the might of Zeus’s thunder.


4, reach for the gun, I’m raising my flag without hesitation.

3, black cats, bad karma makes a filthy come back.

2, here it comes, sweet kisses for apocalypse,

1, Another man’s command to give in, You've left me to take it on the chin.

you’re so hollow,

You block out my voice just to hear the silence,

The radical yet rational supernatural diction begs to succumb,

just open your eyes to my dedication.

You’re so shallow,

I’m always carving the inside,

To the prophecies of Apollo.


4, I hope you go down with a smile,

3, The hounds of hell will come to drag you into exile.

2, I’m kissing you off with a finger,

1, Let it slide up your ass and linger, this is the end of candy cane liquor,

your mind is only becoming sicker.

Now it’s your time to suffer,

4, now i’m done.

3, another heart lost to fantasy.

2, your confession, is such perfection.

1, dagger in the back, leaving me is your salvation.

counting in fours, now I lay crawling on the floor


Submitted: June 07, 2014

© Copyright 2022 nathanielplix. All rights reserved.

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Haha I love the line " 1, Let it slide up your ass and linger, this is the end of candy cane liquor" AWESOME!!! Lol :P
Anyway, great descriptions in this poem..your words are just make me feel like i use the same words all the time in my poems lol :P
Great job and keep up with the poems and love reading them!

Sat, June 7th, 2014 5:48am


thank you! it's such an honor to see you enjoy them so much! i'll keep them coming! and I can't wait to check out your stuff! =)

Wed, June 11th, 2014 2:24pm

unmasked delusions

This was almost like a song. I really enjoyed this! Each line was a surprise, very unique. Great emotion showed

Wed, June 11th, 2014 11:50pm


actually all of my poems i make into a song..a find a tune in my head and think about the sound as i construct the poem...i'm not a good singer and i cannot play instruments so turning these songs into poem format is what seems to be working so i'm glad you understood that!

Thu, June 12th, 2014 2:35pm

unmasked delusions

Wow that comment you left me about how each of your poems you write in a tune in your head yet you don't play any instruments and your not good at singing- it weirded me out! In a good way because I totally understand that! I do the same exact thing for each of my poems. I can't just write a poem, the way I would do a paper or book- I have to give it a beat or a little tune, or sing it quietly to myself. It was so cool you said that- glad someone else out there does the same thing and understands that- ha :)

Sat, June 14th, 2014 2:53pm


yes it is very nice =) haha never had someone understand that before

Sun, June 15th, 2014 12:36pm

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