Eyes like Armageddon

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poem about not so avarage love

Submitted: June 11, 2014

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Submitted: June 11, 2014



Your eyes are so hypnotizing,

you cast a spell on my body,

and i’m falling to the beat of your heartbeat.

You have me staring at you,

like children to a tv,

living like a zombie.

mind controlled by your smile.

Your touch it freezes me,

frozen in time I can’t come free.

Your hair it’s perfectly flowing,

like a baptizing river glowing.

Sinking into me,

singing into me,

lashing at my scars with pretty fingers,

stroking my pulse with fever,

dabbling all the way down to my core.

My passion rises,

as the waves of your beauty crash along the sore,

my scabs are peeling off,

and healing to the power of your mystic lore.

Under your spell i’m forever attached to you,

crawling at your feet, what else is new?

despite the lies that you’ve been faking,

I know my soul you’re taking.

Handing my heart to you on a silver platter,

my mind is slipping from the ladder,

that stands so high.

Fantasies, are filled with you and me,

your eyes they’re like a dream,

dragging me to the dragon,

the one that burns deep,

into the earth.

Seduced by your lovely,

it’s practically killing me,

reach for me and save me.

Thirsting for a taste of the nectar,

the one that they all crave,

I’m never to question the hive,

i just crawl on my knees and beg to survive.

Catch my gaze as we walk,

I see your name written on the walls of my mind,

feel the attraction as we talk,

Feeling the shaking in my knees,

as i’m begging to succumb to your eyes,

no room to brighten the night,

going to bed with your words in my head.

Well your eyes tell a tragedy,

and all i see is beauty,

just open them up for me.

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