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Please provide feedback to my work so far. This is not complete yet but I am toying around and want to see if there is interest and also to see what it takes to make an actual book. Thanks for all comments, its very much appreciated.

Submitted: April 15, 2015

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Submitted: April 15, 2015



Chapter #1 - Introduction

I find it quite funny how the world works; jokes. We all put on fake personas of people we pretend to be. We all pretend to “care” about one each other; teams, clubs, friends even. Truth be told, no one really cares.

I am not just some 17 year old snob complaining about the unfairness of life, i'm just telling the facts. Whether your want to hear it or not. If you do the opposite, which is you do “care” for others and you help people out, one-hundred percent of the time you are the one who gets screwed over. I guarantee it. Nothing good comes to you is what I am saying. And thats who I am, the guy who gets no “good”.

We all have interests: sports, computer games (Sorry I don’t know what girls like to do...) or other “whatever” things you like to do. Whatever it is you feel something toward it. You keep you doing it addictively. Its somewhat funny (or not), but being the screwed-over-guy is my passion. And no, I don’t want to put badness upon me. To get this straight, I don’t enjoy the part when all my effort has gone to nothing by helping someone, this is usually my after thought. However, I enjoy the part when I show my usefulness to other, I like to contribute, make others happy. And theres another point, the more useful you show yourself to be, the more you get used by everyone else.

For instance, I have this kid in my Latin class and all, Paul, people call him Pete though because they say he doesn’t resemble a “Paul” type of guy. Whatever the matter, I try to put on a good face, hide behind my usual persona of the nice kid, friendly, helpful guy that will make you look good in front of your friends. You should see how good I make some people look in front of their friends at times. I'm not popular, but having someone say to hallway with other people around is always a plus one at our school. Anyways, sorry for my bad attention span, but the kid Pete proves to be too comfortable with my help. I try to limit myself, knowing that all I am doing is wasting time, but once I get going, people like Pete catch on and use me. Act like a friend but we all know its a game, so I end up spending hours helping one kid out. What do I get? Nothing.

I am big on not wasting time. Its funny though because I waste a lot of it. I kinda realize my faults when its too late, sorta like Macbeth's fatal flaw in the play Macbeth, who would have guessed, is his unchecked ambition. I could say I can relate, my unchecked time management is a real killer, but at least im not the one with stabbed my McDuff’s sword. Like right now, I actually need to do school work but my thoughts are itching to be wrote. Sundays, don’t get me started.

Anyways, some things just annoy me and you. I should probably introduce myself, I am Nathan. Like I said i’m not popular, but I am also not not-popular. I am sorta in between, where I want to be. Light brown hair, not a buzz cut but a little similar, just add an inch. Green-blue eyes, normal nose, whatever that means and a hell of a good smile, or so ive been told. I'm short and but not too short and for the most part semi-inshape. I try hard in school but do not get the grades I want. I try hard at sports but do not get the results I want. I try hard with helping friends, but you know what I get from that. Overall, my life could have been summed up as dull. Untill....


I am going to add more, please comment and tell me wether you found it interesting. I really do not care wether your write good or bad comments. Anything will help to see what I need to improve on as this is my first time. Thanks

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